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A guest blog artcle by Asha Gentry (world citizen, student)

Trends are a part of the way in which young people connect, primarily on the basis of similarity. The latest fashion accessories, hair-dos, clothing lines determine a lot about the interaction between many young people. The newest trend that has probably superceded the baby boom of the 1960s is the rate of teen/young adult pregnancies. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the coolest thing for teens to do was drugs. Now, the coolest thing to do is have a baby.

The televised film “The Pregnancy Pact” may have seemed like just another movie but the truth of the matter is, it affected young people’s perceptions. It made pregnancy a new acceptable social trend. It is something about these advertisements that gets young people thinking (and acting on the impulse to follow the crowd).Television shows like “Teen Mom” publicize and glamorize the trend of young adult parenting. Shows like “College Hill,” that promoted education and drama (at best), are dismissed because of shows that instigate a growing population of irresponsible youth.

Young women are becoming mothers like it is no one’s business (young men, fathers also). And maybe it isn’t but no one considers the friends who don’t have children (who may have never even considered it as early as the late teens/early 20s) who are influenced by this trend. The friends who support and console and help throughout the pregnancies that they secretly envy. This isn’t to say that every young friend is influenced in the same way. That’s not at all what I am saying. The friends of these young parents, though, are now talking about and considering family life and how to raise children. They are discussing plans of how many kids they want to have rather than being coerced to have conversation about career aspirations or adulthood.

The conversations between young men and young women are even different. Now the questions that are asked are “how many kids do you have” or “how many kids do you want?”

The problem is not that young people are having babies. The problem is the rate in which they do. The trend of buying and soliciting the RocaWear and BabyPhat brands do not even compare to the trend of childbearing.

It is no longer a shameful act. Having children out of wedlock as young as fifteen years old is a new goal that young people are aspiring to obtain. Teen/young adult pregnancy is the new lifestyle. Being over 21 with no children and no plans to have children, people give you the most distraught of faces. Waiting until marriage to have children is no longer the ONLY acceptable social course of action. What once went hand in hand–marriage and childbearing–are now like distant and unconnected ideas.

The society we now live in is very different from the society it evolved from. Sociologist C. Wright Mills (1959) would say society was once very strict about out of wedlock childbirth. It was socially degrading for families to have had teenage children who had children out of wedlock. The structure of the new society accepts that young women are having children earlier and earlier in life, so much so that those young women who are pursuing an education are rare. It is somewhat backward from what the previous society thrived on. What was the norm back then is now the odd and the odd is now the norm. Babies are in, education not so much. Not that all young people think about having babies rather than pursuing their education but it is now a huge consideration that young women deal with in a large reality.

These young men who are assisting in this new trend are also affected by the new norm. Rather than being encouraged to have higher goals, they are either fathers, or worse deadbeat fathers.

At one point, well several, I had one of those conversations about future baby plans. It was either “oh yeah, two kids” or “four kids just like my mom.” And now that I am older and now that I see that this new trend is not exactly a fading one, I am more weary of conversations like these. I am more aware of the issue that there is with these young people having babies too early.

The baby is the fascinating part to these young people. They are more concerned with having an actual baby than ensuring the baby is growing up in a suitable environment where they can thrive and learn something other than how to have babies. After all, the next new trend may just be preteens having babies. And then again, children having children isn’t a good idea either way.


Mills, C. Wright. 2000 (1959). The Sociological Imagination: Fortieth Anniversary Edition. Oxford University Press.

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  1. I have to comment on this! I was actually just speaking to one of my friends about this subject (we’re the last 2 out of our 15 friends that aren’t mothers or are going to be mothers) I have nothing wrong with my friends or the people who have kids, I;m just beyond shocked at how many people in such short time are getting pregnant, and acting like it’s not a big deal. Every time I log onto Facebook there’s another status stating someone’s pregnant. I feel like im the last one left and i should jump on the bandwagon or forever be left behind (which I wouldn’t do) Yes pregnancy is a blessing but when you cant support or even want the child why do that to your self. “Oh it just happened”, really? condoms, birth control, not to expensive. I fully agree that people just want a baby to have one, nothing else. Not understanding its not a puppy you can lock in a room, it will be there for at least 18 years of your life, digging in your pockets, keeping you up at night. You would think that with the way the economy is struggling people would be more careful. I mean if you have no money, how do you expect to raise a child? People don’t think about these things.

    1. I cannot believe that so many of your friends are having children. While it should be a happy moment in their lives, I question whether these girls realize the amount of effort it takes to raise a child. I’m sure they are great people, but I think you need to establish yourself financially as well as having job security before considering kids. Otherwise, the lack of funding puts more stress on an already overworked welfare system.

      1. I have been putting off children in my marriage for the past 7 years. I keep thinking to myself i have to be set financially. I have to have a house and a finish school and move onto a career. All of these things make sense until you look at the big picture. For most people there will never be a perfect time to have kids. Like people that just do not do so well financially. Does this mean they cannot have kids? The answer is no, because as my parents did and many millions of people before me they made it work for the well being of the child. By the time i finish school and get into a career i am going to be in my thirties. I would rather have kids when i am younger that way i see even more of their life! Procreating is what we are wired to do. To continue humanity for tomorrow. If we all waited for the perfect moment it would never happen.

      2. Im sure that most of these girls have no idea what they are getting into. Getting back to the point of watching how it is portrayed on tv is all that they see. I just do not think that any rational person whom is still in high school is going to think it is a good time to get pregnant. I know a girl at work who is 19 now and was pregnant at 15 by her boyfriend who is now in jail. I asked her why didn’t she have protected sex, and she said it doesn’t feel good so i don’t. She graduated high school and works a minimum wage job while going to school to be a nursing assistant. She lives with her mom. She loves her little girl to death and she doesn’t regret her decision at all. In this case she said her daughter has made her grow up and she learned to do what is best in her life to be able to take care of her daughters life.

      3. I agree. There are way to many girls having babies at a young age. There are 14 year old girls having babies left and right. And it should be a happy time.

      4. I agree that it is more than alarming seeing girls as young as 14 getting pregnant and having children. Personally, that IS children having children. I remember being 14 and being involved in too many after school activities to even think about having sex. There is not a 14 year old out there that is a suitable parent. In my opinion, these are children not doing children activities, these are adult activities. It is definitely not all the parents fault, but who’s watching and taking care of these 14 year old’s that they have the time OR the place to be having sex? What gas station clerk thinks its okay to sell condoms (or lack there of) to children? These children need to be focused on extra curricular activities and these parents need to be focusing on what their children are doing and where they are.

      5. I agree after seeing the shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom it’s best to wait till you are financially stable. Also it’s better to be an adult than being a teen to raise a child. For me I want to have a baby when I have finished college, have a job, and am married. I think it’s best to wait because you wouldn’t have to grow up overnight. You wouldn’t have to worry how you are going to provide for the baby. You would figure out yourself first. Teens who have babies at young age don’t realize that it’s their baby and not a pet. It’s their own flesh and blood and they must provide for them.Parents should let their child know that if their child gets pregnant that there are consequences to it.

    2. What these young girls are coming from is broken homes. Homes where fathers are missing and mothers are mentally, emotionally and physically unavailable. There is no sense of stability, love, hope, encouragement, and nurturing. Yes, it is a commitment to have a child, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. These babies are providing for most of the girls one thing that will always stay with them no matter what. They give the girls someone to love, a reason to find life worthy to stay around, and makes the girls want to clean up their acts to make a life for themselves and their only sense of family. It is always best to have the security of a husband for the sake of the child (I know this is old fashioned, but kids need a name or an identity or family to belong to). A father provides this security for the child. A father also, allows for the mother to have more time to nurture and teach a child, by not having to be the only financial support system of the family. Everything has a time, a place, and a reason.

      1. I do agree that most of the girls that have kids at this young of an age are usually in unstable homes or without a mother or father. They now have another living person to care for now and they don’t realize the commitment you have to put forth not only financially, but mentally as well. You have to be able to set a good example for them now and allow them to understand the decisions they made weren’t the best, but they love their child unconditionally. The last thing they should ever do is make their child feel like they are being resented for changing their lives because that could cause their household to become unstable as well.

    3. I definitely have to agree!! I feel like the generation now a day’s doesn’t believe in consequences. It’s extremely sad to me whenever I see a young couple with a baby. Not only are they limiting their capacity to have so much more going for themselves but they are already affecting their child. What can you possibly have to offer to a child, when a child yourself. I feel like it’s just so selfish to think that it’s ok. I actually know a girl that has a daughter and fortunately she’s in college. Hence, many young mom’s don’t even bother with college because they don’t have the time or because having a baby is expensive enough. She’s rarely in class, and it’s not because she doesn’t want to be there it’s always because she can’t find a baby-sitter, and she can’t afford to pay for day-care. I’m all for obtaining an education but from where I stand I feel like spending money on college is basically money being thrown into the garbage. How can you possibly pass a class, when you’re never there? Why having a child is looked upon as something positive is just crazy! I’m 20 and I’m nowhere near being ready to have a child. I feel that I’m still selfish and want time to myself and time to dedicate to school. I think that if you feel that you need to get pregnant and have a baby you’re simply immature and be nowhere near having a baby. You should be able to make decisions for yourself. Having a child is no joke, so to have a baby to fit in, is ridiculous. Children do not just go away; they are stuck to you forever! It’s another heartbeat that is relying on you to do the best for them. I do have to agree on the idea that these shows are really setting a positive light on young girls that becoming pregnant and having babies. Not only that, but these girls are foreseen as celebrities now. We live in such a twisted world!

    4. I also agree. I think a lot of people don’t realize that condoms are significantly cheaper than raisiing a child for at least 18 years. Now a days, young people are having sex (unprotected at that,) with whoever and whenever. Factors such as drugs and especially alcohol are some things that alter your mind from making smarter decisions. Also, we see a lot of media controlling how our society plays a huge role with young pregnancies. We see shows such as 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, etc that show the lives of young people in these situations. I believe a 30 min show that comes on every so often can honestly display raising a child. Being a parent is a 24/7 job and in my opinion, a lot of people aren’t ready for that responsibility.

      1. Sex is viewed as a casual activity that is all sorts of fun. There is a failure to understand the consequences to intercourse. I think it also has to do with the failure of educating the youth about the importance of contraceptives and the dangers of unprotected sex. I believe that would impact students to think about what they’re doing just a little more. I agree that drugs and alcohol play a huge role in such activities. Social media allows us to connect with celebrities easy and quickly. They post pictures of all the parties portrayed as fun only when there is alcohol/drugs involved. Even music videos include smoke filled rooms and bottles of Hennessey littering the tables. It is no wonder kids are getting the wrong idea about fun.

    5. I agree I believe that our society is simply unfortunate about how pregnancy is simply no big deal, especailly with chilldren. There’s literally babies, who are having babies. They’re not even 18 yet they can get pregannt and have no worries. There’s many ways to prevent preganacy, why not try to avoid it rather than simply walk into the circle of just getting impregnanted. I dont understand.

      1. It think this is something that our society has learned to tolerate. It has become so common, it is no longer that precious gift of giving a new life. But the root of the problem is the teachings, and parental involvement, yet you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. To some extent the child is responsible as well. I agree there are ways to prevent pregnancy, but some people allow their insecurities to think for them. What I mean by this is…take a young female with self esteem issues and give her a boyfriend that wants to have his cake and eat it too. That young girl is going do whatever she feels will keep him even if that means having a baby. And it doesn’t stop there for a while it was a “thing” to fake pregnancy way before all these teenagers began getting pregnant.Therefore we have to consider all factors before we begin to place blame.

    6. It’s crazy how many people decide to continue to have unsafe sex when they know the possible results. I do have a friend that had a kid when she was sixteen and she is now eighteen with a two year old. I love her to death because she is the absolute sweetest girl ever and a good mom. It’s just sad that she has to deal with court hearings to get full custody of her daughter because of the father being unfit. I feel bad, but then again, she made her choice and now has to go through the long process of fighting for her child when she is still a child.

  2. I agree that teenage pregnancy is on the rise and it is disturbing. You bring up the “fathers” role in young parenting, but for the most part many fathers abandon their girlfriends and new born babies. The hit T.V. show, “Teen Mom” constantly exposes couple after couple breaking up. This is repulsive that the fathers in these relationships are so eager to leave their girlfriends as if nothing had ever happened. Only after a child was born do these boys realize that they might not want to be with their girlfriends for the rest of their lives. In addition, the fact that teenage girls are almost looking forward to pregnancy is really disappointing. Women throughout history had fought so hard for equal rights and to accomplish the same things that a man could. Today everything is possible, but these young women are throwing away their possibilities by becoming pregnant and focusing on their child and “disappearing” fathers.

