Hope Found in the Drive-thru

A guest blog article by Rebecca Majus (student, world citizen)

Having been a drive-thru customer my entire life, I have not once thought about giving a tip to the person who handed me my order as I grab it out of their hand and set it down in the passenger seat of my 2003 Buick Century. During my work experience at Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, I’ve come in contact with many people each and every day. People of all different races, ages, genders, and attitudes. Each customer carries themselves differently, as every individual does, but some better than others.

Every person has a different way of going about getting what they want, whether it’s saying their correct order is wrong to get free food or asking to fix a mistake employees make (like getting their mild chicken replaced with the spicy chicken they originally asked for). Although each customer is there for the same thing, fried chicken, some have better attitudes than others.

Fast food is the stereotypical job for failures, because you don’t need a high school diploma, a degree, or any previous work experience.

Despite this reality, the job is extremely stressful and fast-paced.

A day at work for me includes taking orders for people who dine-in and drive through, including packing their food under heat lamps that are so hot they could spark a cigarette by just touching it to the bulb. The food has to be handed out to the customer within 180 seconds at the most, and that includes the time to take the customers order. It isn’t a surprise that employees make mistakes and it doesn’t help when they’re under added stress of an angry customer screaming at them to hurry up. I’ve had a customer throw a metal napkin container at me because it’s policy that we cannot substitute more sides to replace biscuits in a meal. The napkin container didn’t only hit me, but knocked over multiple brand new, styrofoam side cups into the hot water sitting in the steam table to keep side orders warm.

I was only doing my job.

It wasn’t my fault that he couldn’t substitute out the biscuits, after suggesting not getting the meal and just buying sides separately, there wasn’t anything I could do to help him. I did have to clean up the mess that he created anyway.

The majority of customers don’t really understand how little control an employee has over the business or what their responsibilities are. Rude customer after rude customer, I was starting to lose hope that the next car that pulled around to the drive-thru window or the next person to walk inside the restaurant would be considerate and/or polite. It seemed like the angry mob of customers would never end, until one Tuesday.

A cute over-the-hill couple pulled up to the drive-thru window while I was working. Every Tuesday, Popeye’s has a special: two pieces of chicken, one regular side order, a biscuit, and a drink for $3.99. The meal costs $6.19 on any other day. This particular couple was unaware of the weekly promotion and thought that I specifically gave them a discount. When I handed them their food, the old man told me to reach out my hand, afraid of what he might do because of previous customers actions, I was timid to the idea. The man was being very persistent, and because I only have 180 seconds, I finally reached out my hand.

I felt a crisp but crunched piece of paper in my hand. When I pulled away, and opened my fist, I saw a dollar bill in my hand. I asked the old man “What’s this for?” and told them about the weekly promotion.

The man and his wife laughed at me and told me that the money was for me to keep. They told me I seemed like a hard worker and that they find joy in finding certain people who deserve a reward for just doing their everyday work. He then thanked me for educating him about the weekly promotion and insisted they would come back every Tuesday.

The couple kept their promise and come back every Tuesday through the drive-thru. I hear them on the speaker asking for me, refusing to have anyone else take their order. By now I have their orders memorized and although they get the same order every week, they never cease to surprise me. I insist they don’t tip me, because after all, I am just doing my job.

I’m getting paid to serve them already.

However, they always look me dead in the eyes and insist I take it. Each week they give me a new amount and a new complement on my work or personality.

That couple inspired me to bring people similar to my situation the same fascination. Now, each time I go through a drive-thru I hand the worker a dollar and tell them to keep it for themselves. I know that particular smile is on their face because they’re aware that minimum wage is not enough money for the stress that their job puts them through.

Hope can exist in the little things.


65 thoughts on “Hope Found in the Drive-thru

  1. I agree with a lot of things that you wrote, I also have past experience working at a fast food place and I understand how hectic it could be with the customers. You never know what type of person your going to serve or what mood they are in, sometimes if a customers are having a bad day they take it out on you. The only thing I would disagree is about the customers tipping you at a fast food place. It’s understanding that people at fast food places work for minimum wage, but I blame the big corporate systems that don’t pay their employees more money, because it is a tough job working there, and they need to understand that. Instead they care about saving money and making profit, so they pay their employees very low. If you ask me the companies should do something about this and not the customers by tipping.

