Too Close for Comfort

A guest blog artcle by Kristen Kuzanek (world citizen, student)

As someone who has worked with children for many years, strives to be a future educator and comes from a very close and tight-knit family, I was appalled by some devastating news stories circulating around Chicago as well as the country right now.

In the past few years we have heard too many stories on the news about murders committed by family members. There have been numerous family murders in Illinois as well as other places within the United States; too close for comfort.

I wish there was some way in which we could predict these actions in order to save the innocent lives as well as the lives of the deviants in society.

Are these murders committed out of selfishness? Are they seeking an “ideal” lifestyle? Is it because they do not value their life and the lives of others? Or is it a combination of the three?

To a certain extent I definitely believe there is a degree of selfishness when an individual takes another family members life. It is as though they are doing it for frivolity. There must be some sort of blockage in the mind of the murder in the sense that nothing else is more important than that of their own happiness. I do not think these individuals look at the consequences to their actions before they are performed.

There could be many reasons as to why these family members are murdered but one that really stands out to me is that of the “ideal” lifestyle some of these individuals may be striving for. Many of the murders I have heard on the news lately have to deal with individuals whose lives have been altered due to a child coming into the world (i.e. Casey Anthony) or those who just want to live their own life with no rules or regulations (i.e. John Granat). Both of these individuals have been accused of taking the lives of one of their family members. Consequently, they both strive to live this “ideal” lifestyle, whatever that may be, and will go to any means necessary to achieve it.

The value of life is different for each and every person. Some value life as something extravagant and a once in a lifetime thing, some value life very minimally and then there are those who simply do not value life at all. Behind some of these murders, life obviously was not valued as strongly as one may think. When an individual murders their parents because they tried to change their lifestyle the parent’s life was not valued. The parents valued their child’s life so much that they wanted to prevent them from going down the wrong path in life and in return their life was taken from them with no value.

A baby is something that many people cannot wait to have and many more struggle to have. When a baby comes along to a young mother, their live is tremendously altered; no more going out with friends every day, no more staying out all night and no more weekend get-a-ways. The baby is ultimately the responsibility of the mother and when that individual does not want to accept the responsibility of their child, murder is their only option (in their mind). There are so many options available for mothers who cannot take care of their child; adoption being a major one. However, the selfishness and striving for an “ideal” lifestyle would leave the individual with the quickest fix…murder. Unfortunately for a child who has barely lived their life and experienced what the world has to offer them, they were not cared for and their life was not valued enough to be giving another chance in a different environment.

Mills (1959) says that there are two levels of Social Problems. First, there are troubles; a private matter in which an individual’s values may be threatened. Secondly, there are issues; a public matter in which values of the public may become threatened (Mills, 1959). The environment prior to the murders may have been troubles but when the murders were committed they turned into issues.

Every individual who has murdered a family member, started off at the level of troubles. Their troubles were private matters within their families or themselves whether big or small. Once the murders were committed they then moved to the next level, issues. Their private matters became very public when they were broadcast around the country on the news, internet, in newspapers and magazines. Those who were once just another human living their life are now looked at as deviants in society.

There are many ways in which to deal with annoyances or difficulties in life and death is not one of them. To take the lives of innocent members of society puts society as a whole at a significant lose.

Unfortunately, this has become an epidemic in America among the youth that ultimately puts a huge target or label on their back by society and/or puts an end to their life and freedom.


Mills, C. Wright. 2000 (1959). The Sociological Imagination: Fortieth Anniversary Edition.  Oxford University Press.


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  1. This blog made me think about all the movies I’ve watched and own. I have to say some of the movies out there are just made to be as disgusting as possible because someone who sees it is going to talk about it and then make someone want to see what all the fuss is about and the chain continues.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world sex, drugs, and violence sells. It’s what the people want to see. What is the movie industry going to do? They have to give the people what they want or they won’t sell movies. I feel it’s not just the movie industry that is making the changes but society as a whole.

    Back in the day, a movie like Jurassic Park was rated PG-13 because of the violence and some language. If Jurassic Park was to come out today, I feel the rating of the movie would be PG because Jurassic Park wasn’t too violent and had minimum amount of language. The amount of violence and language on a movie like Jurassic Park, is now able to be watch on regular television. Society has become a lot more excepting of language, violence, and sexual situation and kids have more access to being able to see them.

    I have mixed feeling about blaming the parents on this one. Some parents are strict and won’t let their kids watch movies that are rated R or rated PG-13 but what’s to stop the kids for seeing it on their own? When I was growing up my parents were very strict on what I was allowed to watch. But most of my friends were able to watch movies that were of high ratings and at sleepover parties I would watch the movie with my friends anyways knowing I shouldn’t have been watching it. Yes, I guess the parents that gave of the movie could be to blame but if kids want something, they will find a way to get it.

