Too Much, Not Enough

A guest blog article by Audrey Ann Harjung (woman of God, student, world Citizen)

You cannot put a price on health and well-being. Every human being has the right, or should have the right, to get the medical attention that they need. We need to be taking care of the generations above us, because they are supposed to be setting an example for our generation and the generation below us. But healthcare, for the average human being who has no wealth whatsoever, is way too costly and something needs to be done about it.

Basically, healthcare should be all accessible and inexpensive.

While, it is understandable that all of the people working in healthcare need to be paid, it is very unfair to people who might not even have a job.  Or if they do, and it only covers the bills without much left over, then how can they to pay these highly priced fees to go to see a doctor.  Then what?   Shell out more money to get medicine or treatment for whatever is wrong with them.

As humans we were designed to get sick, and there are so many different illnesses and variations of illnesses that a human can contract, our bodies cannot fight off every single one. Sometimes we need medicine to cure us. Even things like vitamins and all natural remedies are very expensive. Some people do not even buy vitamins because they simply do not have the money for them.

As a people, as a society, we are crumbling under the weight of all sorts of debt, and one of those should not be from healthcare. We are infested with all kinds of sickness and diseases and we deserve to be taken care of – at a reasonable price. Many people are in so much physical pain, and they are not getting the treatment and/or medicine that they need because they cannot afford it. There are many Americans who struggle to pay for health insurance, and some people do not have any at all.

Is this what America is supposed to be about? A land where it is hard for people to have and keep health insurance, and where it is hard to pay for necessary healthcare? It was not supposed to be.

There is this cycle that is very noticeable that needs to be considered when thinking about healthcare and the individual within the whole society. A person is sick and therefore cannot work, they lose their job. They have no income/less of an income now. They need to pay for the medicine that they need to get better, so that they can go back to work and start having an income again, but they cannot buy the medicine because they have no money. And when more and more people are out of work and sick at the same time, we are adding to the already high unemployment rate, and to the high rate of people with illnesses that are living with it and not getting better.

Healthcare is something that is obviously necessary. When people are without healthcare it causes a great detriment in their life. Many people are already so unhealthy with just their eating habits, that we do not have as strong of immune systems as we like to tell ourselves. Our society needs a better, more efficient healthcare system. One that is geared towards helping people, taking care of people.

One that if affordable for all people.


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  1. Like stated, sickness is a universal occurrence in all people at one point of their life or another. It simply isn’t ethical to leave lower class citizens no choice but to live with their sickness or to impoverish themselves more. It is very much possible for a system to be put in place in which all citizens could have access to healthcare and professionals could still be payed for their career. Universal healthcare is mainly just a concern to lower class citizens because those are the people who would really be experiencing financial loss from the extreme prices of medical attention. From a holistic viewpoint bringing healthcare to all people would be a huge progression for many and a small dent in the pockets of the upper class

  2. Due to lack of regulation some companies are able to charge exorbitant prices on drugs, like a pharma company that changed prices from $10 to $700 just because they could. Most of the time the invisible hand of economics steps in and corrects these issues, but since there isn’t such correction available in the markets that does not happen. We need regulation on health care and if possible make it free to certain Americans who cannot afford it but put in enough hours per week for a low paying job. If nothing is done about this disease will start to spread because of the inability to afford health care and all of this will come because one person was greedy.

  3. My biggest issue with the healthcare system in America is that it is a business which isn’t actually focused on keeping people healthy. Businesses exist to turn a profit, and one of the prevailing themes in healthcare’s business model is keeping the customers coming back for more. This implies that a cure will end future business with a customer, therefore healthcare only offers treatment for serious diseases to keep the cash flowing. Meanwhile, the government allows money that could be used to research cures to be spent on manufacturing weapons of war. But hey, that’s just fine to the healthcare business. You see, returned soldiers with missing limbs or PTSD are simply more customers for them leech dry.

    1. I honestly could not agree more. The healthcare system is set up exactly like a business like a lot of other systems in our country. It seems as it’s all about the money and not the citizens. My question is for the people who cannot afford healthcare but have the government cover it where does the money come from to pay for it? If not the sick individual then who?

    2. Very true. While reading this comment it made me think about how some doctors may not even care about how we feel. Yeah they should cure the person because it’s there job, but they should also be considered as well. Some doctors may just brush it off and be like, “oh, they’ll be fine” but in the end, we have to pay they numerous amounts of money when they don’t even care.