    1. I agree with your statement that the boyfriends should not be derelict and should be there for the girl. There are many problems associated with teen pregnancy one of which is immaturity. These 15 year olds that have not even graduated high school should not even have pregnancy anywhere on their mind, except preventing it. Would i love to have a child this is only 15 yrs younger than me? Uh heck yea! i can see them most likely go through all their accomplishments and still be young enough to keep up. Unfortunately i have career goals and a busy schedule and right now i don’t even want to have to think if i am going to play with my kid or do homework. I do however disagree with the woman’s rights point you made. For this article or scenario it has nothing to do with women’s rights. These girls are choosing this way of life, like it said they WANT to have children. They are exercising their equal right to have babies and be a mom. Granted a child would put a damper on career progression, but just like anything else it can be done. It would be different if the boy purposefully got the girl pregnant against her will. In reality these children do not know what they really want. They see whats on tv and how “cool” it is to be a teen mom because current times show what is ever on tv must be true! 😉 No one is perfect, but that is why we have tv so we can learn how…….(sarcasm)

      1. I never thought I would find someone that agrees with me on wanting a baby that’s 15 years younger than me! I love children, and I cannot wait to have my own. If the circumstances were right, meaning I was financially stable and had my dream career right now, I would have a child now, which sounds absolutely crazy, I know, but I would never have a child unless my life was completely in order. I also agree with you about this topic having absolutely nothing to do with women’s rights.

    2. I think what these girls are missing is YES that women have worked so hard to be treated as equal. We have worked very hard. They arent putting that in the front of their heads and instead they are trying to do what the new “norm” is and be socially accepted. Teen girls today need to be empowered to, at this point, go outside of the norm! What they should really do is not be watching MTV because that network is not giving a clear view of what it’s really like. Those girls are said to make thousands of dollars. Teen girls should make a trip to a homeless shelter and then decide if that’s the way they want to raise their future children because I have heard of a lot of mother’s threatening to kick their daughter’s out if they get “knocked up” and being a 15 year old, pregnant, with no home absolutely will lead to no education.

      1. I love this comment considering it is nothing but the truth. If teen girls really want to know what life is like as a teen mom, watching the show is the opposite of what they need to be viewing. It’s not all glitz and glam in reality when you are trying to raise a child, finish school, got to college, work a job all to provide for the child you brought upon this earth and now have to provide it the best of care you can. We need to prove we are better than conforming to what society tells us is the new fad like we always have and just be comfortable as ourselves.

    3. I really like this comment because I didn’t even think of the fact that to article above doesn’t mention the boys that impregnate these young girls. You are exactly right about how the show Teen Mom shows how the boyfriend’s generally leave their girlfriends after their baby is born. It would be rare to find a boy as a teenager wanting to have a child with their high-school girlfriend.

      1. I agree, you never hear that babies are a boyfriend or males concern or problem. Yet, we women bear the brunt of all of society’s ills. If the boyfriends or men were held more accountable, maybe this would fill the void of a fatherless home for the pregnant daughter and her unborn child.

      2. This is totally true. I went to West Chicago Community High school were the teen pregnancy rate is pretty high and I saw this every day. There was one boy from my school who had already fathered two children from two different girls at the school and he was proud! The fathers are held responsible for nothing. Boys get a pat on the back and high fived for getting girls pregnant while the girl is stuck with either having the baby and taking care of it or getting an abortion and dealing with the stress of being stigmatized. This should never happen. When I think about this all I can think is where were their parents? Parents need to make an effort to be a bigger part in their child’s life, until your child leaves your home you are responsible for them! I’m not saying that if their daughter gets pregnant it’s all their fault but I do think that they share some of the blame. The way society is going these days parents are too busy to watch over their children and they expect the school system to raise their kids.

  3. Okay, first of all…what are you talking about? I don’t agree with this at all. Being in that age group that supposedly thinks about having kids..I don’t really. I mean I have thought about the idea of having kids but never at this age. None of my friends have either that I know of. I think the shows like Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant don’t really promote teen pregnancy but more show of the drama and the stupidity of having a baby at such a young age and how irresponsible they can be. I have watched it because I think it is kind of funny in a way to see how immature they are and how they clearly didn’t even take precautions in having safe sex. It isn’t like any of them really wanted to have a baby. I don’t think we think having a baby is a fascinating part of life right now because many young adults are clearly not ready to take care of one. We aren’t financially or even emotionally ready to have kids. I think the people who do get pregnant just aren’t responsible enough with how they are practicing safe sex. If someone at our age does want a baby then I’m sure they have at least thought about what it takes and how much responsibility it takes to have one.

    1. I can agree with you, yes the show is stupid but I don’t think they started the TV show to “humor” you. In order to make a change for these young girls and to break them out of this norm this topic needs to be taken seriously because the people that are most affected are these poor innocent babies that they are bringing into the world. Yes, we have a lot of so called “stupid” people in the world and people like to laugh at them but when a babies life is a part of the equation that’s when things are not funny anymore. These girls need to get educated and stop watching TV shows that take on serious subjects to find “humor” before bed time.

    2. I cannot agree with this comment from Meghan F more. I keep reading comments that say that these tv shows glorify teen pregnancy. While watching teen mom the other night, I never once thought “this looks easy” or “I want a child right now.” I think how hard it is for me to juggle school, work, and my social life. I could not imagine what my life would be like if I had a child right now at 19 years old. Maybe it’s just so far fetched from what would ever think that I’m having just a hard time it seeing another point of view.

    3. I complete agree with you, shows like 16 and pregnant and Teen mom were created to show people how difficult it is to raise a child when you’re still a child, and I think they do just that. I don’t believe that anyone who watches either of the shows thinks to themselves, “I want a child after that episode”. If anything i think the shows deter teens from having unsafe sex and makes them think twice about having a baby if they were once considering it.

    4. You are entitled to feel that way. Consider every teenage does not share the same way of thinking, if they did I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be participating in a discussion about it. I too agree that being 20 years old I’m not ready for a baby. I have friends who are young parents and they struggle drastically, although they are grateful for their children, looking back they regret making the impulse decisions they did. But let them tell it they were “in love” which is why we have more baby mama’s and baby daddies than husbands and wives. Additionally, this is the same reason why there are more young people at the clinic than in class rooms.
      So what can we do?
      Provide more educational materials, promote more contraceptives (already done), pretend parenthood classes (done also). The point I’m making is people are going to do what they want to do for numerous reasons that we may never know. It starts with the upbringing of the child and the parental examples.

  4. I have to agree that teens are now having children at a younger age than before. And yes I have to agree that you are seeing more kids having kids. But how are you to say that movies and TV shows are to blame?
    I have to admit that I watch “Teen Mom” but in no way am I thinking about trying to have a kid or wanting to have a kid any time soon. When I watch the show it makes me feel pity for those girls because their lives are now changed forever because now they are a parent no longer a teenager. I believe “Teen Mom” was made to show teen girls the struggles these girls face because they had a child too young. But in no way do I feel that TV shows are to blame for teenagers having babies.
    Growing up I watched the TV shows with sex, drugs, alcohol and violence but my parents taught me right from wrong and talked me about the consequences of having a babies at a young age. My parents were also very involved in my life. We had family dinners every night and they went to all my sporting events to support me. They always knew where I was when I went out with my friends and I always had a curfew. If I was to miss my curfew or disobey my parents, I knew that there were going to be consequences for my actions.
    My theory is parents are to blame for teenage pregnancy and TV shows or movies. Parents are to be involved and to take an active role in their children lives. They are to set rules and punishments for breaking those rules. I hear about high school kids not having curfews and doing whatever they want on the weekends because they can and there are no consequences for being having deviant behavior. But why are they so much more deviant today than back then? Where were their parents?
    The problem isn’t movies and TV shows it parents. Parents in the old days had curfews and they took an active role in their kids’ lives. Some would say that they were really strict but in my eyes they were realistic. Parents today are too busy for their kids and they are rushing around through life. They don’t have time to create rules or to monitor what their children are doing. Teenagers want need attention from their parents as much as they say they don’t. Teenagers look for structure and consistence in their life. A teenager’s life is confusing enough as it is. But image being a teenager in today’s world with no structure or parenting method instilled in you?

    1. There’s a theory that states that if you haven’t taught everything you intended to your child by the time she/he is 12, the (prime) time has been lost. As a parent of a 17 year old and 21 year old, I agree and disagree! My point here is that it really depends on which person I’m interacting with. It is the “job” of the child to receive information and skills that are hopefully offered with patience, respect and love.

      I agree, that as parents it is not only our job to teach and instill values, as well as the difference between right and wrong, but also how to treat others and how to teach others to treat us. It is also our job to step back and let our children begin to test their wings. This is not the same as pushing them out of the nest, but here we all begin to discover how we’ve all been doing at our “jobs”.

      We, as parents are the ones with 100% responsibility for this person/s we have chosen to bring into the world. Your question is a good one: “Where were their parents?” What is the answer? Are there correlational studies for clarification?

      I don’t believe that the answers are in the “old” days. Parents were infallible and communication was one-way. I was raised in the “old” days and my children are much better adjusted than I am! I think you touched on an answer in describing the level of involvement of your parents. Open, honest communication is huge. I never let myself believe that I knew everything my children were doing or that we talked about everything, but we have been able to talk to each other.

      Is there one “universal” answer or are there as many answers as families?

  5. Yea, the problem IS that children are having children. So boxy tops and babies are in right now?! Rather a disregard for human life. What happens when the fads go to mice? Snakes anyone?

    Having children, in or out of wedlock is not shameful, it’s life – biology. However, having children with such blatant disregard for their care and futures (which includes parents’ disregard for their own future) is beyond shameful. Adults in their 30s who have a firm educational foundation and adequate financial resources often find it challenging to balance and manage everything in family life. How is a 15 year old, who isn’t even finished growing herself expected to manage?

    Our biology expects us to reproduce at 15. There was a time in human history when this made perfect sense. If we didn’t reproduce at 15, we probably wouldn’t live long enough to do it later. It was vital for us to reproduce and reproduce early. Now, our biology hasn’t changed, but our culture has. Our educational process, the way we’re raised and expected to live at home until whenever. Our culture does not raise children to be parents at 15. The idea that having babies is the thing to do right now is screaming evidence of that. Can we wait a little longer? Maybe until we own a home for said children to grow up in?

  6. Comparing REAL teen pregnancies to Teen Mom is bull. Teen Mom is a TV show, I don’t care how “true” or unscripted they are suppose to be there still TV. Also, stereotyping that fathers leave aren’t always true, there more common but rude to stereotype. My fiance had a child at 18 and he proposed and tried making it work. The mother changed her mind one morning and abandoned them both. Also, I have a lot of friends who have both dead beat fathers, and mothers to their children. Meghan I totally agree with you.

    1. I agree with your comment Rawski628. I find that the “reality” shows on TV are ridiculous. Even if they say that the show is not scripted, it is still television and their sole purpose is to entertain. I also agree that there is a common stereotype that if a father has a child as a teenager that he is most likely going to abandon the mother and child. That happened to my mother and I when I was about 2. My biological father never supported me as a child or anything. But I do not think that all men are like that. Why should abandonment only be blamed on men? There are also cases where the mother is the “dead beat” parent, so the father has to take care of the child. But I do agree that not all teenage parents follow that set stereotype.

    2. The show portrays the stereotypes of males and tries to emphasize how excited the mothers are to have children, but the struggles they now have to deal with. It does in a way glamorize the idea of having a baby, but not for the men. They are portrayed as deadbeats that don’t want their own children. That is not always the truth like you state and the mother’s are not always the best “motherly figures” either. The show wants to try to use this to prevent people from having kids, but that is the opposite of what it’s intention is doing.

  7. Wow, you cannot sit here and blame parents. The minute something happens to a younger child or adult people automatically blame the parents. Parents can sit there everyday and talk about safe sex, unplanned pregnancy, give you condoms birth control. But that doesn’t mean the kids are going to take them or listen. They’re kids they’re stubborn. All they want is to rebel. I fully agree with Catherine. It’s not the point of wedlock or not, single mother or two parents, it’s the disregard for their child’s well being and in fact themselves.