    1. yes! You will work with a lot of customers that are in “bad moods” and because it’s your job you have to put on a act even though some customers get out of hand. I don’t think customers should really tip in the fast food industry but I think if the customer chooses to tip you, it should be allowed. Because you are being recognized for your hard work, many fast food locations don’t allow tips, I think if they do less employees will complain about the pay rate.

  2. I agree with most of what you said about fast food restaurants and their customers because I also have worked at a fast food restaurant. It is very stressful. On top of paying only the minimum wage, the corporate did not let the workers take tips. There is just too much pressure on you both from the manager and the costumers. The restaurant I worked at, we had to take the order and serve the costumers in 150 seconds. They don’t appreciate all the hard work we put into serving them. But there are also nice costumers that light up your day. From my experience at this job, I learned that people are becoming impatient faster every day that passes by. Now people cannot wait for one minute in line.

    1. I agree with what you all said- my cousin tried to tip the man serving us our food at a McDonalds’ drive thru because he was telling little jokes thru the speaker which lighten our day. The employee seemed very pleased with the offer but claimed that if anyone saw him he’d lose his job. I feel its unfortunate that individuals cannot accept tips for their personal twist on their daily tasks. Essentially, this particular employee was doing a better job than anyone else; he is always there coming up with new lines to brighten others days. His personality improves business and he does get credited or paid for it. If there was an option for tips based on how well someone does their job, no matter what kind of job it is, I bet everyone’s work would and daily tasks would improve.

  3. I love this article because it accurately describes how I feel at my place of work. I work at a Starbucks with a drive-thru. I hate it. I could write a book on the business, my manager, the corporations, and the lovely customers. But, the most important thing it has taught me is to treat people like humans. Just because they are wearing an apron or visor or uniform does not make them any less of a person. I work there to pay for my college education, not because I dropped out of school. Whenever I go out to eat, I make sure I tip well, be extremely polite, and thank the person helping me. I guess unless you have been in the industry, you have no idea how frustrating it is when someone complains about something like the prices, and you have absolutely no control over it.

    1. I agree with most of what you said because I worked fast food. Fast food is very stressful, I worked at McDonald’s since I was 16 and by the time I was 18 I found myself as a manager at one of the most profitable McDonald’s owned by corporate it was one of the “mac ten” McDonald’s. Since this fast food restaurant is one of the busiest around we always had a corp “big shot” come and mystery shop us. The pressure and stress this job caused for the pay we were getting was unfair. I no longer work fast food but I think they need to get paid above minimum wage or allowed tips because fast paced jobs you have to be mentally and physically ready.

      1. Yes, I agree about the stress part. It is not that I am lazy or complaining, I just don’t think the work fits the pay or stress. I am going to school to become a Nurse and I know that I will be working long, stressful shifts. However, this is what I want to do, what I was educated for, and it is actually worth something. Being stressed out because you’re trying to impress corporate or trying to serve the customer under 1 minute is very different then being stressed out by saving a patient’s life. But I guess we all have to start somewhere…

  4. Working at a fast food restaurant while I was attending high school I’ve learned that even though it’s a minimum wage job you still had to put in a lot of hard work. You would think that the work that’s being put in is not worth the minimum wage, then you had to deal with all sorts of customers from the respectful one to the disrespectful ones all in the same manner which can be stressful at times. Running into a customer who acknowledge that fact and shows gratitude and appreciation can really change the way one would think about others. You just had to adapt to the customers because there were some who were patient and some who were not.

    1. Mr.bello I agree with what you said, the pay for the labor worked is messed up. Not every customer will show gratitude and appreciation but as a fast food employee you should know that. I do agree with you though fast paced jobs get really stressful and employees have to adapt to the work environment and work schedules.

    2. Working fast food drive-thrus is a lot of work, I’ve done it at a couple of different places. Yet each place seems to be the same, stressful. Being a student and working and dealing with a variety of peoples attitudes is a gift. I give props to you, myself and every other student working a minimum wage job. I agree with your comment, you have to adapt to the customers, considering how many different customers come through on a daily bases. Also, I too find that it really does make someone happy when a customer acknowledges the hard work and BS workers deal with.