  2. Just reading the name “Casey Anthony” made me cringe. It is appalling to think that someone in the same family is capable of committing such a crime as murder. Regardless of wanting to have an “ideal” life (even though there is no such thing as perfect) there should never even be a thought of killing someone in the same bloodline. We are not the ones that are in charge of deciding when to end a person’s life; it should not be left in our hands. Unfortunately, these things do happen and it is up to families to make sure that they are taking all necessary precautions (therapy?) to avoid such drastic measures.

    1. I think it is a good idea to attend therapy at the first signs of mental and emotion duress. However, the consequences of murder have no place or meaning in the life of a murderer. There can be many reasons why people murder: jealousy, hatred, social acceptance, poverty, the perceived need for survival, deviance, fueled by biological factors and social influence, one’s inability to access social and financial success through legitimate means,denial of education, low social class and low social status.On a macro level, murder violates a societies sense of safety and poses the need for law enforcement to maintain harsh punishment for those who commit murder and those who may consider murdering others. On a micro level, murder is a violation of morals, norms and the consciousness of God. Whatever the reason a person murders, they have mentally and emotionally snapped. There is a loss of reality and the ability to understand their actions or to have a conscious.

    2. I agree with you, Elizabethann, that it should not be in another individuals hands to end someones life. Many of these murderers have emotional and mental problems and if confronted early enough could ceased before anything detrimental happens to anybody. I believe therapy and medications can be extremely beneficial to saving peoples lives because. Sometimes medication can make the world of difference because some people are just chemically imbalanced in the brain.

  3. I truly believe that when it comes to muder the combination of selfishness, wanting an “ideal” lifestyle and not valuing the lives of others all have something to do with the cause. I personally followed the Casey Anthony trial and it broke my heart listening to the stories of her little girl and at the same time angered me to see that she brought a little girl into this world and instead of taking care of her was out partying and getting drunk while leaving her child uncared for. There are so many options for children if you really do not think that you are ready for one but do not just give the child a terrible life because you feel like they ruined yours. With that said, a mother who murders their own child does not only disvalue their childs life but also their own. I do not believe that their is an “ideal” lifestyle. Yes, there are things that you believe to see yourself doing at certain time periods of your life but there are always obstacles that are going to be thrown into the mix.

    1. I also followed the Casey Anthony trial and it deeply affected me. I was upset and angry just like you were. I think a lot of people that followed the trial were angry at the fact that somebody could be so heartless. I have two young nieces, and when I heard of this trial I immediately thought of how life wrenching it would be if either of their lives were taken.
      Were you shocked by anything that went on during the trial?

      1. I was shocked that she was acquitted, after everything, if this truly did happen that she got away with murdering her won daughter how would she live with herself. I followed the trial, because it was shocking to me that she had the chance to get away. our justice system found a commonly used loop-hole and got her freedom that she does not deserve. It is sad to think how anyone could get to this level to murder someone, especially in their own family. I also think it is disgusting that they do so just for an ideal lifestyle.

    2. I agree Kelley. The value of that life and how you feel about your own is a huge underlying factor of taking someone else’s life. If you are constantly telling yourself “this child ruined me, my life, and my body, I hate them,” you obviously are holding a grudge towards your child. This feeling will only grow until the unthinkable happens. I also agree about no such thing as an “ideal” lifestyle. No one sticks to their plan 100% from when they dreamed of it at the age of 10 or so. Dreams change and life is a bitch, it is always throwing you curve balls.

  4. I am also someone who has worked with children for many years, and is striving to be a future educator. I cherish children and all of their innocence they bring into this crazy world. I definitely think if one murders their own child it is for selfish reasons. There is no way that someone would murder their own child to benefit anyone else but themselves. To think someone would ever think that they would benefit from killing their child just makes my heart break. Each and every child that is brought into this world is special in their own way and deserves a quality life with all of the opportunities in the world presented to them. I believe that if a parent cannot offer that to a child, then they should seek the many options there are to make sure their child gets what they deserve, like you mentioned. I agree with you when you say that you wish there was a way to somehow predict when this is going to happen so we can save the children because it is truly devastating.

  5. Families are a great support in your life but to come to the point of taking their life is too much. People murdering relatives are out of their mind for doing such a thing. God is the only that can call for us and no one has to do it for him. I have to say that the murderers are not self consciences because an okay person wouldn’t do that. I don’t even kill a cockroach – it is just insane. They should get penalized for in the same way they act upon the innocent. The way you treat you should be treated so that way those person would think twice their actions. It would be a better process to try an avoid such matters and conduct of people. We should be thankful for the people we get on our life and not take out their life instead love them and help each other out. We need to let God choose the right time and the moment for us to say good-bye not taken by someone that through their veins runs the same blood.