  8. When it comes down to it, teenagers are humans too and they will make mistakes like teen pregnancy. The parents have a huge part in their children’s lives and how they teach them and influence them. Catherine is right that it is important to tell children over and over at very young ages about what is wrong and what is right. This is the only way that children will be prepared for the true problems that start in middle school and high school. Once children are allowed more and more freedom, they are going to rely on what they were taught as young children. Tweens and teens just go through phases of disliking their parents so warning them about drugs, risky behavior and teen pregnancy at a very young age will prepare them for the future. A lot of times parents believe that children are too young to learn about such things, but in reality they are never too young to be taught and warned about issues that they are not facing just yet.

    1. After reading the comments after my post, I started to think about all aspects of a child’s life. I thought about about the parents that are so supportive of their kids and are involved in their kids life and their kids make a mistake by getting pregnant? I feel that Sarah is right, teens are human and they are going to make mistakes. I thought about the mistakes I made when I was a teen, some of them embarrassed my family. I knew what I was doing and I was wrong and I shouldn’t have done them but I still did them because I wanted to. I didn’t care about the consequences or disappointing my parents.
      As I referred before to my parents being involved in my life and I have to say I couldn’t have had better parents. I begin to compare my sister and myself. She and I are complete opposites! We are 6 years apart in age but we were raised under the same roof and by the same parents. So we had the same opportunities and same up bring as one another, yet somehow I was always in trouble with my parents and she never did anything wrong. I was more willing to take risks and wanted to do what I wanted to do. As for my sister she never took risks or thought about doing them. I’m sure she did some deviant things but not to the extent of what I used to do.
      An example of my sister obedience to my parents is that my parents had strict rules on what we were allowed to watch. If we weren’t 13 years old, we were not allowed to watch rated PG-13 movies. My sister took that very seriously. She was at a birthday sleep over party and she was 12 years old about to be 13 years old in a month and they rented the movie Jurassic Park, which is rated PG-13. So my sister did the right thing and called my mom to see if she was allowed to watch the movie with her friends. Unfortunately, my mom said no and my sister spent the night upstairs in a room by herself while the rest of the party watched the movie. The point of this story is that I had the same situations happen to me and I never thought twice about calling my mom or not watching the movie. I watch the movie and didn’t think twice about it.
      As Sarah said, people are going to make mistakes in life and some of them will be bigger than others and there is nothing you can do to stop them. I still believe that parents have a big influence on a child life and that they should be involved but doesn’t just have to do with the parents but also the individual child as a person.

    2. This is true. Parents have more control over their kids, or should have more control over their children than social media. Teaching them at what you believe to be the appropriate age is the choice of the parent, however, don’t be allowing them to watch such shows as 16 & pregnant because those shows really are deceiving to the minds of children. Teens make mistakes, it’s apart of our nature, but we always have the choice to avoid these mistakes and having a child at this young of an age is a mistake parents need to assure their kids know.

  9. Sarah that’s true, I understand what your saying but I’m still sticking to what I believe. Yes, teen pregnancy is rare when you’re parents are strongly against it because of the disappointment and dishonor yet it’s happened. Accidents happen, and it’s the teens fault for not being well prepared or listening. If a teen wants a baby or to have sex their going to. So what if someone murders someone its their parents faults…doesn’t make sense. I understand what your coming from I guess we just see the subject differently.

  10. Rawski628, I disagree with you. The fact that children are getting pregnant at such young ages are absolutely the parents fault. The parent should take care of the children. Parents should not only constantly remind children that unsafe sex is bad, but they should explain the consequences. They need to have their children fully understand the reasons as to why teenage pregnancy is bad. It can ruin a child’s career and their plans in the future. Explain to them that there is no more friends, no more free time, no time to party. Parents need to be passionate when explaining the reasons as to why unsafe sex and risky behavior is bad. Children will listen, the parents to need persistence and passionate. Also, the parents are the ones monitoring their children. They are responsible with who they go out with, what their curfew is, call them when they’re out with friends. It may sound like no “privacy” but the child is the parents’ responsibility.

    1. Sarah, honestly it really is not all the parents fault, a lot of teens think they won’t be the one too get pregnant, but it does help if the parent explains to their child that they should not be having children at such a young age. My mother was pregnant at the age of 19 and had me at 20. She will tell me here and there too make sure that I do not follow in her foot steps, but it took her life to show me that. She was too young when she had me, she completely takes full responsibility for that, but the fact that she did not really live her life to the fullest does I feel effects her now.

  11. I agree with what Renae has said but I also agree with Sarah. If a teen wants to have sex, they are going to. If they feel the need to, they should be properly prepared to be protected and take all the right steps to avoiding pregnancy. That is the job of the parents. Parents should be there to mentor their children and teaching them all the ways to avoid teen pregnancy. Getting pregnant at a young age will affect their lives and usuaully it is in a bad way. It changes teens plans and goals and now they have so much more to deal with. The parents should do everything they can to help their kids in avoiding teen pregnancy.

    1. Parents trying to be too controlling will have the opposite effect of what was intended. I know many kids where their parents were really strict and neverr let them do anything. Unfortunately most of them did what their parents didn’t want them to do out of spite. Kids will go out and have sex because it is so forbidden. Just like the curiosity that stricken adam and eve. The forbidden fruit was the most wanted of all. It possibly offered a new experience that they haven’t felt or perceived before. My parents just told me to wait to have sex and if i do wrap it up! I did just as they said, and it is what i will do for my children. They know that they absolutely cannot stop me from doing what i want to do. But if they offer their teachings as more of advice than a order kids will be more likely to take it as such.

      1. I would have to agree with you on this. Too often children are easily impressed by what they see. Additionally, they are easily convinced by the “forever” fairytale of relationships. Or worse…..they have children to keep their significant other in the picture. Not only does teen mom show the excitement of being a teen mom but it also shows the hardships. For example when neither parent has an income and one parent (usually the father) decides that parenting is too much on them and they leave. So I think this show does a little of both the positives and negatives.

  12. I do not agree with children having children. I do not think most people if not majority of them are really ready to have children. I can name at least 12 people I personally know girls my age who have had a child recently or are pregnant. It is a shame because 75% of them did not want a child, but presumed to have unsafe sex. Only one of them actually got married. The good thing is, that more than half are actually going to school, even if the father is not in the picture now (because it was too much for them to handle), they are doing them. They know they need to know well for not only themselves, but they owe it to their child, and unborn child too. I am not too sure if they have that mindset that everybody is doing it, but literally everybody is doing it now-a-days… I do not want to be drinking the water.

  13. The article brings up many good points. For one, the media is glorifying and popularizing unwed teenaged mothers. With the expansion of advertisement outlets and TV being what it is, the media has an enormous control over what people do. Not to say that they are responsible for it, but they undoubtedly play a role in why people do it. In this case, the idea of teenaged pregnancy. The fact that “Teen Mom” is aired on MTV, there is no surprise that this fuels the trend amongst teen girls. I believe that a lot of children nowadays are just looking to fit in somewhere. Anything that a child can relate to directly or relate thoughts to appeals to them and gains their interest. Seeing it on national television then also establishes that it is socially normal and that there is nothing wrong with it. If it is relatable then it is appealing. This gives them that much more encouragement to go right ahead and do it.

    Another good point was when the author brought up that the, “norm is now the odd and the odd is now norm.” I find this very interesting that cultures can slowly change over time and become flipped. I believe it all comes down to values and with the pace at which the world changes, it’s hard to keep those values. We need to decide exactly what we want and exactly what we don’t. So, where this issue will be in even 20 years? Who knows?

    1. I completely agree with Scott C. The pressure to fit in makes people do ridiculous things. I would also like to add that kids are seeking attention more and more these days whether it is negative or positive. One of the best ways to get attention as a teenager is to have a baby. My personal belief is that, as soon as something that will get young people more attention than teen pregnancy comes along, this major issue will become subdued and a new issue will come to the forefront.

    2. I would have to agree with you on this. Too often children are easily impressed by what they see. Additionally, they are easily convinced by the “forever” fairytale of relationships. Or worse…..they have children to keep their significant other in the picture. Not only does teen mom show the excitement of being a teen mom but it also shows the hardships. For example when neither parent has an income and one parent (usually the father) decides that parenting is too much on them and they leave. So I think this show does a little of both the positives and negatives.

  14. MatthewM, I do agree that parents need to teach their kids safe sex as well as abstinence. I realize that teenagers are going to do stupid things, but if they choose to have sex at such a young age, then their parents should have taught them all the options for safe sex. I still believe that the first thing parents should explain are the reasons as to why teen sex is bad. The child should truly understand it and be able to explain themselves as to why it’s bad. Also, there is no excuse like, “needing to have sex”. This excuse for having sex is as bad as a man needing to rape a woman because she dressed provocatively.

  15. If I’ve learned anything in my life when someone tells me not do something that I’ve heard about, seen on TV, and movies, the more I want to do it. It’s sad but true. When a kid sees something that seems pleasurable and good, they want to do it. But that’s where the parents come in. You can’t just say don’t have sex. You explain the consequences of having sex and the ways to protect yourself from getting STDs or getting pregnant. A parent cannot be a threat to a teen when a teen comes to them and says I want to have sex and I want to protect myself can you help me? They are not your little boy or girl, they are hormonal teenage that are going to act on urges.

    Parents out there: if kids feel that you are going to punish them for having sex then they aren’t going to come to you with questions. They are going to hide it from you and be scared to go buy condoms in a store. I’m not saying to allow teenagers to go in a room together and hand them a condom but make yourself available and keep an open mind when talking to your teen.

    1. I too think this is a toughy topic. It is the parents job to educate the child while maintaining that open line of communication. This creates a sense of comfort for the child to feel as though they can tell their parents. Often times the child is mimicing what they have been exposed to. Therefore, I completely agree with your view.

  16. I agree with you Scott that cultures can slowly change. Just like what Catherine said, back in history, society used to have kids’ as such young ages. This was normal because the lifespan was so much shorter. In today’s times, especially in Western culture with modern medicine there is no need to rush pregnancy. Our culture demands teens and young adults to go to school for longer. We cannot become adults until we can make money and support ourselves. These teens cannot support themselves. Today, adulthood is coming later, once college is done.

  17. I understand what your saying Sarah, yet if a child is going to have sex a curfew,or parent monitoring is not going to stop them. My mother always said she didn’t allow sleepovers after sophmore year of highschool because she doesn’t trust the other parents if they have different curfews or rules.I responded by saying if Im going to have sex, drink or do drugs im going to. If its 11 oclock at night or 4 in the afternoon. All parents can do is guide you in the right direction, and be aware at whats going on, they cant follow you everytime you go out, or check your body everytime you come home. Blaming parents in full is horrible it doesnt make sense to me. We all have our own minds, and ideas.

  18. I literally just had a conversation about this topic with my dad at dinner. I am 20 years old, and since i was 17 and still continuing, more and more people my age and younger that i know either already have a baby, or are pregnant. It is up to the point now that I could not even begin to count how many people I have known have babies, but in the view of how I have seen it, their background was not good support. Either they themselves were raised by a single parent, had a parent with a drug or alcohol problem, parents that did not get along, divorces, and other situations that lessen the connections in families. I have never thought of it as a trend though; I am guilty in the conversations of wanting and thinking of how many kids, but at the same time I have a strong sense of what my career goals are, and when the right time will be. I could not imagine taking care of a child right now while I can barely afford myself. I give young parents extreme kudos for succeeding, but at the same time I feel bad for the accidentals mixed up in this that are missing what else they could be doing in life.

    1. Erika, I strongly agree with you on what you just said about how everyone in our generation basically is either pregnant or already having kids. I too give the single parents kudos on their work on keeping and supporting themselves as well the baby. You brought up a good point on when you mentioned that if you can’t take care of yourself, what makes you think you would be able to take care of a child as well. Ironically, I too had this kind of coversation about kids and how much children I would want to have, but in the future not now. That’s good that you know in what career you want to head towards in, as well on focusing on your goals.

    2. I agree with what you are saying. It almost feels like all the girls that are around me are now becoming pregnant. I feel that most of these girls who are getting pregnant came from a background of the same or they just were not taught the right things growing up. They don’t really seem to be looking at the big picture that their life is their looking at what the trend is and what they are too young to understand is that trends fade out, but your new born baby isn’t going anywhere.

      1. I agree with what you are saying Becky618. I also feel that everyone around me, even people younger than me, are getting pregnant. But, I disagree with your statement that there girls were not taught the right way to be safe. These girls were taught right, they just chose not to obey what they had been told. Now, their lives have been changed forever. I also hope that the trend fades. You are absolutely correct in saying that the trend will fade but the new born baby will not be going anywhere.