  5. I also agree with a lot of the things that you said. People in the service industry have to endure a lot of abuse and have to take it with a smile. I do not think that fast food employees should get tips. They still do get hourly. If fast food restaurants started allowing their employees to get tips then they would have to bring down how much they get hourly. Also as a customer, if I had to start tipping fast food places I would stop eating fast food and just go to a restaurant and tip the servers who do more work. if you were to make it a norm in society to tip fast food workers then you would have to start tipping every where you go.

    1. I agree with this article too Aisha, but I think the whole tipping situation isn’t about the money at all. I think it’s more the gesture of treating people right. I’m sure we could all get into a debate about how tips should work and what not but to be like a human being is more important than getting a dollar.

      1. yes exactly, I dont think its the problem that we need to tip people that work in fast food resturants. I think its more that we need to learn to treat people who wrok in jobs to serve us with more respect. we need to learn to not look down and to take our stress out of our day on them and reailze they are just trying to do their job. its not a tiping issue its a treating our fellow man with respect issue.

  6. I like this article a lot, it really hits home. I work at a bowling alley that serves food. Not only that but this article speaks volumes to other certain jobs. Like being a grocery store clerk. The amount of things people put on you isn’t worth the hourly pay (That goes for restaurant servers as well). Like I said this goes for a lot of jobs out there. We get crap from people for things that aren’t even our fault. Severs get blamed for food even though they didn’t make, service clerks get blamed for prices not being matched right even though you don’t change them, and drive-thru workers get blamed for the order that’s wrong when they didn’t put it together. That puts a huge stress on top of all of us who are just trying to do the job that was entrusted in us to do not to mention the stresses of the job itself, like talking about a survey or telling the customer weekly specials and shoving a food promotion that you will probably ignore down your throat and you will hate me for it. I will admit there are times where people will surprise you and show amazing gestures, but I feel like in this society they only do it just because they know what you’re going through. It’s almost like hey kid, keep your head up, better days and things will come your way.

  7. This reminded me of how my junior year of high school, my Advanced Health class had an assignment where you had to do something nice for someone and them not know who did the nice thing for them. Kids did stuff like pay for the person’s order in the car behind them in the Starbucks drive through to bake cookies and drop them at a friend’s doorstep (anonymously of course). The whole point of it was to promote altruism and show kids that doing something for someone else and not get credit for it really does feel good and should be done more often. You never know who needs a pick me up and how one little act of kindness could make a difference in their life.

  8. I thought this article was interesting because I have been working at fast food place about a year. I can relate to what the author is saying because when people come through the drive thru the expect their food to be ready by the time they get to the window. When it is impossible for that to happen if you are making the food to order. Customers will also try to say that the price is too high like I can lower it. I don’t let the moods of the customers effect me because I know that they are going to be driving away soon. It is also nice when you get a tip because it gives you like a boast to work a bit harder.

    1. I agree with this comment about not letting customers moods effect you because they will be driving away soon. As I used to be a manager at a retail store, the unhappy customer was a common occurrence in my day. Despite the situation, or how uncomfortable I may have been under the pressure of the customer I would always remind myself of something similar. That, after this interaction was over, I was likely to never see said customer again, or if so, not very often. This is how I reminded myself to maintain my composure in these situations and handle them with grace and positivity. This was something I would tell new associates when training them as well. That if they were a bit slow on the register at first and the customer grows unhappy or impatient, to remind themselves of this, that they are still learning and that is perfectly okay, chances are they will not run into said customer again, so they should take their time and be thorough and polite.

      1. Jess S.
        I can relate to your comment. I do not work in retail but I use to be a waitress and now i work at bank. Just yesterday while I was at work helping someone with a transaction they where impatient and wanted me to rush. They actually yelled at me and called me names this also happened to me while I work as a waitress. People should understand that regardless of what your position is or where you work at everyone should be treated with respect. At the end of the day one is only doing their job and shouldn’t get yelled at for following the rules. If we make a some sort of a cycle where everyone respects each people and think about how they wouldn’t like to be treated that way while they are at work. Maybe just maybe we can all enjoy our jobs wouldn’t have to deal with people in that matter.

      2. Janelli V, I agree with that completely. Especially when customers become irritable and angry with you when you are only following the rules set my your workplace. I experienced this a lot when I was a manager, because people would be unhappy with a certain policy of ours and would ask to “speak to a manager” when they realized that I was in fact a manager, and that I was the one enforcing the rules they would become even more angry. More often than not any policies that I had stressed were none that I had created on my own, but rules that I was entitled to follow made by the corporate aspect of my job. If I were to break said rules, I would get fired or written up. Most people don’t realize this fact or don’t care to because the “customer is always right” and they know this. So I definitely agree that regardless of how they feel about the policies of these institutions, they shouldn’t blame the workers because we are simply doing our jobs and we don’t get to choose what rules we do and don’t follow, if we want to keep our jobs at least!