    1. I like your point about the way you treat people should be the way you should be treated. Its a basic lesson learned as a child yet it seems so many have forgotten the lesson. Also, very true about the fact that we need to be thankful for those who are in our lives

    2. in a way i do agree with your “eye for an eye’ belief. Unfortunately it is hard to duplicate every scenario to inflict on the one doing the wrong. If we let the murderer experience murder they really are not going to feel or learn anything, as they will be no longer living. If in theory we could tap into their mind and let them feel the emotional turmoil that the victim felt maybe some of them might change. These people that commit these crimes just flat out do not care. That is why when they get out of prison they go right back for the same thing. These people have something wrong within their mind. The things they do are way out of norm and can only be explained by some sort of mental ailment.

      1. Is1gtoh I get your point and am true. These criminals have something wrong in their brain that don’t allowed them to function properly and that’s why that commit such crimes. But once they commit a crime they should get study and get some mental treatment like soldiers that go to war do. Such matters in your brain can be altered by your childhood experiences. You may find hatreds on your parents for the way they treated you as a kid leading you to actually murdered them. Everything around us affects us like the environment.

      2. I feel that being a former US Army soldier, and having done all of the psycholgical tests in the military it would not help for these types of people. They do have something wrong, they have an unjustified murder, whereas a soldier has the reason to kill, obviously to survive. This is only when his/her life is threatened though. I don’t think any tests will help the ones who have murdered for no cause. I do agree though they should face a severe punishment that makes them re-live, and regret what they have done. It is completely barbaric to kill for no reason, they deserve the worst that can come to them in my eyes.

    3. James i agree with your point and how your a veteran. I see that those Psychological test you guys take are to see how you been affected by the war. But don’t you think people with this mentality have been affected by some matter during there life too? That could be a reason why they do what there doing.

    4. The only explanation I seem to be able to come up with for family murdering each other is in a mother and child or father and child relationship. The parent, obviously having attachment issues and other psychological problems. Maybe the mother or father knows and have come to accept the fact that they can not support the child, flat out don’t want the child, or regret the child. Maybe they ended things badly with their significant other and the child resembles them too well. Either way, killing the child isn’t something a typical person would come up with. There is always adoption or grandparents. There are ways to give up your child. However, the catch is that these parents don’t want anyone else to have their child. They have the “if I can’t have them nobody can” mentality. That is what makes it a selfish act.

  6. Sadly I too have seen far too many death related stories on the news, which is part of the reason I no longer watch the news. I would agree that a great deal of the murders are out of selfishness and out of the human reaction of people wanting more. However many of these murders are just from the fact that a person doesn’t like another person or if the killer is part of a gang it may be their orders. No matter what the reason too many people are being killed these days and personally I believe the only way that we will be able to start curing this problem is by giving the police more power. I believe that they need to use force to help clean up these bad neighborhoods. Get rid of the problem then good things are to come.

  7. I feel that the murders in todays society are at a number that should never be seen, however I cannot fathom how one would take a family members life. I do not think it is a lack of value in ones life. I don’t believe they think of any consequence when they are commiting such a horendous act. It is still baffling that any feud could be raised to such a level like this. Siblings fight daily, children go through problems with their parents all the time, but it has never truly led straight to murder of a family member. I feel todays society and the lack of humanizing activites, like team sports and family activities leads one to not have a basic understanding of true value of one’s life. Thank you for the post, and hopefully something will change this act, and soon.

    1. I agree with you James, somewhat. I agree that these people don’t think of the consequences to their actions, because in family murders they are more of a heat of the moment occurrence. Something happens and it builds up inside until they cannot handle it anymore. I do believe though that it has a lot to do with the value one holds towards the other. If you love someone immensely or even value their life as a companion and you get into a fight your first reaction is not going to be “KILL.” But if you are no longer feeling that love and slowly feeling hating for that person then I think it is very likely that murder will cross mind.