      2. I agree I feel like most of my friends are pregnant too and their happy about it. I’m just like why are you so excited to have a baby, I know they are a beautiful gift and all but sometimes you don’t need a beautiful gift until your ready to have one. I also agree that some kids are having babies at aa young age because they have seen it happen either their family or with their friends. I also feel as though the parent should be telling them not to have a baby at young age “like look and me and how I was raising you “,but Maybe some parents just don’t care.

  19. I agree that teen pregnancy is an issue, but the reason behind why is completely off. The purpose of the hit show “Teen Mom” was started to, in a way, scare us young ones into being responsible enough to practice safe sex because obviously the consequences are life changing. I have numerous friends who have had kids before the age of 21, all of which were not planned. None of these women, nor the men (or should I say boys) they were with “wanted” a child or “planned” to have a kid because it was “all the rage”. I honestly do not believe anyone thinks a child is some sort of accessory, and is truly a way to get into the “in-crowd”. If anything, having a child distances yourself from the old social world. Teen pregnancy is not on the raise because it’s a “trend” or “the next big thing”. Teen pregnancy is on the raise because sex is becoming more socially acceptable. Sex is everywhere and people are having it younger and younger each year. “Teen Mom” took notice to that, and in response made a show showing teenagers that yes, sex might be natural, but it has consequences, so do it right or you might end up like one of these people.

    1. I agree with everything you said, but at the same time would have to say I disagree with the “in-crowd” wannabe comment. From my experience of seeing groups of friends I went to high school with, it is not just some random people having babies unplanned. It’s friends who all have babies, that are all part of the same “clique”. I do think that in a way the viewing of one person having a kid at a young age does set up a stage for others wanting the same as well.

      1. I actually have agree with CatieS on the “in crowd” wannabe thing because to contradict what you said it was as you say a clique thing to get pregnant so if one of them is getting pregnant they all have to get pregnant to stay in the clique or fit in with their group of friends so they are trying to stay in the in crowd within their own group, maybe not in society but in their clique they would remain “a someone” to their friends.

  20. I truely do agree with this, children and teens now a days are trying to get with this new trend on having a child at a young age. I personally wouldn’t want to have a child at my age for the fact that I’m still in school and want to achieve goals in life. When you end up with a child all of that changes, no more going out with friends, traveling, or even having time for yourself. Teen Pregnancies isn’t really on the rise on becoming a trend exactly but it is becoming more acceptable in society which is letting the teens think it’s okay to have sex and have a kid at a young age when in reality it’s not. Yes, sex might be natural but there are some consequences that can either benefit in your life as well as in ruin your life. So think about it, would it be more better to have a child at a mature age when you know your ready and financially stabled to take care of another human being other than yourself or have a child at a young age and not know what to do with your life? Everyone should be asking this to themselves no matter what age your in, but for the young girls who think it’s so great to have a baby at a young age, for instance 15 or 16 does it seem that great right after you have the child?

    1. I agree that children should not be raising children. It isn’t right or fair to the child that they have to live a life that isn’t the best financially because their parent choose to have unsafe sex at such a young age. The children don’t have a choice with who their parents are and I don’t understand how the teens wouldn’t think about the possible effects as well as feel bad for the child they have created. I would never want my child to be raised barely living off each pay check when they could have a more glamorous life if they were to be born when the teens were older.

  21. I couldn’t agree more, I think that many girls have a baby just to have a baby like it’s a cool thing to do or something. Where the hell are the parents that should be educating these “people”.

    1. That can be one of the reason’s on why girls get pregnant. It can be to try to get onto the television show “Teen Mom” or they honestly think their ready. Honestly, I think it’s kind of ridiculous for kids to have a baby when their not even grown yet themselves but oh well they will know after they have it. Also parents can’t always solve the problems, it all depends where their born, how they were raised, and the education they have received all for the situation. But yes, parents do need to actually take the stand and teach their children lesson that it’s not all fun and games.

      1. I don’t think it is something parents can really teach their children to turn away from. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been lectured by our parents and it meant nothing to us. The way parents CAN help is by having a full support, functioning, and communicating family. Many times with teen pregnancy, the family background is not so great.

      2. Yes that is true, when parents try to talk to us usually it does go from one ear to the other. So I agree with you on that, but usually us teens don’t listen to our parents at all. Sometimes it’s because of the environment they were born from and not the family but sometimes it’s because of the families as well. With families obviously the parents would be angry with the pregnancy but when the baby is born usually all moods changes but depending on the type of family their from the teens have to realize is it worth have one a the time or to wait and know if their ready.

      3. Sex is becoming more accepted today though, and not as a form of love for someone else. I do think parents should still teach their kids about prevention, safe sex, or no sex. But I do think it is completely wrong when parents just throw their kid into taking birth control. That’s like saying it’s okay, and I strongly believe it is NOT okay. If you can’t handle the consequences of a child, and don’t want to regret missing out on anything, THEN DON’T SLEEP AROUND WITH SOMEONE YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO MARRY ONE DAY! It’s that simple, but some peoples sex drive temptations get the best of them.

      4. Yeah I agree with you. But you know us teens, majority of the time we’re not going to listen to anything our parents are going to tell us. I’m pretty sure every kid has learned about sex from family, friends, or school. I honestly think children who have sex at an early age and end up getting pregnant use the excuse that they didn’t know anything about it. When in reality everyone talks about it so one way or another you will get a bit information about sex no matter what so i honestly think children just use it as an excuse so they don’t get into more trouble with their parents and thats the best that they can do.

      5. Ha! That is the worst excuse, but it is even one used on those MTV shows. Or the excuse that they “didn’t think they’d really get pregnant.” Sex is literally everywhere; anything you watch-there’s sex, teen jokes-there’s sex, and even going to the store at checkout there’s magazines with articles about sex positions, intensifying your sex appeal labels right on the cover. I find it extremely disturbing that magazines aimed towards are younger group are actually allowed to have articles like that! So with that, there really is NO excuse for getting pregnant, it is simply just someone making wrong choices.

      6. That is true, I’m not going to disagree with you there but honestly kids should know better. Obviously when you have unprotected sex it will end up on having a kid, where else have we come from? Parents should atleast talk to their kids on safe sex atleast like what you said earlier because then kids can be protected atleast. Also yeah I agree, sex is literally everyone they should honestly have a age limit on magazines so young kids don’t read about this at a young age. Your only young once so why ruin that chance on a stupid mistake you made because “you didn’t know this would happen to you.”

      7. Agreed, definately not worth losing out. If they would put an age limit, younger teens would still get the magazines just like ciggaretts and alcohol. It should be an age limit, it should be a law against publishing information like that to young teens, but then that would be against the rights of freedom ofspeech. There really is no way for media to stop, all that can happen is to educate younger generations about the problems and poverty a child at an early age could lead to. The world can do a 100000000 things to educate children about sex and early pregnancies, but when it all comes down to it – it’s up to the one making the decision. There is no excuses, except it was an actually accident to have a baby, like the product of a rape or something along those lines, but if its a young boyfriend and girlfriend – they clearly knew 100% of what was going on.

      8. I agree with Erika and Justyna sex is promoted everywhere. Teens do know about safe sex but not everyone is taking it seriously. They really do want to get pregnant and have a baby. It really is a trend because they get all of this attention.

      9. I disagree with the whole teen pregnancy is a trend because they get all of the attention. How would that explain the people who hid there pregnancy from everyone and switch schools just so that nobody knows. I think teen pregnancy is just more of a norm in today’s society even though it should not be.

  22. While teen pregnancy is definitely on the rise, I don’t necessarily agree that they are intentional pregnancies. If you watch “Teen Mom” and “16 and pregnant”, or even talk to any teen moms that you may know, none of their pregnancies were actually planned, they were all accidental. I think the problem now is that teens are just careless. A lot of teens have the attitude that they are invincible and “it won’t happen to me”. I definitely do not think that it is some sort of “trend”. If you watch “Teen Mom” or “16 and pregnant”, they always share their story on how they got pregnant. It typically involves being careless with their protection and not using it correctly, or using no protection at all. Even if they didn’t use protection, they always say that their pregnancies were not planned. After reading some of the comments above, there as one in particular that I strongly disagree with. I do not believe that parents are responsible if their children get pregnant. The parents don’t make the decision for their child to have unsafe sex, the child does. They can tell their child to use protection or remain abstinent until their blue in the face, but teenagers are rebellious, they’re going to do what they want to do.

    1. I agree with you Kelly, I also believe that in most cases parents are not responsible if their children gets pregnant. If any teen wants to have intercourse with their significant other, they will find the place, and the time to do it, no matter how strict their parents can be. And I’m sure that some people have been in the teen’s shoes. The difference is how responsible you are as a person, and clearly these teenagers are been very irresponsible.

    2. I totally agree with Kelly. I watch both 16 & pregnant and teen mom and I think if anything shows girls what can really happen. Also, she is right that most of the girls get pregnant as a result of unprotected sex. Many of the girls now are even safe sex activists that go around to colleges and high schools stressing to girls the importance of being protected. I think MTV made these shows to show girls the hardships of being a teen mom to help the percent go down, and I think as a result they are doing a great job.

      1. I never really looked at those shows as being a positive thing until now. I always thought of them as just another show promoting sex. I think you make a very good point. By MTV following these teenage mothers around it allows all of us to see the struggles they go through on a daily basis. You would think this would open the eyes of many of the teens today, and make them realize it may be worth waiting a few years until you have your life together.

      2. I agree with Kelly, Kristin,montsek,and Bobbyryan7. I use to watch teen mom a lot with my friend. The show was very addicting my friend ,and I would always talk about it.We would always get frustrated on how some girls acted. But then you realize that they are still kids still wanting to live a normal life.I also agree that teenagers these days are very rebellious. They want to follow the trends that are going on nowadays. I agree that it is way better to wait in the future than suffer the consequence at a young age. At a young age kids are still developing their minds and how they act. When they are in high school they are trying to figure out who they are. Parents should educate their children about pregnancy, so they don’t have to worry about their child having to go through it.

  23. I really enjoyed this post, I cannot tell you how much I despise the fact that the younger generations are treating their lives (and the lives of their newborns) like a game. My best friend had a child when she was only 18, the sad part is that now that I say 18 it seems like an accpetable age as compared to 15 or 16. I put most blame on the media, stations like MTV playing their teen-mom, and 16 and Pregnant non-stop to a viewership that feels anything on T.V is the in thing. I also blame the parents, the parents should have a closer eye on what is going on in their kids lives. Not letting them run around and doing whatever they like. It is funny (from a perspective not directly impacted) to see these new parents now faced with the reality that they need more education, to get better paying jobs to provide for their child. Only it is to late to realize that they are unable to do this as easily with a child. I must say I love the irony here.

    1. The show is crazyyyy and even though they are getting paid it is clear that they don’t get to do anything but stay at home. You see in the news that they are getting in trouble either with the law or DCFS so clearly people aren’t getting the message that this isn’t fun at all. Parents need to accept the fact that just because thier kid does good in school and has a great group of friends doesn’t mean they can’t get pregnant.

    2. I agree, everyone is to blame here from the child’s mindset, television shows influencing them, and the parents or lack there of. I personally know around 20 girls who have had kids over the last 5 years or so and they all act like having a baby isnt really a big deal. I find that very disturbing and sad. The person’s home life plays a big part in this I believe. About half of the girls I know that have gotten pregnant have bad home lives and parents who werent there for them when they were younger. Therefore they never really learned right from wrong.

  24. This article is on point. I feel that future parents of this generation not only fear the unthinkable for their child but also that they might get pregnant. Niave , is the word to describe all of this and I understand even when you use protection that you can get pregnant, but half the time these girls on the show openly admit that they used nothing to prevent pregnancy. I think because of this parents are going to be more aggressive as to what is going on in thier childrens lives and more parents are going to ,as bad as it sounds, put thier dauighters on birth control when they recieve thier first period whether the child is sexually active or not because fear has got the best of them and I honestly can’t say I disagree with that idea either.

    1. I agree that the parents need to take a role much like past parents have. Anytime I wanted to go out when I was growing my mother had to know who it was with, and where I was going. Most of all she cared about what we were doing. I feel parents have stopped focusing on this because they want to be the cool mom or dad. Growing up i didn’t agree with everything my parents did, but i respected it. Now I relaize why they did all of these things, it was for me not agaisnt me. I think parents need to wake up and realize you can’t be a mom or dad and a best friend to your kid. If they are upset with you then let it go, at least you did what is best for them.