  9. I found this article very interesting as well. I have worked in customer service for many years since I was 16. I truly feel a positive good deed can have a chain reaction and vice versa. It doesn’t even have to be a monetary reward, but a simple compliment or smile can change people’s demeanor. Remember smiles are free! This domino effect can influence a positive change in our society. We are too busy and engulfed in our own lives that we forget we are citizens of the world and have a duty to make this a happy place to live.

  10. I found the story of the couple very telling of the human condition. It’s terrible when someone attacks a person just doing their job. Your right that people forget how corporations work and just see a person denying them of things. But when people go out of their way to surprise and thank you it shows that aggressive mentality is the deviant behavior. More people need to see it that way and assist someone who was in your situation.

    1. I also liked the story about the couple. I think if you help someone in a situation you can relate to, you should assist them. When I worked fast food a lot of the customers liked me I would hold long conversations and know customers on a day to day base. This made me look forward to work and like my job more. if more and more customers acted like this the work enviorment would be much better.

  11. Sometimes I am shocked by the horror stories about how people in the food industry are treated. I have always been taught to treat the people serving your food politely. It is just a smart thing to do, if you don’t want them to spit on it… I can’t even imagine being rude to an employee, yet it seems like I am in the minority, because there are so many stories of how badly food industry employees are treated. It is strange, and it reminds me of the Lucifer effect. Are these people acting like jerks just because they can? Perhaps it stems from a need to feel control. They know that the employees cannot respond to their attacks, and that gives them a sense of control in their lives. I can’t imagine there are that many people out there who are just mean for no reason.

  12. As a worker in a customer service environment myself, I have had one instance similar to this one. I work at a local grocery store and one day a man came in with three carts full of 24 packs of water. Since he came through my life, I asked “Sir, may I help you outside?” He accepted and challenged me saying, “Think you can handle all this water?” We got out to the car with what seemed like 30 packs of water and I began loading them into the car. He explained that he wasn’t crazy but he was actually planning on handing them out to people on the hot summer day it was. What a selfless act. After I’d finished loading them he held out a five dollar bill, but being unable to accept tips I declined and thanked him. He then said “I will say a prayer for you and your family because they’ve obviously raised their child right.” That is the reason I have faith in society today.

  13. As an employee in a retail store, I can see where you are coming from. Working at a job can be a completely different experience then we expect it be. In my opinion, that’s what can be so stressful about a job: We not only have to work at a quick pace, but we have to deal with such a wide range of attitudes form different people. And the ironic part is, we all have at least once been one of those customers who have not stopped to think that the employee may have it different than one imagines. Personally, I have never worked in a fast food restaurant, and after reading your article, I am surprised. I never would have guessed that there was a time limit! Being aware of these sorts of things definitely tends to provide more perspective and appreciation than if we were to not know- it sparks empathy and understanding, as well as consideration. It also shows why we should be as considerate and kind as we can be, whether we are aware of all the details of a person’s work or not.

    1. Lia, I agree with what you’ve said here because I didn’t know that there was a time limit with fast food as well! Probably because I have never worked in fast food myself. But having worked in retail, like you, I can say that in regard to people who work customer service jobs I generally try to be as nice and as understanding as possible because I know the feeling myself when things just aren’t going the way they should and there’s little to nothing you can do to change this, it makes those days especially harder when there is a customer who is not understanding of these unfortunate bumps in the road it can make the situation a whole lot more stressful for the employee who is just trying to do their job efficiently.

  14. It is quite obvious why people avoid working in a fast food restaurants. Every time I go through a drive-thru I feel sorry for the workers. I tell myself “I would never work in the fast food industry”. Not only does it look stressful but dealing with rude people and only getting paid minimum wage must be a struggle. It is relieving reading about your experience with that nice couple. I like this article because it motivates me as a fast food costumer to treat workers better.