      1. That is also another good point, being that i just had a family member undergo heart surgery he always says how much his chest hurts despite the medication they give him. Now he recently found out that his chest will always hurt, the rest of his life because of this surgery and there’s “nothing they can do about it” but back to the main point the healthcare system should be affordable for all U.S citizens despite their financial situation. For example, if someone has cancer but cannot afford to get treatment we cannot just let them suffer. where do you draw the line at the value of human life.

    3. I agree with you that healthcare is a business that is not doing it’s job. There are people that think that a cure for some types of cancer exist but the healthcare system isn’t making it available because then the revenue from the patient getting radiation every week would go away. I’m undecided on whether I believe this or not, mostly because I don’t really want to believe something like that is true. You made a great point that the government is using funds for something that is not happening (a war) instead of using it for something that happens everyday (a citizen dying from disease).

  4. My observation for the author is that I can’t say with complete confidence that healthcare is “deserved.” While I agree that costs and rates are much too high, I take issue with the statement “we deserve to be taken care of.” Are we going so far as to consider this a constitutional right at the level of a free press, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion? I think it is a noble and realistic “goal” to achieve affordable healthcare for all, but I cannot reconcile any kind of right to be taken care of. It’s the principle of this statement that I have a problem with.

    1. The International bill of human rights states people should have basic health care coverage. I agree that the answer isn’t easy. And the cost of some socialistic ideology and practices is sometimes problematic.

  5. In the United States health care issues raise multiple problems and concerns. With high deductibles and increasing rates from health insurance companies it becomes difficult for the average citizen to receive the proper medical attention they need and deserve. Although as a nation, we have yet to come up with a solution to this matter. Part of the problem originates from the pharmaceutical companies supplying the medication for patients in need to cure their sickness. They are in cahoots with these insurance companies to increase their profit margins. Therefore, at the end of the day both parties benefit from each other. As a result, patients in need of legit medical attention suffer from the greed of these huge corporations. After elaborating on this topic, I feel the need to resolve our health care issues within the U.S. is to perhaps follow the footsteps of the Canadians.

  6. I find it truly unfortunate that everyone cannot afford healthcare, no one should suffer just because they don’t have the money for healthcare. everyone has their own struggles and providing for children is more of a priority than the parents health from the view of the parent. I strongly believe that healthcare should be made affordable for everyone, rich or poor. I Also believe healthcare should be provided to military veterans who served our country, personally I believe that because someone risked their life to go over seas and protect our rights, they are the reason we are able to do what we are all doing right now at this moment. so as a small token of gratitude from our nation they should be 100% covered for healthcare and not pay a dime.

    1. It is very sad that in this society and America being on this high pedestal of being this country that is so “great” that til this day we can find a solution to everyone having affordable healthcare. I agree with this article because yes illness is something that sometimes can not be prevented. We do not choose to be sick. Look at Obama Care people thought that would be somewhat beneficial but at the end it even decreased numerous of people from getting healthcare. This problem of Americans not having health insurance is a macro sociological issue that has been going on for years. There are resources and affordable ways to get healthcare but its also up to the individual them self to seek out and reach for those resources.

    2. Luke O I agree with you totally. Affordable healthcare should be modified so that everyone is able to receive healthcare. But I doubt that there will ever be a day in America where we relieve anything for free. Even veterans wont receive anything for free and they fight for our country and risk their lives and that alone should grant them free healthcare. I feel we need to seek resources ourselves to protect our own backs because our government does not care.

      1. I hate to agree with you, but I, too, believe that there wouldn’t be a day in America where we could access free health care. The root of the problem is the same as the one mentioned in the article “Kindness – One act at a time”. America as a whole has left the value of community behind and is very focused on the individual, themselves. Selfishness, in the micro aspect, is doing things for ourselves, instead of others, while selfishness, in the macro, causes society to value monetary success and anything profitable, like health care.

      2. I have heard it preached by many people, many times “nothing in this world is free” I know that will never change and from the perspective of our armed forces it’s sad because those family’s could really benefit from this, they have already given up so much. Although,I would not be opposed to them paying for their health care as long as it is not a problem for the family to pay for.

  7. It is unfortunate that healthcare is so costly and not everyone gets the care they need. I have an aunt that has healthcare coverage from her employer, but her portion of it is 1/3 of her paycheck. She still pays high deductibles for primary care. While it would be ideal for everyone to be entitled to healthcare coverage, there are options for lower incomes, such as public aid. It seems to me that those in the middle pay the most. Lower paying jobs offer more expensive insurance with higher deductibles. I agree, with the author about the cycle, you get sick, can’t afford doctors, test or medication, cannot work, you lose your job, you cannot afford to support yourself. There should be a solution in our society that would allow everyone to have access to medical care so the cycle is broken.