      1. I agree with James that parents do need to step up and be stricter. Even if it means they aren’t being “cool”. I mean I know we all want to have a cool parent but wouldn’t you want someone to tell you no sometimes? Growing up my parents were very strict on me too I was always jealous that my friends got to go out and do whatever. But I realized it was for the better. I am so thankful now that I have had that experience in my life. I agree that parents just care about where there kids are going instead of what their kids are doing. I mean even if the child hates the parent it’s only for a short period of time. Plus it is for the best for the child anyway.

  25. I agree that parents need to become more strict with their children. I even see it with the parents of my daughter’s classmates. From a young age when there is a problem they blame the teacher instead of the child. That didn’t happen before at all, if the kid did not meet the curriculum expectations, they would be the one’s in trouble. Or if they do something they are not suppose to do, the parents keep it cool, and I always think to myself, if that was my child, I would have grounded her in the spot. Now with all the flexibility they are given from a young age, how can we expect any better when they become teenagers, and all the access, and influence they receive from this shows, that only promote sexuality, and early pregnancy.

    1. Very good point. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. The way children are being brought up is what has led to this trend of having babies at a young age. Some parents need to be more involved in their children’s lives, instead of being so career focused. Nowadays all some parents are worried about are there jobs. They work 50-60 hours a week and never see their kids. How are they supposed to instill the right values in their children when they’re never around?

      1. Sometimes it is necessary to work a full time job. If the quality of time outside work is amazing with kids, working isn’t a problem. I have known of some parents who don’t work and the quality of the time, even though a lot of quantity, isn’t very high. It is important to look at the big picture of the family lifestyle. I, for one, enjoy working and always plan to, but not at the expense of my child of course.

  26. I agree with the fact that teen pregnacy is definitely rising at a fast paste. However I disagree that teens actually get pregnant purposly. Its sad to say it but I blame the parents of the children that became parents at such a young age. I blame the parents for not being strict on their children but because they didn’t teach their child the right way to have sex. Now we all know that we dont do everything that we are told. Everybody has had that urge to rebell against authority. If the parents taught the child to use protection at a young age it may prevent early pregnacy.

    1. I agree with Devin because I believe most teens aren’t getting pregnant on purpose. I also agree with his statement saying parents need to be more strict because parents need to have conversations with their kids about this topic. Even though it might be difficult to ask your parents to go on birth control, it is a whole lot easier than telling them you are pregnant. I think that prevention and education about safe sex is the most important thing to help this “rise” in teen pregnancy.

  27. I agree with this because, I will go on facebook here or there and see friends that are younger or around my age having babies or getting pregnant. I think it’s getting out of hand the amount of people having kids nowadays. My girlfriend last Halloween said she was glad she’s dressing up her dogs for Halloween and not a child, I mean we are only 20 and sure maturity wise we might be ready for a child but financially not even close, and if I am going to have a child it is going to be when I can afford to support the child not when I feel I am ready to have the child.

    1. I agree with you Jon. I don’t think teenagers or even people our age that are twenty are anywhere near ready for kids. We are in school and the chances of finishing school with a baby drop down dramatically. I agree, people should wait to have kids until they are financially stable and can enjoy their baby, instead of having to worry about finances.

  28. The teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. rose 3 percent in 2006, reversing a downward trend. Pregnancy and abortion rates were higher across all demographics; the falling rates that preceded the change had also occurred across the board. Even though it’s not cool to have kids at a young age alot of Teenagers are falling in the category as parents. Even though it wasn’t my plan, I am expecting a child in the month of May. Im only 19 years old. My mom always told me children aren’t asked to be brought here, it takes two people to create a child and if one of them wasn’t smart enough to protect themselve the right way then they we’re both asking for the child to come. Its not a trend to me just a irresponsible decision and you can’t help but respect those who decided to try and raise their child financially stable or not.

  29. This was in interesting read. I have found it to be true in the sense that when one girl within the group gets pregnant, her friends tend to soon follow. I often wonder why this is so. Is it something behind our control like an animal instinct to reproduce when others are. Anyway this is a very scary trend that has been on the rise since I was in high school 10 years ago and now it is not unheard or uncommon to have several young women pregnant before they even have a job to support themselves. This can be blamed on the parents for given them support but in all reality who is going to let their child and soon to be grandchild on the street to live.

    1. I agree with Zackzz. I believe girls believe it’s ok to have a child once they have seen a friend do it. That trend definitely fits well in black culture. Girls have babies at a young age and set the example to younger girls that it is ok. I blame society for this trend. It seems children are maturing and developing faster and faster by the generation. I personally feel as if I was pushed into adulthood at a young age and I’m only 19! No matter what, you can’t change the trends of society because society itself is constantly changing. Who’s to say 20 years from now when our children are having children what the trend maybe.

      1. You both bring up a very good point. Now that I think about it, your comment about one girl having a baby and then the group follows is spot on. I have family in Wisconsin and have two cousins that live up there. One of my cousins recently had a baby. My other cousin is now pregnant as well. I think its because she saw how my one cousin loved having a baby, that she decided it was time for her as well. Maybe the girls in groups just like to all have something in common and something they can talk about? Who knows.

  30. I disagree with what the author said about teen pregnancy. I watch Teen Mom and I don’t think at all it glamorizes it one bit. I don’t think a girl watching a TV show about teen pregnancy will make her want to get pregnant, if anything it will show the struggles and show her why she wouldn’t want a baby so young. I think personally it has to do with how you are raised and where you live. Also, the influence the girls boyfriends have on them. I think most teen pregnancies aren’t planned, it’s a result of unprotected sex and girls thinking “It will never happen to me”.

    1. I was a teen mom. I got pregnant my senior year of high school. It was not nice at all. The emotions were out of hand. The doctors’ appointments, the pointing fingers. I had to take medical gym and that showed everyone you were pregnant before you even started showing – it with the growth of your belly. It was such a difficult time. How do I feed a little baby when I don’t know how to feed myself yet? I am married to my high school sweet heart thank GOD. I did wait for him on the curb to pick me up for appointments in which he missed and I would have to catch the bus. My mom was a widow at 38yrs old. It sucked, I won’t lie. This is why I am so protective and open with my kids. When our oldest daughter turned 16yrs old I was in the state of shock. This was the same age I started dating my husband. I remind her all the the time how hard I had it trying to raise her being so young.

      1. I have a lot of respect for women like you. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be. I look at myself at age 20 and I don’t even feel like I’m responsible enough now, let alone high school. I can totally see why would would be protective of your kids. You don’t want them to go through the same struggles you have, you always want what’s best for your kids. Thank you for sharing your story!

      2. Thanks Kristen,
        I try to encourage those that I can to wait and get your ducks in a row. This way they won’t struggle as some do that have children early in life. I’ve found a few friends from HS on facebook. It’s funny they also had children shortly after I did. I must say their success in life isn’t much more than mine at this point and sometimes less. It makes me think ok it may have been hard but I got thru it. I am going to say I have a couple of old HS friends that just started their families. I think OMG I don’t know how they are going to do it. Just starting and all.

  31. I beg to differ on one thing, majority of my friends that do not have children, do not want children; at least that is how they feel currently. They see the struggles we young moms go through and think “uh uh, I can not deal with that, I have to have a life”. I mean, deep down inside I guess I do not know what they are really thinking, but from their actions, I do not get a vibe of them wanting to conceive any time soon. These girls want to wait for the perfect guy to come around and ask them to get married, get a home, and live the “white-picket fence” lifestyle. They want to party and not have to worry about a sitter for the night. I must say that although I had kids at a young age, I still see myself progressing in life way better then some of my kid-less friends. We all are going to struggle one way or another. I do not condone young pregnancies I am still a firm believer of learned behavior and morals starting in the home. Keeping kids busy, and getting them prepared for college and careers as well, do not give them too much privacy and show an actual interest.

    1. I do see some wanting to wait till they are older. Having partied it up and enjoying their freedom. On the other hand who says that man of your dreams is ever coming. The whole “white-picket fence” theory I think messes with young women’s minds. It is unlikely to happen. Not to say they won’t ever find a loving husband but the knight in shining armor thing come on! That’s I always say God know when ans where we need to be in life even if we don’t agree. I too have succeeded more then some friends that waited to have children till later in life. We may have struggled to get where we are but we may it happen.

      1. I agree you can not predict the future and make your life perfect, and it is difficult to know your Mr. Right. I just say if kids are having kids know this one thing, it is your responsibility and yours alone. You were the one who opened your legs and decided to have sex, do not blame anyone else for your decisions. Also, I believe that if a lot of these young men would men up to their responsiblities as well, it could help reduce the neglect a women may give her child. Do not get it mis-conscrewed though, because if a man is there or not, a mothers’ love should be genuinely unconditional. It is not our job to guide that child to hate his/her father, it is our job to do our part as a mother. Any boy can make a baby but it takes a man to be a father.

      2. While I feel like having a child while being a teenager is too young, I think sometimes it can do wonders for someone’s life. I know a girl who ended up getting pregnant at seventeen years old. Before she had her child she was very irresponsible and childish. Having her baby though really forced her to grow up and shape up. She now holds a full time job while taking classes on the side when she has time. She’s also great with her baby girl. That baby was the best thing for her.

    2. I agree with what mehira02 was saying. I know most of my friends don’t talk about having children it just happens. Like she says, most of my friends talk about getting married first. They want to make sure that they are financially ready and stable before having a family. I know that that’s how I feel too because I want to be married and ready to have children. Most people don’t want children it just happens and there’s nothing wrong with that. It just happens and it’s a life lesson.

  32. I think that besides being a new norm or trend it also has to do with the mentality of the youth. For example, I want to be a DEA agent and I am working and studying for it every semester. But I had a set of ideals that led me there, whereas others at my age really find it difficult to find their place or path in this world. I think that this is why many youth have children so young, they just want to avoid the fact that they have to choose what they want out of life, and many of them don’t even know who they are. Unfortunately, they don’t think ahead of the baby’s well being and forget that the child will be born with probably the same problems as them.

    1. I do agree it has to up to you as a person. You have to be discipline. AS well as know the goals in life that you wish to accomplish. There will things when you cry and think this isn’t going to work. Then you keep pushing thru. The things in which you are trying to accomplish will start to slowing come to light. It is a take it or leave thing. Either you are determined enough to do it or not. I do also believe firmly that how you live and do day to day things has a huge impression on your children. Example if I as a parent showed them its o.k. to call off or not show up for work. They then would think there’s nothing wrong with doing the same when they get their first job. Not good!

      1. I totally agree with what you said. Parents influences do play a lot into what type of person this teen mom is. I do feel though that being a teen mom is difficult because when you’re a teen you don’t know yet what you want your accomplishments to be and what type of goals you want to set for yourself. You’re still finding out your identity and becoming a parent on top of that? that’s too overwhelming for a 15 year old.

      2. Yes, I feel that being a teen is way too young to be having children. I’m twenty-one years old right now and I know I still am not ready to have kids. Look at most of the teen moms out there in today’s world. They are working at minimum wage jobs and some are forced to drop out of school because they can’t handle the workload of working, schooling, and a baby. I feel one should be financially stable before they consider having a baby in the first place. Stay in school and get an education. Once you’re out of college with a solid career is when one should start thinking about starting a family.

    2. vic93 that is so true, young parents do not see the bigger picture. They do not see that the child will grow up, will need help with homework, and the older they get the more they. I am speaking from first-hand experience here. The less they know the more they want to have a child, all they see is the instant attention they get from being pregnant and the ohs and ahs when their babies an infant. It is almost like a high that wears off over time, and then most parents end up becoming neglectful and/ or abusive to their child. Also, if that one does not no longer please them, they would possibly end up having more. I definitley agree with you, if youth can not see a future in their life, they will create one of their own; and most times that is not the best idea.I commend you for being so mature.

  33. In today’s generation, there is a growing trend for teen pregnancies. MTV has started a show called “Teen Mom” to demonstrate the burden, struggles, and life changing experience of having a child. This show is impactful to many teens because it shows how these children are raised and how relationships can deteriorate because of the child. These shows exemplify that young moms have the option of bearing the child, raising it, or giving it up for adoption. It helps other teen moms take on a positive mindset and not resort to having an abortion. I think that today’s generation has a lot of at risk youth. Teen pregnancies are becoming so frequent that the school staff at my school even had a baby shower in the cafeteria this year for one of the teen moms. What has happened to having children after you are married? Having a child and raising it should be part of a later chapter in life. Society needs to raise this generation with standards and understand the importance of contraception. Personally, I could not even fathom raising a child when I am in my teens.