  8. Kristen,
    I decided to write here because one of my friends is actually related to the Granat family that has been murdered by their son and group of other teenagers. Such occurrences are terrifying and there is absolutely no reason to excuse one or consider innocent, despite the fact whether the murder was planned or not. Yet, emotions and anger might build up over night but eventually both will cool off. In order to kill a family member, one individual must be influenced by past negative experiences or simply lack of attention throughout his or her life. I believe it is obvious that nobody should kill their parents but this particular case sets an example not only for teens to respect their parents, but also for parents to be more aware of what their children are up to on a daily basis. I also believe that the crisis of lack of a father figure in a young man’s everyday life is a big issue. Many fathers nowadays seem to be only sperm donors and aren’t involved much in their personal problems. They might busy making money that eventually might cost them not seeing their child grow. I am not trying to defend the murderer, all I’m saying is that if we want to fix this issue, we must diagnose it instantly whenever there are visible symptoms of where it starts, and take immediate action then.

    1. I am sorry that you friend’s family is going through this terrible tragedy. As a parent I do believe that It is very hard now a days to keep track of what your children are doing, especially with the integration of technology, cell phones, tablets, Facebook, twitter, etc…even if you try to be on top of things, children and teenagers have to much access to drugs and violence, and unfortunately for some parents is harder than others to keep up, not to mention that a few might even lack the interest to do so, like Casey Anthony.

  9. This one REALLY got me going. I cant stand how that now a days I actually catch myself trying NOT to think about all the crazy family dynamics out there! Seriously it gets kind of depressing. I find myself day dreaming about how and why things cant be like they were 40+ years ago. I know that that is not very possible but at the same time who is to tell anyone what impossible is… FLYING was once impossible.

    1. I read an article not too long ago about a Florida boy who killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him “have fun.” He threw a high school party in his parents’ home with the parents dead locked in their bedroom. I am appalled and baffled at the thought of killing the two people that brought me to this Earth.

  10. I would like that too Steve. It was so nice when as kids we could go outside to play, and feel safe. I stop for the most part watching the news, because there is always a headline about a kid been shot or kidnapped. And it was very rare to hear that a family member killed another family member. Our society has changed so much, and it looks like there is more deviant people more than ever.

    1. I completely agree to that. I remember when I was able to go outside without the fear of being murdered. I could feel safe and basically do anything I liked. The shootings and killings you hear about just make you paranoid and fearful, and you are unwilling to be as risky as you were. In a way, these killings take away the freedoms we used to have as kids

  11. We hear stories everyday about murders that its becoming common. Grecia about the “Casey Anthony Trial” i think its disgusting that society gave her all this media attention and started feeding off her. In October I was getting a Halloween costume and I saw a fake mask of her face and was completely disgusted that they would even sell something like that. I feel that the government has made it very easy for you to give up your baby for adoption or find another way out of killing a baby. I am a strong believer in the death penalty for someone taking someone else’s life over. Jennifer Hudson news on some her family members being murdered and the stories are becoming more and more relevant. It is sad that these people could do such a thing. To take someones life away is to be a heartless person.

  12. I find it very hard to believe that someone could murder a loved one. Of course unless that family member has wronged them someway in their past. Nonetheless for a mother to murder her child is very perplexing to me. I thought mothers were supposed to have this everlasting bond, a love no evil could break sort of thing. How could a mother have that much hatred towards a person nevertheless their own child. No matter their age or the circumstances. I was living in Orlando when the Casey Anthony trial was going on. Not only was I sick and tired of everyone talking about it on T.V. I was also heartbroken for that child. Not only did her mother caused her harm but her grandparents as well. I can’t see how anyone especially a beautiful little girl like Caylee could have done to deserve what she experienced. I could only assume there was some kind of mental disorder that factored in. Or maybe the pressure was to strong and she had a melt down, there is no way to tell. The thing that really gets me is that they are making a movie based on the case. And yes, who wouldn’t be a little curious to see the result of it or who is playing who but at the end of the day we are only glamorizing the fact that this innocent child was murdered. And Casey Anthony is getting the fame and fortune from her “story.”

    1. I agree with your stance on this article. Who in their right state of mind would kill their own daughter? Even after closure has been brought to the Casey Anthony case, it has left some people with little respect for the mother of a child that was supposedly not guilty of murdering her own child. I wish there was an answer to how Casey got away with mass murder. Yes, mental illness definitely is a factor that played a large role, but mental illness is not to blame for one’s actions. If Casey could not assume the responsibility of having a child and raising a child, she could have given Caylee a better life by giving her up for adoption. I do not think that the media should be giving any more attention to Casey Anthony because they are making her a celebrity for the wrong reasons. She should not be able to make a profit. I think that the people that get away with heinous crimes should face the consequences and not get away with them. She should have faced life in prison and suffered the pain her child did.

      1. I think everyone can share that thought, “how did she get away with it.” Unless of course she really did not commit the crime but I honestly do not believe that. It is scary to think about but, this happens a lot in cases. The guilty get away with murder, literally. In this case though I don’t think she is the only one to blame, her parents played a huge role in this case and the murder.