  8. It is sad that people who get sick can’t even afford to go to the doctor. I feel like insurances should be a lot cheaper and you shouldn’t have to put a co pay down every time you go to the doctor. More and more people are applying at jobs for the insurance benefits rather then the actual job they like. It breaks my heart that people struggle day to day paying off their insurances. Everyone should be able to have medical care, no matter under what circumstances.

  9. It is very unfortunate that some people cannot afford health care and it really does affect their lives. Medical attention is so expensive nowadays that even if your healthcare provider takes what they take you still have a remaining bill. In Canada the whole country gets free healthcare and that is the way it really should be. Accidents happen and people will get hurt and if you don’t have healthcare and someone gets into a bad accident, bills will be up to their necks. My boyfriend last summer got into a bad accident and I stayed with him in the hospital for 3 day. His mother was recently talking to me about their medicals bills popping up now and one of them they owe $17,000 and that was even after healthcare took out money. But without healthcare they would owe around $40,000. That is insane!! I can only imagine how much trouble that amount of money being owed would get someone. It could potentially ruin their credit and their lives just because they needed the medical attention.

    1. Yes Veronica W that sounds about right. The costs of medical bills are ridiculous and its even know that the majority of debt that’s on a credit report is based on MEDICAL EXPENSES. Sometimes I feel even with having health insurance your still sometimes screwed because no matter what we will ALWAYS have to come out of our pockets to cover something whether its a copay on medication, hospital visits, emergency room visit we always have to chip in. “nothing is free in America”

    2. I had no idea that all of Canada is provided with free healthcare! I completely agree with what you are saying though. People get into debt because of things that they are not able to control, such as getting into a bad accident. It is not fair.

    3. While healthcare in Canada is free, it does have cons that come along with it. The government in Canada isn’t as open with their citizens about what goes on like America’s government is with frequent press conferences and what not. Also, they pay higher taxes which is something that we’d have to ask ourselves as Americans if it would be worth it. With that said, I do agree with what you said that what we pay now is way too much and can ruin a lot of peoples lives especially with the negative impact it has on their credit, which follows them throughout their life.

  10. The prices of healthcare can do damage to a family. It is almost another way to take money away from people that they can’t afford to give away. Some forms of healthcare should be made affordable to everybody. What happens to the single parents living in the ghetto who only make enough money to feed their kids? It is not fair to make them pay for healthcare if they can’t afford. There needs to be a system where at least basic healthcare can be reached at an affordable price for everyone.

    1. MicahtheRB32 yes the cost of healthcare can be damaging to ones pockets but there’s affordable insurance out there. For single parents or people with no income there’s Medicaid. Even though it’s not fair to people who make enough money or “too much money” and can not afford free healthcare insurance or insurance at little no cost. It would be wise in this economy that were in to be able to provide country wide system where healthcare is affordable for everyone because the amount of uninsured people is incredulously high.

  11. Everyone needs healthcare and not everyone can afford it and my family has been through that a number of times and a lot of those times after the event was taken care of it still comes back to bite you in the but. Healthcare today is so expensive and there’s not much to do about it except home that rates will get better. But with health care it can lower the price of operations down lt which could literally save a life. It’s sad to see people not be able to get the carer they need because they don’t have the money and it’s so sad.

  12. I agree that having inexpensive and accessible healthcare for everyone is important for the citizens in this country. Luckily, America has programs like Medicaid and Medicare to assists the elderly and those with low income. The real concern is where it leaves the middle class families who don’t qualify for this medical aid. Health isn’t something we should put a price on, but the reality of it is that it’s too difficult to obtain with our current program and economy. Medical fees and bills are just too expensive. If you end up in the hospital and don’t die, you’ll be living with a crippling debt under your name. If America could find a way to adopt a free health care system or a solution to this problem, hospital and healthcare would no longer be a fear and enemy.

    1. I 100% agree with you. There are programs for people that are poor and while that’s a great thing to have, what about the people that fall barely above the line to qualify? I just don’t understand the prices that are put on certain things at a hospital. My friend recently went to the emergency room and when she got the bill weeks later, she noticed a fifty dollar charge for a band-aid. Just a regular band-aid you buy at the store. It was completely ridiculous. I feel like this is a common thing that happens. While I understand that everyone in the medical field needs to be paid and what not, overcharging for things is just not fair. Ambulance rides cost thousands of dollars, something that could be life or death.