  15. I absolutely love this article since I work in a Mexican restaurant. I also have my fair share of unhappy customers too. In my restaurant all I have is a tip jar, so when someone goes out of their way to put some cash into it, I thank them uncontrollably. It’s just nice that people are willing to buy food and give you tips. I have regulars who have come in every Friday for 3 years straight and they never fail to tip me. So when I go out somewhere to eat I always tip. Just knowing how much a couple dollars could change a whole person’s day makes my day better.

    1. I can relate to this article just like Olimpia. I also work for tips at a car wash and I have to deal with all kinds of customers too. When I get a tip I am very thankful because I know the customer didn’t have to tip but they did anyways. Even when I’m having a bad day dealing with customers, all it takes is one nice person to make my day better.

    2. I also totally agree with Olimpia because I’ve had the chance to work both at a restaurant and at a retail store. However, at the restaurant where I used to work at we wouldn’t get tips, but I can sure tell the happiness the waiter or whoever helped me out felt after I gave them a tip. It’s an amazing feeling to see one smiling because those few dollars can sure make a “huge” difference. On the other hand, I am currently working at a retail store, there of course we don’t receive tips, but the “thank you” or other nice comments that they say fulfills my level of happiness. Overall, they’re different kinds of customers, but when one is polite and in a good mood it makes one’s job better.

  16. I agree with Nick’s reply 100%. Even if I’m managing for the day and someone tips me, I am so thankful. Since I’m the manager of the day, the coworker gets all the tips. It just makes me so happy that I could make the people I work with some money. And I would say managers get all the rude and unsatisfied customers more than coworkers.

  17. I know what it’s like to work in a fast food restaurant. I personally never worked at one but I have an ex-boyfriend that does and many friends that do. My ex he enjoys it there but my friends not so much. I would have to say from what I have been told co-workers tend to be more rude and disrespectful then customers when it comes to fast food places. I would never want to work at a fast food place because i worked in a deli for almost two years before quitting and to me I bet that is almost similar if not just like working at a fast food place. I would say managers get all the rude and unsatisfied customers. Where as the coworkers not so much when it comes to fast food places which is not right.

    1. I agree some, co-workers are very rude. That’s because they hate their job or the manager didn’t care about manners while hiring them. Also, some people don’t deserve to work in an social environment. If they are going to be rude for no reason they shouldn’t have the job. Everyone is replaceable in any job. That’s why people should show they care for their job and be responsible about it.

      1. Both Tiffany and Olimpia are correct. Matter a fact, I left my old job which was in a restaurant do to the fact that I wasn’t getting along with a co-worker. It just made the working environment very uncomfortable. I tried to overcome it because it was just one person. A week later I was able to work fine. That job has taught me that, yes! We will at times work with people that we don’t like, but that shouldn’t stop us. learning how to ignore it is the “best” thing to do. This is a tip that I just gave to a co-worker of mine. She was having a rough moment and I said sometimes we just have to learn how to drop it and move along.

      2. I definitely agree with you on this comment, at my previous place of employment there were several associates who made the job very difficult for everyone else because they simply didn’t care as much as others and were simply there for either the pay check or the discount. These people were known to either not show up at all by calling off last minute, with some very poorly planned excuse, or if they did decide to show up at all, they didn’t exert the effort needed in the job. When these employees did such things, it became the responsibility of other, more caring, employees to pick up where these individuals fell short. Personally, I had to cover many, many shifts and devote more of my own personal time to my job than I would have liked because other people just didn’t care enough to do what they should have been doing in the first place. I can say that this definitely made me unfavorable toward these individuals over time, but at the end of the day I was the one who was able to make the money they were missing out on by not showing up, and I was able to obtain a high position within the company for always going above and beyond to pick up where these people fell short. So yes, it is certainly stressful and annoying to deal with these people, but sometimes if you use the opportunity to your advantage, you can find something to gain from those circumstances!

  18. While I was working this summer for my job, which is installing shelving units in closets, I had to endure working with a boss who was just the prototypical jerk off. He was old, mean, and just wasn’t socially able to handle situations. I remember this one time he and I had to do a service call at this house because the landlord said one of the units was loose. As we are there, he forgot to bring a certain tool needed for the job, and proceeded to break a shelf and curse me out for not bringing it, which was not my fault. With every muscle in body, I wanted to beat the living hell out of this guy. I stayed calm though, and as we left, the landlord pulled me aside and told me that with patience like that, you’ll be able to get through anything. It is wise words that I still use to this day.