  34. Reading this article there were a lot of things I agreed with. Like the fact that there are a lot more teens getting pregnant and how badly you were looked at a long time ago if you were pregnant out of wedlock. Although I am not entirely sure I would go as far as saying having babies at a young age is a trend. I do believe that there should be a bigger emphasis on safe sex and how important your fufutre is and getting an education. As far as the media protraying teen pregnancy, I dont feel like the movie The Pregnancy Pact or Teen Mom glorify being pregnant at a young age. The women on Teen Mom go through awful things throughout the seasons.

  35. Teen pregnancy is becoming a widely spread norm among our society. Being a mother, it is horrifying to think of my daughter being 15 and pregnant. Unfortunately, shows like “Teen Mom” aren’t properly giving across the message of being difficult. The fact that the teen pregnancy rate has gone up proves that as well. These girls are watching these TV shows and thinking to themselves “that doesn’t look so hard, I can do that.” It seems like to me that teen pregnancy shows aren’t fully giving across the right message, that you need to wait and become established before bringing a harmless and innocent life into this world. These types of TV shows need to banish because all it really seems to be doing is glorifying teen pregnancy.

    1. I disagree with you, by no means does the show “teen mom” show how easy it is to raise a child, if anything it shows how difficult getting pregnant when you’re a teenager can be. The girls in the show go through multiple hardships like not being able to balance school and a baby, not having a support system, having an unreliable baby daddy amongst numerous other things. None of these issues seem easy to handle or even fun, on top of having a human life you are responsible for 24/7. I personally believe that the show educates teens about how quickly someone can get pregnant and how it impacts the rest of your life. I also think that although being a teen mom is an incredibly difficult job, it has its ups and downs just like everything else. Teen mom shows the hard times as well as the good times young mothers often go through, which is important because if they only showed the times when the baby wouldn’t stop crying, or the mother didn’t think she could do this anymore the teens who watch the show and are already pregnant would think raising a child is impossible and would probably become greatly discouraged. While I don’t agree with teen pregnancy, I understand it. Getting pregnant so young is rarely done on purpose, and even though raising a child regardless of your age is really hard, its not impossible.

  36. The interesting part about teenage girls who created a pact to get pregnant at the same time was an example of forming a group. The group gave each other sense of unity and stability and belonging. Being teenage moms gave them the status in a society that couldn’t be ever taken away. Maybe they were simply” lost” teenagers who needed attention and guidance in life. I think it should have been taken as an against abortion movement in between teenage girls.

  37. I completely agree that this new “fad” has become more popular. While I feel not every young woman or teen is fantasizing about immediately having a baby, I do think its more common in specific ethnicities, economic classes, and social classes. Some young woman are so distraught in their life that they think having a child will correct their path. While its incredibly great if they straighten their lifestyle, its unfortunate that such a huge responsibility is what it will have to take to make those changes. I think we should also look at the family history, home life, and psyche of the young mothers. Something might have happened in their childhood that prompted in their mind that “I’ll be a better mother than my own mother ever was” or some kind of negativity had an immense impact in the back of their mind. Teen pregnancy is a tough issue because there are so many opinions on it. Whatever opinion you have will most likely offend someone else because everyone has different values.

  38. I agree with the fact that being a mother is glamorized and everybody wants babies these days. But I truly do not think that kids around the age of 15 are ‘trying’ to get pregnant. I believe that that is just poor birth control. The real trend in America that has been sweeping the nation for some time now is having non-marital sex. Sex is an icon that is praised in all forms by the media, peers, and pretty much all other places. as a generation it has become very normal to have multiple sex partners in your teen years. Let me make this clear, teens do not want babies; NOW. They want babies when they are old enough and have the financial means to take care of that baby. Teens do not just have sex to have babies, they have sex to feel wanted or popular. A baby is a huge step that takes much planning and responsibility; it changes your life completely. As a college student I know many people who have birthed babies at a young age and though none of them will admit to it, there babies were ACCIDENTS. As horrible as that is to say it is the truth.

    1. I strongly agree with nernst02. I never thought about how much premarital sex is glorified. When I was is high school, it was not uncommon for girls to have multiple sex partners. I can only imagine how many more they had when they got into college. I also think that teens think it won’t happen to them. They might think that the girls that do get pregnant are having unprotected sex all the time or not being responsible with there birth control. In reality, it only takes one time.

  39. I somewhat agree with the overall concept of this article. It has become a trend for young woman to start having babies early and often, but I don’t believe that many of these young women are necessarily trying to have babies at this young of an age. I think the issue has to do more with teens being sexual active at a younger age and not being smart about birth control. You referenced the show “Teen Mom” as being a good example of how teens are having babies at such a young age. I feel like most of those moms on that show became a mother not by choice, but by not being careful. People these days aren’t waiting until marriage anymore to become sexually active. I think this is because the media and everything else around us has instilled in society. It is looked at as acceptable to be sexually active at a young age today. I feel teens of our generation have become less and less associated with religion as well, which is why we have seen the amount of teen mothers rise drastically.

    1. I agree with Bobby 100 percent. Many young people are sexually active nowadays and aren’t being careful to who they are sleeping with. I was thinking about the whole religion case and I believe that not many people believe in a religion or a God, for them to practice something ethical. In many religions it is forbidden to have sex before marriage.

    2. I thought your comments were interesting but I believe religion is not the solution to having less teen pregnancy and I am not sure what is. The bottom line is the kids are going to have sex because they are pressured by society to fit in. Kids hear that everyone one is doing it so they want to but, some or a lot of the kids are not using protection and teens are getting pregnant. We have to stop or change society and it will take along time to get this problem fixed.

  40. I agree that becoming parents seems to be a then norm in late teens and early adults, and I believe that the media does nothing to help. Instead of trying to stop it, we have shows like teen mom, 16 and pregnant, and other programs about teens having kids. While having children is a milestone in life, one should wait until at least somewhat ready, since one is never truly ready for kids. I’m hoping this trend will die down when kids start realizing just how much work it is to raise a kid, and that the trend will change to focus more on education. Even though being a teen parent is part of the trend, I think some cases of teen pregnancy have nothing to do with the trend, but go unnoticed due to it. The cases I’m talking about are the ones where a teen will try to get pregnant to stop her boyfriend from trying to break up with her. Hopefully that ploy will fade as the trend does, but only time can tell.

  41. Reading this article a year later shows that teen pregnancy really is getting worse. I sign on Facebook and many girls are pregnant all from the same city. Its horrible and what else is worse is that many people like or comment CONGRATS. Nothing to be proud of at all. Our taxes go to these people who cant even afford a home for themselves. I was also just thinking how bad our generation keeps getting. Everything is normal now, drugs, sex, being pregnant, getting tattoos etc. Nothing is frowned upon. More and more people quit school and many people aren’t educated. I think Teen Mom actually gives out a good message but I don’t get why girls aren’t understanding it. Many girls on the show do say to wait until your married. That’s how its supposed to be anyways. I also believe many parents don’t really care about their children anymore. I never thought it would get this worse..and it probably will continue to get worse.

    1. Many parents have given up on their kids. Due to their parents giving up on them. It’s really amazing how we transfer all of the emotional and mentally abuses from one generation to the next. Not realizing the behaviors, norms and beliefs are abusive(education not only feeds the pocket, but it feeds the brain). The family has been dissected into so many pieces, it will take a massive effort from all of society to return to the dinosaur ages of morays or principles. They could not have been too bad, we did not have many of the social issues we have now back then. Sometimes old is better.

    2. Mariam, I agree with your statement on how “Teen Mom” is actually giving out a good message. Through their actions we see that teen relationships are very unlikely to survive and even more unlikely to survive when their is a baby in the picture. Maybe more education in the schools will help to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy since we do see parents giving up on their kids. Teens need to be educated, because we do not need any more kids having kids.

    3. I agree with Mariam, Elizabethann0767, and Vanessa G. “Teen Mom is a good show that helps to show young girls about teen pregnancy. It shows them the reality of being pregnant in the teens. It does sadden me how parents don’t care much for their child. Hence that is why they get pregnant. I agree that it shocks me when I see people on Facebook saying they’re pregnant. I also feel that it’s the parent’s fault because some just don’t care on what their kids do like Mariam said with tattoos, smoking etc.Our generation now is lacking greatly. What happened to having dreams to pursue a good career? I am 18 as well and I don’t feel at all right to have a child at this age. I still have a future to think about, and goals to achieve.

  42. I completely agree with the fact that teenagers do not fully understand the realism of pregnancy. It explains in the article that it is a trending topic and is considered to be normal nowadays. That is so true! I know at least seven girls from high school who had children prior to graduation. One sad part about that is that one of the girls got pregnant because her friend thought she was pregnant. Turns out her friend wasn’t actually pregnant, so the other girl had to deal with the pregnancy. That just goes to show you that girls have no limitations when it comes to getting pregnant. It also doesn’t help that reality television makes teen pregnancy seem glamorous for all the wrong reasons. Television glamorizes the attention the girls get from having babies at such a young age, they fail to show the details of how truly difficult it is to raise a child when you are still a child yourself. As young adults we are exposed to shows called “16 and Pregnant” not shows “23 and graduated from school and successful”. This is because instead of finishing school, teenagers are expected to take care of the babies that they created for all the wrong reasons. Most young girls get pregnant to keep their significant other in their lives instead of them cheating on them or leaving them. Seriously? If you think your boyfriend is going to leave you or cheat on you than why would you want him to father your child? That is what causes men to be “dead beat fathers”, Hopefully this trend will fade and teenagers will focus on gaining a successful career and then creating a family.

    1. It really would be nice to see and hear those young adults who successfully complete college and have a successful life and career. I think that a trend of this kind would over shadow teen pregnancies and it would encourage young people to return to making quality contributions to society by keeping the United States a super power. The only way to keep us on top is to produce morally and academically educated individuals. America has become diverse in many ways, we need to become more than a land of opportunity to others, we need to be a land of opportunity for ourselves.

      1. I agree elizabethann0767. My mother was a teen mom when she had me. She continued with school, financially supported herself, and was able to find a decent job. It is possible for pregnant teens to better themselves while still being a mother, I just feel as though television completely over shadows all of those possibilities and focuses on negative aspects for pure entertainment. I agree with your last statement. It is very empowering to know that there are opportunities for everyone in America because we are such a diverse country.

    2. You hear about girls getting pregnant with their boyfriends because they do not want their boyfriends to leave them a lot lately. If that is the main reason you want to have a child, you need to re-evaluate your life. Why bring an innocent child into the world when you and your partner are clearly having problems yourselves. It is not right for a child to suffer because of your insecurities. People will come in and out of our lives, so when you are 16 and believe you and your boyfriend are going to stay together forever, you are not mature enough to take care of someone else’s life.

      1. I completely agree with both comments above. If you just want to have a baby in order to stay with your significant other, would that child really have a good life? I agree with Vanessa in saying that the child would suffer the same insecurities that the mother/father would because that would be all the child knows. It is just baffling to me that children ages 15-18 are raising children. It is clear that the maturity level of these ages are not as developed as a mid twenty year old per say. I also agree that people need to re-evaluate their priorities before deciding to have a child.

      2. I agree with what Vanessa said, I don’t personally know anyone who purposely got pregnant to maintain a relationship but I’ve heard of many instances where something similar happened. Girls who believe that getting pregnant will keep a man around are extremely confused. What Ive even noticed is that when the baby is finally born, many fathers tends to stick around for a while but slowly start to disappear as the child gets older, which is the exact opposite of what the mother wanted. Many girls who are selfish enough to bring a life into the world solely keep their boyfriend don’t realize the consequences that will happen later on down the line and if they do they obviously don’t care. Babies aren’t something you can use to bargain with somebody, they are human lives and should be considered as such.

    3. I don’t really agree with Kalie. First of all I don’t think that teenagers having babies is a trend. I don’t think that teenagers plan on having babies is just happens. Also I don’t think that tv shows like 16 & Pregnant and teen mom glamorizes having babies. Personally I think that the show shows how hard it is to have a baby, go to school, have a job and keep the relationship going with their baby’s father. Also I don’t think the girls think they’re boyfriend is going to cheat on them. It just ends up happening for personal reasons. I don’t think they plan on getting pregnant just to keep their boyfriends in their life because sometimes they just end up leaving the girl.