  13. While I often disagree with my peers on many social issues, it is here, on the topic of healthcare and costs, that I have to agree with the article. Too many people, myself included, find it difficult, if not impossible to cover the rising costs of healthcare in our capitalistic society, which is something that has not raised nearly enough concern. Something as simple as a sinus infection is more than enough to break the bank for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, and the thought of having to undergo a major medical procedure terrifies me financially.

    It doesn’t seem right that I have to live in perpetual fear that a fracture or some genetic disorder could drain my assets and leave me without the money I need to get by, possibly even leaving me homeless. I think making the costs of medicine more affordable for people of all economic status is one of the most important things we can and should feel obligated to do as a society, and it would do us well to model our own systems after those proven to work in other countries offering sensible solutions to everyday problems.

  14. I couldn’t agree more! Once I went to the emergency room because I had a pretty nice deep cut on my finger. I walked out the hospital with thousands of dollars to pay JUST so I could get 5 little stitches?! No. So unreasonable. As a college student, I feel like I shouldn’t have to have something so big to handle with a small situation like this.

    Also, it’s just crazy how we spend chunks of money that we work hard for just to have someone tell us to “drink lots of fluids, and get a lot of rest”. NO! I don’t know if it’s because I’m not living on my own yet and I don’t have bills to pay, but it seems like robbery if you ask me.

    1. That is completely unreasonable. Doctors are robbing us of our money. Healthcare costs must be lowered to a reasonable price. College students should not have to struggle to pay off large bills like that.

  15. I 100% agree, health care is getting out of hand. Yes, medical personnel need to be paid, but why so much money? I see the doctor maybe once or twice a year, no more. When the doctor actually comes into the exam room they spend maybe 10 minutes and than is gone, so I waited an hour to spend 10 minutes with a doctor and I owe $200 plus a $20 copayment. All so they could scribble in a medical pad and give me medicine for my cold that was not going away for two weeks straight. So I then end up paying for 3 different medicines. The doctor’s office is a money game. Oh you’re sick, go see the doctor, he’ll write you a prescription, and you’ll end up paying a fortune so you can start to feel better. It gets to the point where you try to avoid the doctor at all costs.

    1. You’re totally right. It has come to the point where people are scared to go to the doctor because they don’t want to have to deal with the bill afterwards. I know people that haven’t gone to the doctor in years. I feel like alternative medicine, such as holistic practices, has become more popular because it’d cheaper than western doctors. People are turning to other options because the doctor’s office is turning into a scam, which is so sad.

  16. Our nation, our society needs health care reform. I agree with you completely, and I am glad that you brought up the issues facing healthcare. A nation as large as ours has a lot of people (318 million people as of 2014), and many of those people are sick. Whether its cancer, HIV, or even heart disease, people need the help to combat these conditions since they cannot do it on their own. Although it is expensive to help this many people get medicine and care, as you said, that is not an excuse. Take our veteran care as an example of that. As many as 20 vets commit suicide every day and a good portion of those 20 die because they could not get the help. Instead the money to help them is wasted in wasteful government spending. This needs to change. So, again I completely agree that reform is needed to not only save lives but improve our society as a whole from the micro levels to the macro.

  17. I agree that something needs to be done to how things work. It is a hard cycle to break, no money to get medicine needed to get better, no job because you are sick, and once again no money to get medicine. Instead of letting people just continue to get worse and worse and do nothing to help the unemployment rate, we should do whatever we can to help one another and in return society as a whole. On the micro level, if we help each other, after enough time, we will see the changes it makes on the macro level. We all live together in the world so we should all help each other to meet basic needs for the health of one another. Most of the time when people get sick it is out of their control and they end up paying for it, literally. Our health should not be put to the side when it comes to priorities.

  18. There are people who might need medical attention for something, whether it be for a freak incident or an everyday condition they have to live with, yet it’s going to end up costing them a high amount and even put them in debt. Even things seemingly as small as an ambulance ride ends up costing them a lot. I saw a theory somewhere, no idea if it’s true or not, saying that doctors do know the cure for cancer, but by not releasing it to the public, we’ll still continue to donate money towards charities and doctors who will continue to “look for the cure” that they already have. I don’t think this is true, yet something like that wouldn’t surprise me because it definitely seems like our society puts money over people’s health. It’s unfair because it leaves many people with the two options of either living in debt, or possibly dying, when there should only be the one option of saving everyone and have it not affect them and their families in the long term.

  19. Humans are designed to be sick, and have accidents happen to them. No one is perfect, and no one can walk around in a bubble. When a freak accident happens to someone who is not covered it feels like the end of the world. Wouldn’t you be scared if you were barely making enough money to feed yourself, and all of the sudden your leg is broke and you need to pay for medicine and a cast. These costs add up quickly. As I realize the answer is not easy, we need to find a way to make health care more affordable or give the healthcare field more tax money over other things.