      2. Do you think it is right for Casey Anthony to have plead to her own insanity? I also agree with you that she got off the hook with this case because of her lawyer and defense team. Not only that, if you were to commit a murder would your own mother take your side? It is such a controversial topic, but there comes a time when the parents should have accepted that their daughter committed wrongdoing. I feel like within them they knew the answer, but held it in. When she was pronounced innocent, there was a lack of emotion. By analyzing different body language and facial expressions, it was evident what the family was thinking. It just irks me that life can just go on after this case without anything being done.

  13. I think that every person is just morally insane. It just might take the right thing to set them off. This mothers that kill their children because they hear voices or fathers that kill their families because of their jealous fits may have started out as innocent people. However, over time they have changed and their mental health has deteriorated. Such as it would affect a man if he were to lose his entire family over one night to a killer. That man would turn into a bitter depressed mentally unstable human being.

    1. vic93 very good point, I did not look at it like that. I think it is just a bit much for a woman to be so selfish to take the life of her flesh and blood for the sake of having a life without a child. It would affect one if they were to lose their entire family. However, we expect men to go crazy for the family that he put so much in to build as one. Women for some reason are supposed to figure it out, just like the old saying “mama’s baby papa’s maybe”. Regardless if a woman is left to raise a child on her own, she is responsible to “man up”, because she held that child for 9 months so it is no doubt that that child is hers. We as women our nuturers, and men are supposed to protect and provide. So not to say that it is right, but majority of men, in my opinion are expected to go off the deep end at times. Versus a women who should know how to keep her cool.

    2. That is a very interesting view on this topic. All of us start with the same mental state but it is our experience that determines if fly off the deep end. Casey could very well be a normal girl with high standards for herself and from her parents. It is just that one mistake that sets that downhill turn. She may not know it at that point but as soon as things snowball she realizes she cannot handle the responsibility anymore. Though I do believe that the way she handles things could have been a mental health factor but I think the decision to murder her child was all her. There was definitely a better way to handle the situation.

    3. I agree with you as well Kelley because I followed the case as from the beginning to the end. I do not understand how after her child went “missing”, Casey Anthony was found at a club partying and taking shots. Also, how after a thorough investigation took place and investigators found chloroform and her body remains, Casey Anthony was not tried for first-degree murder. Her little sense of remorse has left me in a state of awe and disrespect for her as a mother. I would also like to note that during many of her first court hearings, she had a smile on her face, which is very unsettling. I do not understand how someone can resume with everyday life after such a tragedy.

    4. People lose so much from killing a family member. There is no list of good things that could possibly outweigh the bad things out of the situation. If they got away with murder, then the killer had lost a loved one no matter how distant of a family member they were to them (and mental health). If they do get caught they lose freedom, which is pretty much losing yourself.

  14. I am a young, single mother; and I have came a long way from not knowing my responsibilities. When I gave birth to my daughter I was 19 yrs old and was very happy for the first few months. Once that got “boring”, I thought it was my time to go back out and shine; always throwing my child on my mom. My mother was not having it at all and put her foot down and made me take full responsiblity, by hardly babysitting her grandaughter unless I was working or in school. This was really hard for me, but it was my decision to get pregnant and her discipline made a huge impact on me. I said all that to say this, imagine if this happened to a young mom who just could not handle that responsibilty and she decides to kill her child. Which is totally moranic!! How would a parent be able to decipher that this could have been prevented?

    1. In response to you Mehira02, I can understand how a teenager would not be able to take on the full responsibility of having a child and balance their social life and school all at once. What drove Casey Anthony to the point of murdering her own child? Being a mother, this case was probably heart wrenching for you. In response to your question, I feel like Casey Anthony’s social network of family and friends should take some blame for not observing behavioral changes, abnormalities, and mental instability. These factors could have been an indication that Casey Anthony needed immediate help during whatever crises she was facing. I wonder if Casey Anthony’s parents feel like they assisted the murder by letting Casey Anthony be innocent when in reality, they know the truth behind the sudden loss of their granddaughter.

      1. Marisa I totally agree that the grandparents should have seen some sort of dysfunction in their daughter. They say that after the mother found out that her daughter was dead she still lived a normal life, partying, drinking, and even got a tattoo. I am quite sure that she showed the same type of behavior while her daughter was alive, but Casey could have been a hinderance. It still makes no sense to me, her mourning for her child was weak, at least in public. As a mom, yes, stories like this sadden me. The child, the true innocent one, did not ask to be here and ends up only being here for a little while.