  19. I completely understand you and agree with your article completely. I once used to work as a waitress and Drive-Thru attendant at a fast food restaurant. I guess every fast food restaurant deals with the same problems, that is having rude costumers and dealing with a lot of stress. I am a college students and to pay for school I have two jobs. As you mention in your article people are stereotype about people that work in such places not knowing that they are only their to achieve their dreams as well. Many people have been rude to me and sometimes I let it affect my life in school. I would get so aggravated with my job that I would not completely focus in school. Reading your story I realize that I am not the only one and that this could be a social issue(Mills, 1959). People should realize that we are only doing our jobs when not given them what they want and treat us with respect just as everyone and how they would want to be treated. By doing small things like what the couple did for you can be bring many positive things to our society as a whole!

  20. That is very true. And I also hate when a customer is arguing over the prices of the food. It’s not like we picked the prices, we are not the owner of the restaurant. And the works have to obey by the rule, “the customer is always right”. Even if they are not, you can’t get mad just like what Ryan went through. Every job is stressful you just have to be positive about it.

    1. Yes, you can take think positive about this. Maybe if you are still attending college one can try your very best and be very successful and don’t have to deal with this as much since unfortunately there will be rude people everywhere. Usually when I come across people that are rude I usually just ignore and smile. Sometimes I actually tell them that I hope their day gets better or something else anything that’s kind. That way I prove that I am better than them. That I have my standers higher and wont yell at them back or let them affect me. Most of the time they realize that and actually apologize other people might get madder but I know that once they cool down they will probably notice that I did nothing wrong and feel really bad about it and most likely wont do it again. I really do not like that ” the customer is always right” restaurants should not have that rule. Since many times they are not, this is making costumers think that whatever they do like yelling at an employee is correct.

  21. Being in the customer service field is very stressful but a good way to learn how to treat others even if their rude. Like in the article says us the employees have very minimum control in the restaurant. Because we are taught the way the corporation wants not by how our managers taught us. So when ever I go to a restaurant I am polite as I can because I know if my waiter or the cashier is in a bad mood its because someone else gave them bad attitude which made them in a bad mood. So for them being rude does not mean they don’t like me its because someone else was being very mean to them and demanding things that we cannot are able to do for the customer. But even working in customer service it makes me learn to be as polite as possible even if someone is rude. You just have to keep your head up and not feel down if someone gives you attitude.

  22. That’s wrong of the person to be in a bad mood just because of another person. If your going to work you better not affect everyone around you when your upset. No one likes that and it’s not their fault your in a horrible mood. If you can’t handle a work environment then go somewhere else. No one wants a waitress to be sobbing over your food.

    1. For someone who is barely starting to work it might be hard to just not get affected. It takes time to learn how to drop and leave bad moments. This I believe comes with time especially for someone who cares a lot. Then again you have people who give little consideration and can easily drop it. For these kinds of jobs people have to learn how to drop it after they step out of their job or the minute they step in. This will create a better working environment. Things happen, but that doesn’t mean that one should hold a grudge against someone forever.

  23. Work is work. You shouldn’t be affected by the way other people treat you, especially when at work. There are many ways that you can handle situations differently to make it seem that it isn’t your fault. For example, when the customer threw the metal napkin container at you. You could of handled the situation in many ways, you could of agreed with them and said, “yeah i think it’s a stupid rule as well.” Then at least they won’t think that you are just being rude (even if it is against company policy, you seem like you’re being rude). In my personal experience in working at Whole Foods, I always try to agree with customers when they think a rule is stupid, I also try to treat them as if we were friends. When they got especially difficult I would hand them off to a manager, since you know they get paid to deal with those types of customers.

    1. Yeah I agree that you have to treat customers with respect in order to receive it back but it is not always easy. Especially in the case of getting something thrown at you which is just an extreme case that should not be considered when looked at this industry as a whole. You are getting paid to do that job, if you do not like it, then find a new one.

      1. That is the main problem with people these days. When they go looking for a job, they go for any place that accept them. They should pick and choose the jobs that they would enjoy working. I’m not only talking about jobs in their future, I’m talking about jobs that are entry level. In my opinion its worth waiting to find a good job, rather than just taking a job at McDonald’s.

      2. Iggy, I totally agree. It is our job to be happy and our responsibility to walk away from what doesn’t. We live in a society that blames larger corporations for the difficulties faced on the micro level. I used to work at the pool and was dissatisfied with the way I was treated, so I simply quit.