  20. Everyone needs healthcare no matter if they have a job or not. I don’t think having a job should really determine if you get healthcare or not. There are free clinics around the world, where doctors who volunteer their time to see patients who do not have healthcare and that is an amazing gift. But some of these clinics are opened one day of the week. The government should pass a law that states, every person is allowed to get seen by a doctor regardless of having healthcare or not. Why should a person who doesn’t have healthcare seem like they are not worthy of being seen?

    1. I completely agree with this. One should be able to see a doctor whether they have healthcare or not. If doctors are willing to volunteer some of their time to those who cannot afford healthcare, things would be much better. Everyone is worthy, that’s for sure. Everyone at one point is going to need medical attention, and no one should be denied to see a doctor because they cannot afford healthcare.

  21. Agree with this. It is unfair the way our system works. Everyone needs healthcare. People cannot just not go to the emergency room to avoid thousands of dollars. It should not be that way. My manager’s husband had surgery to remove part of his intestine. Before the doctors could start with the surgery he had to have a Cat Scan first. The Cat Scan alone was already over thousands of dollars. Their insurance did not want to pay because it did not cover that. It is insane that for our health care issues it is more than a thousand. We are all humans and we get sick or injured. We should not be charged just to see a doctor. What if there is a family who can’t afford to go to the doctors office? In their head they think, ‘Live with the pain, or Pay thousands just for someone to give him a pain reliever?’ This is where it should not cost thousands to be healthy.

  22. Healthcare should be something that all people can afford. There absolutely should not be a form of universal healthcare. Healthcare is a market all its own, in which some of the smartest people of society, endure long, and difficult years in schools in order to benefit others. Their lives are consumed with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just to help others. I think the problem has to do with the governments control on drugs, and medicines that do actually help people in how affordable they make them. The Federal Drug Administration is insanely money driven, and less concerned with the well being of the citizens of this country. I think that doctors can afford to make a little less, but overall the treatments that people have to undergo for diseases, and sicknesses are really what need to be made affordable, and the government has the ability to do that. As well as pharmaceutical companies who make plenty on the dollar for what it costs them to make drugs, and what they charge to healthcare providers.

  23. It is almost as if healthcare is a luxury, since it is hard to obtain due to the high prices. It is unfair how everyone is required to pay a large amount of money for healthcare, leaving many people without it. It is a basic necessity that should be less costly, of course. It is rather difficult to find a solution for this since those who are in healthcare have to get paid somehow. Lowering the prices would be a great first step.

    1. They don’t care if the rest of the people doesn’t have health insurance. You pay, they smile that’s how it works, you don’t pay you suffer but the thing is that people have to realize that money is not necessarily worth more than a human being life. They have kids family wife. They have to think like this could happen to everyone even to their family

  24. I think it would be very possible for the US to implement a health care system that all people can afford, being that there are countries that provide free healthcare to those living there. If not for the sake of the people, but for the sake of the country. North America is run by the working man and the mention of one who is sick cannot work, thus cannot afford treatment, thus cannot recover is great. I think that it means much more than just what’s on the concrete. If the society is sick and cannot work, development stops and the country fails. Implementing a new healthcare system that is affordable would not only be favorable to the people, but to the country.

  25. Simply put, with the US being a leader in the western world, there is absolutely no reason that basic medical care should not be provided cost-free to citizens. Considering the sheer amount of taxes that are placed upon the citizens of this country to begin with, the argument that the population with the US is too large in order to fund free universal healthcare can only be taken so far. Personally, I find it absolutely disgusting that this government allows a system to exist where some people quite literally would rather choose death over paying the incredible debts that stem from healthcare in this country.

  26. It’s tragic that till this day healthcare is still not affordable for everyone. By not having healthcare, you can get really sick and lose your job and have no income. How are they supposed to pay the medication? We should provide healthcare for all. We are Americans and we to each other a hand.

    1. I totally agree with you. It’s just about money , nothing else. For them money come first and after they get the money they smile in front of a sick face. The pain is killings people and they spend money out their pockets to get better but most get more sick.

  27. Everything in this world is about money The same thing happens with health insurance, people have to pay more than enough and in the end they never are happy about what they pay for. This happens because everything says is more about how they can get money from people and get rich. I don’t wanna judge but I have to give my opinion as well. We must work more that people have a healthy and happy life, just don’t think for a moment about they life instead the money.