    2. I agree with the thought of it being moronic. People’s moods are always changing. As in your “coming of age” example, you never know when reality is going to set in. These parents may feel totally set on killing their child one day and not the next. Unfortunately, some people don’t wait long enough for their feelings of the upcoming day to arrive and make terrible decisions resulting in an extreme regret.

  15. I agree with what’s been said in the article. Everyone is in a mission of seeking his or her ideal lifestyle since their birth. As a baby, human being, like other animals, seeks to comfort him or herself through the seeking of physical pleasure, or what Freud called – sex. This sign of attempt to satisfy one’s own sex drive is a form of seeking for the ideal lifestyle. Even when people are growing, they are still trying to seek their ideal lifestyle. Because people want to be with someone beautiful and acceptable, they will seek the partners that they feel comfortable to be with. Because people want to be pleased, they would attempt to do something they like in their leisure time. All those, are a matter of lifestyle. In order to achieve the perfect lifestyle, of course, people would do anything to get rid of the obstacles on his path, even if they have to kill someone. The only barrier, or limitation, that prevents people from doing whatever they want is their ego. Just like Freud said, human has three layers of perception – libido, superego, and ego. The perfection of lifestyle belongs to the libido layer, and driving by people’s sex drive and aggressive drive; hence, the only limitation for these drives would be ego, which attained through the afterbirth learning of the social norms and knowledge. Because everyone has a different level of ego, hence people’s ability to fight back the attempt to achieve perfect lifestyle differs. In this sense, it is understandable that some people with lower ego may commit the murdering of family member in order to achieve an ideal lifestyle, while the others could limit their attempt through their ego.

  16. I like the article and what it suggests to the readers that people are constantly searching out the real identity in life. Not only their own identity but the ideal one and if people cant get it a simple way than they would resort to more drastic measures. I also agree that humans can be very selfish and look out for themselves. I think that this might start out at a young age the children could be pampered and given everything or one that isn’t given much and has to resort to violence to take what they desire. The past occurrances with family members might have a a correlation in the futures cases of people that end up hurting their families. Whether good or bad, people in the same lineage have similar characteristics and genes so it could get passed down.

    I believe that this is a very possible result of why people act out.
    Mills (1959) says that there are two levels of Social Problems. “First, there are troubles; a private matter in which an individual’s values may be threatened. Secondly, there are issues; a public matter in which values of the public may become threatened” (Mills, 1959). The environment prior to the murders may have been troubles but when the murders were committed they turned into issues.”

    The first level, the private one could support the theory that keeping things secret could affect someone even more than public because it is all building up most of the time unseen. Then all of a sudden they would just burst and act out in a way that could hurt someone in the family.

  17. This article just makes me cringe. It is appalling to me how selfish someone could be to murder a member of their own family. I know there will be plenty who disagree with me, but I think that a life in prison would be the appropriate action to a family murder. How is one supposed to repay someone whose life has been taken away? How is retribution to be achieved? Murdering a family member does not help one reach an ideal lifestyle; it only makes the rest of society hate them for the crime they have done.

    1. I agree David, this issue does make a person cringe. I think a lot of family murders are committed out of jealousy. I had a friend whose family existed for the sake of making sure no one in the family out succeeded the other. They would go so far as to use physical sanctions when the verbal sanctions were ignored. Mind you these people were retired police officers and marines. I say this because this was a family of a lot of testosterone or competition. How unfortunate. Jealousy.

  18. I agree with what everyone has stated in the previous comments. I also followed the murder trial of Casey Anthony. How could someone say she’s not guilty for mudering her daughter? While on the case, pictures were released of her dancing on tables and having a good time. If she didn’t kill her daughter she would be at home mourning her loss and doing everthing she could to find her “missing” daughter. People in society are mentally insane. To kill anyone, especially your OWN kid is just ridiculous. It makes me disgusted to see how many people have took someone else’s life just because they maybe couldn’t handle their own? I feel lik the only reason Casey killed her daughter was because she wanted her old freedom back. She wanted to go out with her friends and be crazy, not sit at home watching a movie on a Saturday night. What she did was insanley irresponsible. If you take on the act of having sex, you should know your outcome if you’re not be responsible. In this case, Casey only cared about herself and what she wanted.

  19. I really enjoyed reading your article. I feel like you were able to touch on the topics that are necessary that could lead someone to want to murder someone in their family. “The baby is ultimately the responsibility of the mother and when that individual does not want to accept the responsibility of their child, murder is their only option (in their mind).” This is a very important aspect of this paper, especially the part in quotations. In my opinion, most (not all, but most) murderers have horrible mental health. Mental health issues ARE diseases (some would argue this) and not something they can control. A lot of these women who kill their infant child’s suffer postpartum depression. My mother had a slight case of it, which resulted with sadness, anger and loneliness, due to the estrogen levels. More extreme cases of postpartum can lead to the murder of their child because the mother is ill. They were stricken with a disease and not in the right state of mind.