      3. As we can both obviously agree. We should all aim to satisfy ourselves before we go look out and find other people to satisfy. We should all pursue a career that makes us happy. Once we are happy we can start fulfilling others’ dreams… We must always come first, no matter what. That is the secret to happiness.

  24. The actions of the elderly couple in this story are very sweet in my opinion, it is nice to know that although at times work in the line of customer service can be greatly stressful and involves lots of effort and patience, sometimes there are people who actually see and acknowledge these efforts. I think that it is unfair, although I know it to be true, for most companies to not allow employees who give good service to receive tips from someone who is appreciate of this. Especially if it is the customers choice to do so, it should be their right to be able to take this money for doing such an excellent job that someone is willing to tip them even knowing full well that it is not a service where tips are typically allowed.

  25. You should always choose a career that makes you happy. This makes you not focus on how much money you are making. You learn to love your job than hate it and put others down.

  26. Businesses always go on about how they need good customer service, but why does no one ever talk about being a good customer? People exploit the “customer is always right” and use it to their advantage or as an excuse to be a shitty person. People are much more likely to be helpful, kind, and all the other things that come with good customer service when the customer is being polite, patient, and kind. I think businesses deserve the right and should deny service to people who are bad customers. This way there is a consequence and we can try to bring a little more peace to the world of business.

  27. I work at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria on the weekends. I have learned a lot to say the least. When I worked as a phone worker, I found out first hand just how rude people can be. It is loud in our kitchen, and there were always a few customers who get an attitude when asked to repeat something. If there is a problem with an order and they call the store, the phone workers answer. We have no control over the food quality or taste, and I guess people do not understand that. Recently, one of my coworkers had the worst experience with a customer. She called and was literally yelling at him. He had to hold the phone away from his ear, and everyone heard her screaming about how she wanted to cancel a pizza. She hung up and it was a huge ordeal that the manager had to take care of. Not all customers are bad. I had a similar experience with an elderly man in our store. I brought him and his son their order, and he pressed a small block into my hand. It was just a wooden block with a note printed on it. It said: Exercise Block. 1) place block on the floor 2) walk around 2 times 3) you just walked around the block twice! So not everyone is bad, and there is always those good people that make your day 10 times better.

  28. I primarily work as a cashier at a thrift store that takes customer service very seriously. We are expected to always be happy and smiling and always make conversations with our customers so that they feel welcome there. The amount of times that customers have yelled at me for how things are priced is incalculable. I feel like some customers don’t grasp the fact that a cashier has little to no power on how merchandise is priced. When they are standing there yelling at me to drop the price from $1.99 to $0.99, all I can do is stand there with a smile on my face and explain to them that I have zero control over prices and that if they want to speak to a manager, I can call one over. No matter how friendly I am or how they can tell they are making me uncomfortable, they continue to argue to get that one dollar off. I feel like consumers just lack that compassion and humanity towards retail/fast food workers. A lot of them treat us like trash. Don’t get me wrong, there are nice costumers out there but sometimes it can be so discouraging when a customer is rude to you. That’s why I feel that everyone should have a retail/fast food job at least once in their lives so that they can see what it feels like to be in that position and they will treat other employees with more respect and compassion.

  29. As I was reading this article I just kept thinking about how much I could relate to it. I work at a Dairy Queen in the town I live in and we have a drive-thru window and we are open on inside as well. Every now and then we will get a rude customer who wants something their way or finds something to complain about, and what they do not understand is that as an employee there is not much I could do to please them other than make their item correct and fast. If they complain about the price of something, it is not my fault. Although there are always those crabby customers, there are also many kind and warm customers. Sometimes people will compliment me or give me a dollar or two in the drive thru window and little do they know that it actually makes my day a whole lot better. Even just a smile or a “have a nice day” is enough to make the work day go by faster and easier.

  30. I’m sorry for all the rude customers you guys get. I never understood why customers are so rude to employees just doing their job. They clearly don’t follow the golden rule of treating others how they would want to be treated. It’s cool how the theme of one bad thing can have a great outcome overall played in your example. Work is already stressful and having customers take out their anger on you or then just being rude can add to it and it sucks and I don’t think most of them realize it.