  28. Health insure companies are spending a lot of money on advertising but still I don’t get why they don’t keep they promises. It makes me think it’s just about money, makes me think that for them sometimes money is more important than a human being life. We have to change.

  29. I couldn’t agree more on this post. Healthcare is a human right. The amount of money you make should not determine whether or not you get the health care that you deserve. There are multiple people that are struggling to bring home enough money for their families every day. When the sole provider of a family gets sick, that person cannot work and that means there is no money coming in. There should be something available to families that simply cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars for insurance. Everyone has a different situation, some are not as fortunate as others but we should make it a goal to make sure that everyone is covered fairly.

  30. I can agree with this article, but there are other things that really bother me. One of them is that just because it is our nature to get sick, it is also in our nature to die. Whether its prematurely or of natural causes or old age. It’s in our nature to die, and even though I agree that we should take care of our elderly, I wouldn’t want my grandparents, which have already passed away, to live longer and be bored all day and have nothing to do than just sit in one spot because they can’t move and watch their friends and love ones die, or watch their grandchildren that once loved spending time with them leave them. Yes, I too have been in that position where I have to work while sick, but I try to put the effort to take care of myself with eating health and attempting to work out. Even if it is just going for a walk with someone or on a quick run/jog with my dog. Yes people should be able to afford going to the doctors or getting medicine that they need, but if you are purposely not trying to take care of yourself either, than why do you care about going to the doctors?

  31. This post is so true because there is saying that goes “Health is wealth.” In looking at healthcare in America, more concern is placed on making profit and not making healthcare accessible at an affordable price to the citizens. People whether healthy or not fall sick at one point in time and need to be well taken care of. Healthcare insurance should be made available to every citizen, either employed or unemployed in a more affordable manner. Health is important and it is very sad to see people die of sicknesses that are as little as fever because they have no insurance or means of paying. I agree to the fact that healthcare industries need to be paid more due to their experience and job duty, but neglecting other profession and giving little wages/salary that amounts to nothing is unfair to humanity. Hence, American should look into the policy been put in place to make healthcare accessible, affordable and ensuring quality care.

  32. I find it so ironic that the “most powerful country” fails to provide free healthcare to its citizens. Sadly, the focus is more on making money rather than the well-being of people. Your financial status shouldn’t matter at all in order for you to have access to healthcare. I can’t even fathom the idea of not being able to go to the doctor just because someone can’t afford it. That just basically means that if a person is poor, he/she needs to be denied access to healthcare. The government really needs to make sure that every person gets free healthcare or at least affordable regardless of their financial status.

  33. I just had a discussion about this topic in my anthropology class because there is a healthcare next Thursday to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act. Issues that were brought up were that it is obvious that we as humans (and even animals) have a tendency to catch a disease or illness. It’s natural. I do understand that we have astounding healthcare equipment and are very advanced but come on, those in the government should be smart enough to know the reality of the world that there’s a huge population that cannot afford even decent meals for their family. I have just as much rights as the person next to me and it’s upsetting knowing even discrimination can play a part in healthcare (race, gender, status). We have to figure something out that will benefit all, not just some.

  34. My family is struggling to survive the financial devastation caused by the inadequacies of our health care system. Throughout 2016 my single income (parent) lost a majority of her vision, this resulted in numerous hospitalizations, high deductibles, and expensive copays. Eventually the cost of her care exceeded our combine incomes. Extensive amounts of paperwork was filled out in order to enroll in payment programs. Some facilities were kind enough to provide a program, others were not. Unfortunately, these monthly payments appear to be endless and we find ourselves taking from Peter to pay Paul. In January of 2017, she lost her job. Although, her employer offered her Cobra insurance it was so outrageously expensive, it was not within our reach, this combine with the new year, new deductible has forced her to stop going to appointments, stop filling prescriptions, and experience continued loss of vision. I agree we need a plan that cares for all, keeps people working, and enjoying good health and the happiness it brings.

    1. I do sympathize with you on all this trauma you must have been through in ensuring that your mom gets better. It is so sad to see millions of people been given access to healthcare through Obama care, yet the insurance is costly and not even accessible to everyone. Employers and marketplace need to make insurance more affordable to employees and their families. Furthermore, working or not shouldn’t determine one’s health; hence, people should receive care, and more jobs with insurance should be created. In addition, health is crucial to ones functioning at work, so because your mom was sick she lost her job This just shows that the society should take health more importantly than anything else.