  20. This blog is so true. I agree with the author by expressing her thoughts on this matter. Many times I wondered howsomeone could kill their own family members someone whom they love. I couldn’t agree with you more when you mention that obviously the murderer couldn’t have valued their own life to be able to take someone else’s. A lot of these killers weren’t showed loved as a child, and feel as though they have nothing to lose by causing harm on someone else. I stll believe that Casey is guilty even if no one else does.

  21. I wouldn’t necessarily call murder within families and epidemic, but I do believe that it happens all too often. Specifically with the Casey Anthony story I 100% believe she murdered her daughter and like the article said, for her own selfish reasons. I don’t think Casey Anthony ever really wanted a child and simply saw her daughter as a nuisance. I’ve never understood why some parents go to the extent of killing their child when there are so many other options. Your family members are supposed to be the main people that you can trust and count on but with all these murders you have that being taken into question. Murder is wrong in itself but when someone kills a family member it’s so much deeper, what makes a person want to turn their family into their victim we will never know but whatever the reasoning it affects not only the suspect but the rest of the family as well as the victim and suspects friends. People searching for an ideal lifestyle don’t seem to understand that no such lifestyle exists, everyone has their own personal problems regardless of how “ideal” their life may seem. It’s just unfortunate that some people will go to such extreme lengths to achieve something that is never going to happen, even if it costs the life of another.

  22. This blog is 100 % true because crimes are rising in the world. I dont know why people find the comfort in killing other innocent people. I believe the Casey Anthony trial was injustice because there was proof in killing her baby. Some people are sick in the head where they think this is normal. I think the death penalty for murdering someone isn’t the right punishment. I think they should let the killer suffer and make them suffer in jail for life. I think they should analyze why this was wrong and let them stay in a room alone. Every day there is always a new story of people shooting or murdering someone. I also think media plays a role in all of this because there are many movies where killing makes the act look “cool”.

  23. I agree with you that no one should ever take another persons life due to their own unhappiness. However, i believe their is a reason unaddressed in this article that is a reason for most homicides. In the past, mental illness was something that people did not like to talk about and this created a stigma that individuals should keep quiet rather than talking about what they’re feeling. Now, society is becoming more mindful to these issues due to programs such as NAMI and many other mental health awareness groups. A head turning statistic is 1 in 4 people have or will have a mental illness sometime in their life. Im a strong advocator that if we can target individuals with these issues before they do something harmful to themselves or others, and provide them with treatment. We can seriously lower murder rates in our country. If we are able to do this, we will be able to alter problems before they turn into issues and could possibly save many lives.

  24. I find it very disturbing how people manage to murder their own family members. I do not ever believe that having a problem in life should result in killing a loved one. I am very close to my family, and I could never imagine one of them dying. It is not right how many people are killing their children, such as in the Casey Anthony trial. This trial was very shocking to me and many others because the mother got away with no charges. It is even worse that she was out partying and never reported her child missing. If a parent has a child and cannot support and raise them the right way, then the parent should be mature and responsible enough to find an alternative, such as adoption. There is no reason to ever kill anyone especially a family member.

  25. This article is completely true in many ways. It does seem as if there are more crimes going on now than in the past; but, this may be due to the fact that we have so much technology that transmitting information to everyone is much easier now than in the past. So this makes me wonder if there really is more crime, or if they are just known more. Either way, this article is correct when it states that killers do not seem to value the lives of others because they are looking out for their own interest and self-gain. It feels as if people today are more focused on material goods than family, education, etc. This could also be a contributing factor to why so many simply look towards murder as their quick fix, because then they could access the material goods quickly. I feel that the media plays a large role as well because the murders they show on TV are usually very stereotypical in many ways. The media usually seems to show minority groups committing these crimes; when in fact, all groups seem to commit these crimes somewhat equally. I do feel as if we should pay closer attention to the warning signs that even our own family members can have so that we may be able to prevent a tragedy from happening. Maybe something as simple as treating each other better can alter someone’s perception enough so that they do not want to commit a murder to further their own life style; this could be the key to helping stop some types of murders. Some may be struggling so much that they may feel murder is their only option and helping those who struggle can alter their minds enough to prevent that from happening.