    1. I do not understand why some people let their anger out on innocent workers, we are just doing our job. It is really nice and reassuring though when a customer gives a compliment or a dollar just to be nice, it means more to us than they would think. And true, work is already stressful enough and having customers who are disrespectful does not make it any easier.

  31. Every time I go to a fast food place and the drive-thru I am very patient because I know that they are busy with other things. I understand that there have been rude people that they have dealt with all day and there is nothing they can do about how things are or how the process works. When I pull up to the window I make sure I say thank you and always make sure to say have a nice day. To me saying little things like that isn’t something they get enough of throughout the day. One thing I wish people understood was how fast paced things have to be and that everything isn’t centered on them. It’s a drive-thru not a five star restaurant, there is going to be mistakes with how fast everything needs to be. People are human and make mistakes, things happen and yelling at them isn’t going to fix it. I wish everyone could be understanding and respect those who are serving them.

    1. That is so true. Now that I work at a place with a drive thru I now understand why there can sometimes be a wait and I am perfectly ok with being patient because I know the workers are trying to be fast and efficient. And also it is true that there are going to be mistakes here and there but we are all human and sometimes we have our bad days and people should come to realize that.

  32. Wow, I couldn’t agree more with every thing I had just read. To me, people shame the hard workers who work at fast food places. They do go through some really tough days. I am always very patient while going through a drive thru just because I know how fast they have to work. Sometimes other people don’t understand and scream at them, but little do they know they are just putting more stress on them while they are trying to get this persons order correct. People who work in the fast food industry definitely do not get enough credit. I think by tipping them a dollar, lets them know they are appreciated. Only if people can be more understanding while they are waiting for their food.

  33. The next time I go through a drive thru and the server is nice and shows dedication I will tip them. This blog helped me realized not to take good people for granted. A reward for hard work helps that individual keep pursuing great things.

  34. I don’t know why it’s almost as if people look down on those who work in the fast food industry. They are just trying to do their jobs in order to make money. I am always stunned to see whenever a customer is rude enough to yell at an employee at a fast food place, just because they are not able to satisfy all of their needs. They are simply doing their job and have nothing against any of the customers. More appreciation needs to be shown to those working in the fast food industry. It’s a pretty tough job, considering how some people humiliate others for having such a job.

  35. This article really hit home. I personally have worked at a fast food restaurant and its probably the most demoralizing job ever. Not only do you get paid less than those who do manual labor, but nobody appreciates you. Although not everyone has the spare change to tip every fastfood worker, this article really shows how just a little act can go a long way.

  36. This article speaks volume and its so evident in some fast food restaurants. People want to run away from fast food restaurants but with little opportunities out there due to high educational requirements, they resort to working at fast food restaurant. Customers need to understand that the employees in fast food restaurant especially places like Popeye and McDonald are under a lot of pressure and should try in a little way to show respect. No job deserves disrespect no matter where we find them because everyone is out there trying to make a living, and we should show kindness to those who serve us because we are also servers at one point in time. In giving tips to workers at drive-thru is a way of showing appreciation, but it is not mandatory that people must do this, but if one chooses to then one should do it with love.

  37. I do not understand why people continue to stereotype others based on their job, especially fast food jobs. People who work at fast food restaurants have to multitask, work under pressure, and deal with customer service. They are hardworking people that are trying to make ends meet like anyone else by doing their job. I appreciate their service and understand to be patient if there is a line. I make sure to say thank you and please, and make eye contact to acknowledge them. As a hairstylist living off tips, I understand the importance of a tip. It is not mandatory, but a tip is a generous and kind act that makes a difference in someone’s life.

  38. I totally agree with you Vera, Tip is not mandatory, but it is a kind way to thanking them for the service they are providing to their customers. I really like this article because it teaches us to be patient and to be grateful for the service that these people give us, they try to give the best to us and if they know what is right, everything can be arranged in this life.

  39. I can relate so much to this article! I used to work at Wendy’s and my manager always put me on drive thru. Taking orders, making drinks, bagging the food, and handing out food under a timer. I used to not appreciate fast food employees but not that I worked in a fast food joint; I feel their pain. It does get a bit frustrating being on drive thru for 9 hours straight with a 20 minute break. Dealing with rude customers on a daily basis. But there were those customers who were respectful and understanding. Fast food workers do not receive enough appreciation for their jobs. I’m not trying to throw shade, but parents driving in vans full of kids were the worst customers!

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