    2. I can relate to you because my family member needs knee surgery and the lack of health insurance due to extremely high prices are making her condition worst. Unfortunately, healthcare is a business concern only about money, rather than the wellbeing of the people. Everyone deserves good health care regardless of economic status.

  35. You make a lot of really good points in your argument. It’s a never ending cycle of not having money to pay for medicine then losing your job to then not have any money for any of your bills. The price that is set on insurance and medications are undoubtedly high. This reminds me of the recent increase in the price of the EpiPen. The price of this life or death medication rose in 2016 while the CEO’s salary increased by 671% from 2007 to 2015. Yes, 671%, that’s not a typo. This lead to a lot of insurances opting to not pay for the medication. It’s completely ridiculous that a person can be penalized by their condition. There should be forms of acceptable healthcare available for every citizen despite their financial state.

  36. As an international student, I would like to share with you that I take my and my family by surprise. A couple of months ago I had an accident in my right foot, a heavy iron chair fell on my foot mistreating my nails, my fingers and included some tendons. The impact of the blow was so hard that I could not contain the pain, so I went to the emergency room to have them examine my foot. When they arrived at the hospital they decided to take x-rays which ruled out any possibility of a fracture, just like they did a cure, I remember they gave me two tablets of taylenol that helped for the pain. When they took my personal information the doctor explained that the bill would arrive at my house and that it had to be paid as soon as possible. At one month I actually got the bill for $ 3,000 which is a very exaggerated cost for a visit to the emergency room, I understand that health in the US is excellent but what I do not understand are the prices that are so high for being less than 4 Hours in the emergency room. Fortunately my international insurance made the payment of this large amount of money, but had it been for the insurance we would not have been able to pay so much money for this accident. It is necessary to have medical insurance and even more when you are strange and you are in another country.

  37. Healthcare I feel is definitely an issue, I am currently on my parents’ health care plan and I have co-pays to pay for visits and medicine. I think it is absolutely ridiculous to pay the amounts of money we do for the care we get. I was sick with bronchitis and my doctor appointment was cancelled by the doctor; I went to convenient care and literally waited around for 2 hours for the nurse to come see me for not even a whole 5 minutes, not exaggerating, to tell me I had bronchitis. Then I went home without the proper meds and got a sinus infection later. My point of this story is that if we are going to pay a lot of money to see any sort of doctor we should get the care we need when we need it, not part of the care. I’m a broke college student I don’t have the time or the money to be making multiple doctor visits. Furthermore, Health care is supposed to be for sick people, so why are there so many insurance agencies that make you take a health test to see how sick you are, and if you’re too sick will significantly raise your rates. By having lower rates for lucky people that don’t get sick very often they are not helping very many people

    1. I agree with your comment about the time that we should expect to be seen by a doctor, it is not fair to have to wait so long for the doctor to see you five minutes literally and tell you that you are sick and that you take tylenol, this It should not happen in the US this country is supposed to have the best doctors and the best medical standards.

  38. Money is the game in healthcare in the US. While society has the belief that healthcare should be accessible and inexpensive the government does not want to implement such measurers due to costs. Back in England healthcare is free for everyone and prescriptions are cheap or free for people on government benefits, however, the level of service is very poor compared to that received in the U.S. I once had to wait 8 hours in the emergency room for a broken leg, that’s a long time. The U.S healthcare system is very weird and the insurance premiums are just outrageously expensive, even for those whose risk of getting ill are very unlikely. For the U.S it is all about money, business and profits. However, I understand that the U.S.A is such a large country and the infrastructure costs are such a huge costs compared to other countries which have free healthcare. I strongly believe that the U.S.A government is trying it’s best to provide the healthcare necessary, however, there are constraints that are beyond their reach.

  39. Health care in Canada is free and we in the united states who do not give free health care still in more debt than Canada how is this possible? I’m not saying make health care free, but like the blog says, the least america can do is make it affordable for the citizens despite the financial state and Income! Health care is important to our society and to the many generations ahead of us. Society should make health care a real concern so people stop losing their jobs and or income just because they can’t fight getting the flu or another illness.

  40. I believe that a system with affordable healthcare for all is completely necessary for a vibrant society. In America we are giving a vast amount of rights and freedoms many countries do not have available, but how can we take hold of these rights if we aren’t alive able to use them? Which is why I believe that healthcare should be at the top of the list in terms of a political agenda. Are bills and prices going to be extremely high for healthcare in a society with a struggling economy? Absolutely. Which is why politicians need to get together to restructure a budget to cut pricing down for everyone on healthcare.