  43. I couldn’t agree more with the actual facts in this article. I mean, having babies at an early and out wedlock is very common in my neighborhood. I have many friends who in that position, but my problem is that i feel as though some younger parents aren’t educated enough on the situation. When I express my feelings on young parenthood people take offense. I don’t despise anyone bearing children for it is a beautiful thing, but honestly that brochure on parenting you get after finding out you’re pregnant isn’t enough to raise a child. It really gets to me to see babies born into the hands of people who have a children for the attention or just to feel accomplished. I didn’t come from a traditional family but I feel marriage should come first before you think about starting something that will be a struggle finish. Further more i feel like not only can you predetermine a child’s life by having them too young but yours as well. This means no matter what circumstances you are in, your child comes FIRST. Just my thoughts and something to think about.

    1. you are very correct with your thinking. The unfortunate outcome of the Women’s Liberation of the 1960s (We don’t need a man to survive attitude) was the loss of the husband or father’s input into the life of his child. Not to mention the emotional and financial contributions that are needed from him. I think you’re thinking with wisdom. Thank you for responding.

      1. elizabethann0767, I think its interesting that you brought the Women’s Liberation up. I think the common single mother title descends from that era. Most young mothers or even single mothers are usually proud when they actually able to maintain and provide for their family. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t but what they should know is that they don’t deserve the full responsibility. They project an image to their children and that’s what leads to them easily accepting being a single parent come their turn.

      2. I am 100% in favor of the attitude that we do not need a man to survive. I have grown up with a single mother my entire life, because of unfortunate circumstances, but my sisters and I are all strong and independent women because of the values my mother has instilled in us. No we might not have the manliest tool box in our garage, or watch football every Sunday but we do have each other. My mother was able to work full time and yet still give my sisters and I everything we ever needed. Her hard work and strong mind set has taught me that you do not need a man to survive.

    2. I agree with mlmack1 when it comes to having a baby you should first know what you’re getting into. Having a baby just to feel accomplished or just to make people stick together in a relationship makes me angry. I also feel that it is important to be married first in order to have a baby. When you have a baby your whole time is basically on the child. If people are in a marragie it would be less of a struggle to handle a baby, because of the financial aspect as well. I understand though things happen and a marriage doesn’t work out. But at least the people that are raising the child are adults.

      1. I completely agree. A child is a innocent person in the world, no one not even their parents should be able to take that away. Choosing to leave a relationship after you have created children can be selfish. A child should at least have an opportunity to experience what a family looks and feels like. I also feel it is unfair to the child when they grow up and then are pressured by their parents to get married and date the right people when thats not what they were exsposed to.

    3. I completely agree with mlmack1 when she said that young people are just not educated enough about the topic. while many of us may have had health education classes in school, they really arn’t enough to truly teach young people on how to stay protected or what to do if they get pregnant. In my highschool, we had an elective called child development where students were given a real life acting baby doll and told to take care of them for just a week and treat them as if they were real babies. The babies acted so real that they really had to change their diapers and feed them to get them to stop crying. I feel that if this was a mandatory class, or at least that portion should be added to a health class, that more students would really get a better understanding of how hard taking care of a real baby would be and how it would impact not only their lives, but that of their childs. I agree mlmack1, that people should want to get married first before thinking about having children, but the sad fact is that young adults are not thinking about marriage, they’re just thinking about living in the moment.

      1. I agree sahira d062, I mean instead of schools and parents saying ‘hey dont have babies’ maybe they should educate them on what it is like to have a baby, better yet a family. Im not saying that it is wrong to have children at an early age. I just hate to see these teen parents enable thier selves and thier children from the futures they should have.

  44. I believe reality TV does glamorize teen pregnancy, but only to a certain extent. As the years have gone on and as we watch the young teens become adults, their true lives really do come out for the world to see. As we go from the first episodes of “16 and Pregnant”, to the newest seasons of “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2”, we see these young teenagers lives change. I would say that the first year of “16 and Pregnant”, some teenagers may have gotten the impression of “oh if I get pregnant maybe I can be on TV too”. But as we see these girls lives change over the years and the struggles they have gone through to get where they are today, does not glamorize teen pregnancy at all. We may only see a few minutes of their lives each week but I think currently those TV shows are educational. The program is always educating the youth about how to prevent teen pregnancy, and if anyone needs any information they could go to the website they list after the show.

    1. I agree with you Vanessa G. in the concept of watching teen mothers mature. I myself have watched the first season of “Teen Mom” and those girls went through some very rough patches. I just feel as though a young woman’s struggle in raising a child should be televised as a reality show for entertainment. I do agree, to a certain extent, that this show is somewhat educational. Many of the girls on that show constantly say to wear protection during sex. It is good for the young viewers to have that knowledge be repeated to them because the girls on this show might be helping to prevent teenage pregnancy for others by sharing their own experiences. I also think that it is great that the producers include a helpful website at the end of the show’s credits because that website might possibly be very helpful for one of it’s viewers.

    2. I agree with Vanessa G, I think watching 16 & Pregnant is quiet depressing and I hate when they air it on TV. It really does show the struggles and hardships teen parents go through when having a baby. I don’t think shows like these really help influence people because most girls still get pregnant. I don’t get why they want to grow up so fast at such a young age. It’s also disappointing to see when girls post up pictures of their baby bump and a status saying their expecting a child. Just a few years ago girls would think of abortion right away because they wouldn’t know what to tell their parents. Now people congratulate them and their parents support them every step of the way.

    3. I honestly dont think that is the goal of the TV reality shows. I feel like they are meant to give young parents respect because they are looked down on. The fact that other teens think it is an opportunity is very sad. It is also a shame to see young parents want to be on the show not to show thier struggles and accomplishment but for fame and sympathy. Being on the show seems like it will change thier lives in the long wrong.

  45. I don’t believe that once these women have their children that they don’t raise it properly, if anything they try their best to do what they can for the child. Some people today don’t take into account that this obviously wasn’t a choice by these young teenagers, not including the girls from the movie “The Pregnancy Pact.” I know many many people who have had children in their teenage years… I am the outcome of one. My cousins had children in their teen years and we all (the parents and the children) have turned out just fine. Not saying that a child can be raised differently because of their parents’ ages, but my mother, God bless her soul, had me at 17 and worked everyday while my dad and her switched turns keeping me happy, healthy, and awesome until they got married when I turned 1. After that they moved in together and today me and my siblings have wonderful lives all because my parents decided to 1. keep me and 2. share their love by having children. It is a different time we live in today than 20 years ago, these young girls think it is alright to sleep with everyone they know to become popular, whereas 20 years ago people “did it” because they really were in love. It is scary to think this way especially because the population of the United States is increasingly getting larger because of people like this pregnancy pact who are not in love and want to have children for all of the wrong reasons.

    1. One of my good friends was also born from teenage parents. Yes, they talk about the beginning and all the hard times they faced, not just financially, but physically and mentally as well. But they say they would not change it for the world. When my friend was four her parents married, and a few years later had three more children. This type of relationship lasted because they were in it for love and the love of wanting children.

    2. I agree with your comment Alyssa. I think 20 years ago young couples had children and stayed together because they were in love. As noted in the article “Unmarried with Children” by Edin and Kefalas young girls are having children to find a sense of purpose in their life and to slow them down from living in the fast lane. They also discussed how a boy seeks a young girl to have a baby with so that they do not leave them. The girls wear the “baby mamma” badge proudly because he chose her to have a child with and not another young girl. This is the mentality of teenagers in our society today. Unfortunately they are not thinking of the child’s best interest and how to provide an environment to nurture their child’s full potential. Wish more teenagers in the same predicament had the thought process like your parents.

  46. I think this is all just an issue of influence. We see shows like 16 and pregnant and teen mom and that makes a negative impact on people watching. As we know from the show, it contains a lot of drama and a bit of romance. I believe this causes a negative impact on young viewers. If networks like MTV would actually strive to get the word of safe sex and abstinence out, this world would be alOt more careful and that’s a fact.

    1. I agree Kimt01 that it is based off of influence. Since a lot of us like to see drama and romance in a relationship. I agree that it may cause a negative impact because of that, but I also feel that it actually helps young girls. They know the reality of having a child and that it’s not all fun and games. It is hard work and commitment to have a child. I agree that if MTV if they actually strived to have shown more on safe sex and abstinence the world would be a lot more careful. I wish they would show more shows that had that instead of promoting more shows with sex. In a way I feel like they are being hypocritical. I mean they are showing how hard it is to be a teen and have a child. But they also tend to have shows that promote people to have sex since I guess it’s in the “norm”.

      1. I agree alisana343 with your comment that television promotes shows that have sex and relationships as a main focus. It’s not just “Teen Mom”. Take “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” for example. All that show is about is drama, sex, teen marriage, and having babies. So, I do agree with you that television has helped to make teen pregnancy the social norm in today’s society. I agree with your statement that television should provide more shows that focus on having safe sex if the show wants to have any sexual content in it. But, like you said, audiences crave drama in relationships because we find it entertaining. Unfortunately I doubt that we will see any shows that promote abstinence or safe sex.

  47. Even though I do agree with some of the points within your article, the larger point about it being a trend I happen to disagree with. I believe the rise of teen pregnancies begins at the issue that most people are uneducated about sex. In this generation sex is symbolized as something that makes a person “cool” and relates nothing to its actual meaning. Kids now-a-days are rebellious and voice their own opinions, they rebel against their parents ideas like religion which usually is against sex until marriage. With their own opinions at heart, sex just becomes something that gets them to fit into their social institutions and not something they wait for. With divorce on the rise and single parents taking care of their children while also trying to hold a job to support their kids, the topic of sex and educating their children about it can be pushed off, or not as big of an issue as other things in their life. Teen pregnancies, though they can look to be glamourized, are not something that teenagers are going out of their way to do and get pregnant. I don’t believe by making teens feel bad about their pregnancies is right when the world around us is filled with sex. They may be “mistakes” but being shunned from society which is the place responsible for their actions is unfair and cruel.

  48. I strongly disagree with this article for multiple reasons. Although there has recently been a surge in the amount of teen parents, I don’t believe in any way shape or form that having babies at a young age has become a “trend”. Shows like teen mom and 16 and pregnant don’t glamorize teenagers having babies, they in fact give teens a look into the life of someone who has had to put their entire life on hold to raise a child. Movies like the pregnancy pact showed how ignorant and naive certain teens could be when it came to having babies, but my no means do I think it influenced kids to create their own pregnancy pact like those in the movie. Teen pregnancy may be more socially acceptable now but so are various other things such a gay marriage, or having tattoos, but just because society accepts something doesn’t make it a trend. Teens have been getting pregnant since the end of time, and I think it was about time that society accept teen pregnancy for what it really is instead of just ignoring the problem and shunning those that contribute to it. At the end of the day I think our generation is a lot smarter than what we get credit for, and i know for me personally and numerous others its going to take a lot more than seeing a few pregnant teens on t.v. for me to decide to go out and get pregnant.

    1. Actually Casey, not many teens were getting pregnant 5 years ago, it was still a big deal. This year is when it started to blow up and its ironic how all the pregnant couples are from the same city and went to the same high school where I am from. I think it is a trend and it’s not smart to have a baby when you’re a teenager especially if you’re not married. It’s sad to know that it’s normal now because it shouldn’t be

      1. I agree that its not necessarily smart but most of the teen mothers I know didn’t decide to go out and get pregnant just for the fun of it. I wouldn’t consider having children at a young age to be “normal” but yes, it is being more socially accepted. As a society its not our job to tell teen mothers that the decision they made was wrong or that it wasn’t normal, it should be to help them get through the difficulties of being a teen mother and further educating more teens about how to prevent the same thing from happening to them. But like I said before, I don’t believe getting pregnant when you’re 15,16,17 etc. is a trend I think the root of the problem is kids simply not being smart when it comes to having sex, which as you can see results in numerous unplanned pregnancies.

  49. I am starting to wonder if all of the discussion in high school about life choices actually resonated with any of my friends who seemed to have a promising future. I have had the pleasure, but also the misfortune, of seeing a lot of my friends on Facebook having babies. As of now they seem so happy and proud, most of them working minimum wage jobs or slightly above, posting pictures and probably thinking it’s cool. Absolutely not! The thought process that went through most of my friend’s minds was non-existent. These “adults” are clearly not looking in the best interest of the child that they brought into the world. Having babies right out of high school while not having the proper education to obtain a decent job, and ultimately create a comfortable life, is one of the dumbest things two people can do. I grew up with a mom and dad for the most part, but halfway through my life I was raised by a single-parent (my mother, who had a bachelor’s degree at the time). We definitely went through some struggles at first, but all I can say is I can only imagine what these children’s lives are going to be like. I truly hope that a light switch goes off in the minds of these teen/young adult parents telling them that they need to get educated not only for their future, but for their children’s future as well.