  26. There has been an increasing number of murders committed within families that it is disturbing. There is obviously things going behind the scenes when this occurs; it’s hard to think that someone would want to kill their own family member. It’s difficult to know why family members would do this to each other because family is something that is supposed to be an important attribute to one’s life. However, you see this occurring within broken families. Casey Anthony was a great example used in the article because here is a young woman who got pregnant when she was young, the child had really no father figure. Anthony’s party life had ended once she got pregnant, therefore, why not get rid of the thing that stopped your partying. This is just one example of how a sick mind seems to work.

  27. This is a topic that is chilling and alarming. The fact that there are so many examples of family murders is very disturbing and it makes almost everyone unsafe, since an ‘ideal’ family never truly exists. I agree that there are many factors that go into murdering a family and I think that no matter what the reasons may be, nothing justifies killing a family member. Family is the group of people a person is supposed to be able to feel most comfortable around and without that no one is able to feel safe in any situation. The tie in with Mills helps with understanding why these instances happen. Prevention in this case is key, because there’s not much that can be done once a life has been taken.

  28. The psychological factors that cause individuals to murder is overtly extensive. In attempt to sum up the cause for these people to murder, most psychologist label them as psychopaths or sociopaths. Although emotional urges may vary from individual to individual, I believe everyone has the emotional will to murder. The outline for these murderers might be that they lack the education towards the options they have in giving up their child, and it is their ignorance that cause them to retreat to the one thing they have been most familiar to.

  29. There’s an idea I would like to put out there, what if the amount of information that children are exposed overwhelms them and corrupts the decision making of right from wrong; perhaps just blocking the thought process altogether. A baby won’t murder another baby will they? But a brother may kill their baby sibling because the balance of their world has been off put. I do agree with this article quite a bit that there is something that alters the way of thinking for these families and it never is corrected. However, mothers murdering their children after they are born, I truly don’t believe it’s an idea of selfishness that they kill the child. I think it’s an instinct of survival.

    1. How is it an instinct for survival? A mother is supposed to have a connection to their child. A mother is supposed to protect their child. How is killing their child representative of anything other than a selfish need to not have children anymore?

  30. Looking into this topic, and relating it to some events that have happened even within our own society, it is very possible to draw chilling connections. Semi recently, a woman killed two children in our neighborhood because she could not handle babysitting them anymore. One of them was not even her child. I believe it is insanely shelfish to take the life of a child/person, let alone someone else’s family member. From day one the bond of a parent and child should never be broken, and the nurture side of the family members should out weight any other feelings. The fact that people can go from one extreme; Unconditional love, to another; hatred to the point of murder.

  31. The idea of anyone killing a family member sickens me. I am a family guy, I believe in helping them at any cost, standing up for them, and having their back through thick and thin. Not too long ago in the town I live in my sister had a friend whose father had killed his daughter and then took his own life. The reasoning for this was because he and his wife were getting a divorce, for his own selfish reasons he took his daughters life and his own because he couldn’t be happy at home. Have we really come to this? We can’t be happy with our lives so we kill the people closest to us? Its messed up and it isn’t right. Murder in general isn’t right but killing people close to you and at some point had to love is just wrong. There should be a better way and easier way to stop this from happening.

  32. I will never understand how someone could take the life of another, especially a family member. All throughout this article, I kept thinking about the Casey Anthony case, and other various cases that have happened recently. I’m a family person, I value my family and I do what I can to support them. This goes the same for my friend’s and my girlfriend’s families. We take so much for granted now a days, and I cannot begin to comprehend how this would be a solution in someone’s mind. Your own flesh and blood, to take them and murder them. That is something that I would personally say can ruin a whole society and throw them into chaos. I hope we find a solution soon, whether it is counseling or new laws, to save these poor children’s and family member’s lives.

  33. I don’t believe that most murders have anything to do with selfishness or seeking an ideal life style. These people who commit these crimes are usually extremely mentally ill. Sociopathic tendencies make it impossible to feel emotion or even a connection to another human being, so for them, committing these murders aren’t nearly as terrible of an action compared to how “sane” individuals see it. Fortunately, that concept is not something any morally based human being will ever have to understand. However, not all murders are committed by those who are mentally ill and trying to comprehend what drives somebody to commit an act like that is unimaginable. People who are capable of these things have clearly suffered some serious pain in their past and need the right kind of help to get them off the streets and be held accountable for their actions.

  34. As someone who considers himself a family man, the very thought of hurting one of my loved ones pains me. I believe our purpose in life is to create more life and to create relationships. Religious or not, nearly everyone believes that the greatest atrocity you can ever commit is murder. To commit murder to another member of your family is the ultimate “no-no” for lack of a better term. Someone who commits some act like this is seriously mentally ill. It isn’t selfish. If anything, a person like that needs more help than any therapist or amount of drugs can provide. It is scary to think about what kind of world we live in.

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