  41. I completely support and identify with your view. I feel that people of the lower class tend to get the short end of the stick on a lot of things. If an individual does not have some sort of wealth behind their name then they are treated poorly. The government places things such as obama care or trump care in place as a bandage that is supposed to “fix” the problem yet they seem to only make things worse. Each year it gets tougher and tougher to maintain a living if you’re considered part of the lower class because everything is so expensive. Medical care is something everyone is entitled to and should not have outrages cost associated with it. Due to this individuals often aren’t aware of the extent of their health issues or try to self medicate. But when will it stop being about money and become about what’s best for the greater good.

  42. Last September, I burned my foot with hot oil from the fryer where we would cook fries and chicken nuggets. My foot was in extreme agony, and developed a blister the size of a golf ball but it was nothing devastating as my foot came off. My manager sent me to the ER. I go in. They wheel me into a room. All they did was clean my foot and put some post burn cream on my foot. That is it. The bill for going to the ER so the nurses could clean my foot came out to a cost around $900. Good thing the incident happened inside my old job at Wendy’s because the company paid for the ER trip. Point is, being healthy is expensive. It’s cheaper to eat processed food than eat a healthy meal. That is why people in the lower class tend to suffer more illnesses is because of the price to be healthy.

    1. Oh my god, is your foot okay and do you have health insurance now? It is awful that medical insurance isn’t available to everyone it is as if the people who can afford this are more important then those who don’t. In reality everyone is important regardless of their economic status.

  43. I agree with the point where healthcare sometimes working for money and forget about the social responsibilities. Once I went to the doctor for my checkup as my gums were bleeding and after my checkup he just prescribed me with the medicines and told me to clean regularly using a prescribed mouthwash though the actual reason I get to know when I was admitted in hospital after two days, I get to know that its was my blood platelet count issue though I paid that dentist his regular fee. In order to overcome such situations a person should have a knowledge about things for its ownself and ability to recognize the situation very well.

  44. I do not have any health insurance and it is a really big struggle to even see a doctor. I got a virus that was going around called the noro virus and was in the ER for 4 hours. The doctor wasn’t even attentive and they did not give me the medical attention i needed I was given a pill to stop the vomit, but i had to pay out of pocket for the pills. And i had to pay for the “service” the doctor provided which came up to be $400 on top of this the medical bill for the ER room came out to be $2,998.89. This is a lot of money to pay for a visit to the doctors, and this has gotten me into a lot of debt. Now every time i get sick I tell myself do i have the money to get medical help or is this something I can live with, until it gets worse.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your terrible experience. I agree that all people who require medical attention should receive it. No one should be left to suffer or die because they cannot afford to be treated. However, who is going to pay for this? Many of the sociological issues, especially in government, boil down to money. Will it raise taxes? Will there be a cut in government spending? I agree with the principle that everyone should be treated, but I am curious as to how it will be paid for.

  45. In today’s society, I feel people are all too often caught up in political stances and aligning with what their political beliefs are. In doing this, millions of people are blinded and cannot see what being a good human being truly means. Healthcare is obviously something that we not only all want, but what we need. We shouldn’t have people falling to sicknesses and illness just because of the simple fact that they cannot afford it. It should be accessible to everyone, and not only accessible, but cheap, because not everyone in this world is wealthy. This is where people get confused I believe. They think that since their political stance aligns with this notion of no healthcare, that they have to ride with that. This is not true, because your politics and your core values should be separate. When more people find out how to be a better human being and how we can improve this world without our political outlooks affecting us, we will improve as a people.

  46. Unlike some people I believe that healthcare should be at an affordable price, some like to think that it should be free, but in the way that our system works in the United States, that simply just can’t be done right now in our current situation, but there are things we can do to make healthcare at an affordable price. And the thing is, healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be a right, our country has been so focused on trying to make money that we have forgotten about what is really right and that is, just being humane

  47. I feel as if healthcare becomes more and more difficult to receive and afford as time goes by. It is very frustrating because I believe everybody should receive the healthcare that they need. How can we let people suffer and die just because they do not have the (very large) amount of money to afford it? As someone in a middle-class family, my parents are both very hardworking people and my sixteen-year-old brother and I both have jobs. We have healthcare and health insurance, but it is not “very affordable” or easy to maintain. You would think as middle-class people who have jobs and work hard, we would not have to worry about the expense of healthcare. Then there are people who do not have jobs or a very low income. Healthcare is a huge issue for them and it is very sad. The only people who really do not have to worry about it are the high-class families. It is very unfair because people cannot help if they get sick or injured. Our society should worry about helping people and keeping people alive rather than the money aspect of it. (Too Much, Not Enough)

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