  50. New Trending Topic: Babies Babies Babies

    This is defiantly an unfortunate and growing trend in our society. I was a mother at the age of 20 and at that time i felt like i was awful for having a baby before marriage. I also felt like a disappointment to my parents and our family. I can’t even grasp how this is the popular thing to do now. Getting a college education is more important then ever now. I can see things ever so clearly now that i am older and without a college education, it seems you can’t be successful. This trend is setting our youth up for failure and these teens can’t even see that. Not that having a child ruins your life , because it doesn’t if you “wake up and smell the roses” before it’s to late to get your act together. Young women can still go to college if they have a child, but it takes a lot of family support and hopefully the father of the child plays an active role in the child’s life. Like I stated before, I had my first son when I was 20 and I am currently working toward my bachelors degree, but it takes a lot more work to get there with a child to care for. So to these young women and men out here having children in their teens, please think twice before doing so because once you have a child, your childhood is over and you are forced to grow up over night. It’s not a glorified experience, but rather very hard work in making sure that the child has a bright future. Remember the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. we don’t want our kids to repeat this behavior later in their lives.

  51. I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed reading this article. I believe that having children at a very young age is one of the new popular trends because no one is telling teenagers otherwise to say the least. Most teenagers today are watching MTV “Teen Moms”, “Sixteen and Pregnant”, which gives off the impression that its okay to have a child at a young age because you’re going to be eligible for a spot on a TV show. Yes! Indeed parenthood is amazing and a beautiful site, but only when it’s planned and you’re able to take care of yourself, your child, and your spouse. Having children is not a easy thing, its changes your life forever.

  52. I do agree that the trend of teenagers having children is not an ideal value in society, but factors that contribute to this trend were most likely put forth with good intentions. My older sister became pregnant at 17 with her first child (long before it was a trend), and there were mixed reactions. Many talked about abortion (she did not want that) or adoption (my mother would adopt the child before letting her leave the family), but most people could not understand our subdued optimism about the situation. I have had to explain to many that the situation will not go away and we decided to enjoy it the best we could. I think that many shows that address teen pregnancy attempt to sway people’s opinions to be positive about the situation. Regardless of the age at which a woman becomes a mother, she should still be treated with respect and optimism.

    1. I agree with you saying that these shows ask for respect. While i Do not agree with teen pregnancy I do have respect for those who fall into that category. What I dont respect is that society has put teen parents in a category. They should still get equal treatment in the world even those they chose to limit thier selves by starting a family. Some people feel as though the shows ask for sympathy but I believe it is to give these young parents a voice in one way or another.

  53. After reading this article, I have to agree that teen/young adult pregnancies are on the rise and is an unfortunate trend in our society today. When looking back, even just 10 years ago, yes teen pregnancies happened but not as rapidly as it is today. While many may say that teen pregnancies happened more than people admitted in the past, which is true, the amount of young women getting pregnant today still surpasses those numbers by a long shot. I have to agree when this article says that many TV shows, like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”, have glamorized and obscured reality in many ways. While the overall goal of the show may have been to warn young adults about how drastically their lives could change, the overall effect of the show may be the opposite. I’m not saying that all young women who watch the shows will want to have a baby, but the shows don’t seem to show enough of the actual day to day struggles that the young parents have to face; at most, these shows only show small intervals of struggle. As many of you have said, when I log onto Facebook, I see so many girls that I went to high school with posting pictures of their bellies and sonograms. Well on one level I do want to be happy for them, it saddens me to know that many will now not finish, start, or even go to college. I’m not saying that just because they have a baby that they can’t have a successful career, but, the truth of the matter is that the odds are stacked against them. Going on to finish college and getting a successful career becomes 10 times more difficult as a young parent.

    1. I agree with the article. Many young girls are getting pregnant because it is the “in” thing to do or the general lack of education in unprotected sex. I do feel the reality TV shows like “Teen Mom” intent was to educate young boys and girls on how difficult becoming a parent is. However, the recognition and fame the teenage moms have received has directly done the opposite and many young girls are looking for that instant fame. With social media today we can publicly see who is pregnant where as before Facebook teen moms may have kept pregnancy a private matter. Having children young is not a way to become famous on social media or TV. Teenagers need to find a way to excel in sports, hobbies or academia to get the attention they so desperately crave.

  54. I agree that the rate of teen pregnancy as increased dramatically and its not rare to know a young teen who is a parent already. I, for example, have a 16 year old cousin who is pregnant and she like you said was more concern with having an actual baby than ensuring the baby is growing up in a safe environment. My cousin currently is living with her boyfriend in a bad neighborhood and both working two jobs. Seems like once the baby arrives it won’t receive the attention it probably needs. These young adults still have much to learn, live, and explore before having a baby. Some probably aren’t even ready to take care of a baby and sure they may already have a baby but that does not mean they’ll be good parents.

    1. I like the sentiment that these young people need to grow up themselves before they should have children; I completely agree. Most common teenage pregnancies do not belong to wise and mature teenagers. It seems apparent that, while some learn and accept their responsibility as a part of their life and grow from it, many others do not grow. After the child is raised or is old enough to care for their basic needs, these parent seem to be the same people they were as teenagers. It is almost as if the child is a period of their life that they must get through before they can move on and grow up.

    2. I agree with you. There is a lot for teens and young adults to learn and experience before they should make the decision to have a baby. I feel like the risk of not rasing a child properly could be avioded by education. Telling them how to raise a child versus telling them having children is wrong is a way better approach. If young parents knew what it meant to be a parent, most would avoid the decision until they are ready.

  55. I was actually just talking to one of my friends about this same topic. I feel that kids these days are having children at progressively younger and younger ages. When I was in grade school and I would rarely hear about children having babies at 16, 17, 18. Yet as I got older I started noticing it more. In my own high school I only saw about 4 pregnant girls in my 4 years of being there. As a mater of fact, I knew one of them personally. She was my girlfriend’s best friend. She got pregnant her late senior year (I was a sophomore and my was a senior as well). Her and I became good friends (since I was dating her best friend) and I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. I’m not usually one to display much emotion towards actions that don’t follow the norm. But she and her boyfriend continued the relationship and she gave birth to a healthy boy who is now 1 year old. I never asked if it was planned or accidental but I feel like most of these young pregnancies are accidental. They’re usually reported to be.
    When it comes to young pregnancies, it can go either way. In “Unmarried with Children”, a article by Kathrin Edin and Maria Kefalas in “The Spirit of Sociology” by Ron Matson, for certain young mothers, having a child has saved them from a destructive path as many other young mothers I know have admitted.
    If having a child saves a young girl, then I feel that she should assume the responsibility of being a mother and keep the child for both of their sake.
    Biologically, women, like other mammals, are supposed to have kids as early as possible, yet it is due to society that they don’t. Because it is viewed as irresponsible. But the thing is, it is only irresponsible due to the altered lifestyle we’ve created with our implementations of technology, science, economy, etc., or so I feel.
    Many women also use having children at a young age as an excuse to not perform as well or as a reason they have not amounted to much, however I feel that the amount of women who have continued their lives successfully after having children perfectly counters that claim.
    So, when I see someone having a child at 18 and they’re going to continue their life, get a job, continue school, and support themselves, their child and family, I’ll support them. If it is rooted in their lifestyle, tradition or culture who are we to judge?
    Having a child should not hinder one’s success, I feel. Although it is hard and everyone’s situation is different, I don’t think it is a reason to give up.

    1. I like some of the points made here. I know that my older sister always struggled in school, but she would have been able to graduate high school. She got pregnant the summer before her senior year and after the first week of school, she dropped out. She said that it was going to be too embarrassing being pregnant at school, and she wasn’t going to do well anyway. Being young I didn’t question this and was just supportive, but now I know that we should have pushed her more or at least tried homeschooling (my mom being a stay-at-home mom). Today she struggles to get back with the hopes of getting her GED in the back of her mind; we all know that everyday that goes by that she doesn’t get it makes it that much less likely that she will, and her children are still the excuse.

      1. Catherine, I really enjoyed reading your post. I really think it is better that your sister is actually admitting her downfalls. At least, she know what she did wrong and maybe her children will see how it affected her and try to do better than their mother. I wish you guys the best of luck!

    2. COkere, I have to agree with almost everything you just said. I agree that many young women/men use having a child at a young age as a simple excuse to why they are not as successful as they could have been. But like you said, there are plenty of people who did have children at a young age who still continued their plans and became successful. I also agree that it is not our position to judge someone if they are pregnant at a certain age. I saw a documentary where a girl was talking about how she felt about seeing pregnant teens before she was pregnant herself. She admitted to saying that she thought they had to be sluts because how else would they get pregnant. But after she got pregnant, she said her entire mentality changed and she realized that just because they were pregnant, that that did not make them sluts; they just had different scenarios that brought them there and she realized how harshly she was judging young mothers before based on stereotypes. I can see where that stereotype may have come from because in the past, a women who became pregnant out of wedlock was considered adulterous and impure. It is more common now a days to pregnant teenagers, but I feel as if a lot of that has to do with the society in which they were raised in and how their parents raised them as well.

  56. I agree that teen pregnancy is a growing problem in the United States. However, I do not agree with the reasonings behind it. I believe that it is all based upon how kids were raised. I am 19-years-old and do not have a single thought about having a baby. This is due to the way my parents raised me. I was taught to go to college to get a degree. By obtaining a degree, I will have a job that will one day be capable of supporting a wife and children. It is the responsible thing to do. It is very irresponsible to have a child while being a teenager since it is much more difficult to be able to support the child. A child should not have to suffer as a result of their parents’ bad choices.

    1. I agree with Xavier, I was taught to get married and get an education first before I ever decide to get a baby. When you do have a baby it is difficult to maintain a job and go to school because of the responsibilities you have to hold. Not many teen parents finish school and if they don’t they decide to get their GED. It’s really hard to even find a job with a bachelors degree in this economy. I still think teen pregnancy is wrong because it should be between a married couple that is responsible enough to raise a baby. Sometimes some girls really do get pregnant on accident but in this generation it seems like there trying to do it on purpose. Maybe they have an insecure issue and the only way a guy would stay is if she gets pregnant with his baby.

    2. Xavier2410, I would have to disagree with what you were saying. Its not always on just how the parents raise the kids. Society also plays a big role in the trend that we see with pregnant teens. Their parents could have raised them well just like yours has, but society has also influenced their decisions and lives. For many, Im sure that they don’t plan to have a baby at such a young age, it just happened and they had to deal with the circumstances. Thus, it doesn’t just depend on how kids were raised.

      1. sahira d062, I agree that society does have an influence on kids. This is due to there being several television shows that basically display teen pregnancy as being okay. I still believe that the way a child was raised will be the major impact on a child’s responsibilities as they grow older. Their parents are who teach them what is right from wrong. Parents are who guide their children into becoming responsible and mature individuals.

    3. Xavier2410 what you said was 100% correct no child should ever have to suffer because of their parents wrong doings. But, going back to what you said how you are raised has a huge impact on the way you think about things. This is the reason why a lot of children are suffering today. There are too many babies raising babies by that I mean if you are a child yourself you should not be having a child. But, if you are how can you tell/ teach your child the importance of going to school when you’re not doing it yourself?

      1. sierraphillips, I agree since parents are the ultimate role models in their children’s lives. It is difficult for a parent to tell their child to go to school when they are not doing the same. Parents are suppose to be setting a good example for their children. Parents should be telling their children that their main focus is schooling, but it is hypocritical to do so if they had a baby during their teenage years.

    4. Xavier, I understand your logic and approach to the situation of having children after a job, but the only thing I have to add to that is the uncertainty of events that occur throughout your life. It is a possiblity that you get married while still pursuing your education or perhaps realize in a way that having kids a few years into college is a better plan for you, for example. The situation differs from individual to individual, and that coupled with the uncertainty of events makes a structured mindset like that seem like more of an ideal rather than an actuality, in my opinion.

      1. COkere, I see majority of people striving for the ‘ideal’ lifestyle. It is what appears to be easiest to accomplish without many financial struggles. It makes most sense to get a degree then get married and have children. Therefore, you will be capable of supporting your family and their needs. This ‘ideal’ sequence of life events is most likely to prevent problems, such as not being able to afford necessities.

  57. The main reason I believe is causing this controversy is the increase of the divorce rate. Yes, it is the result of two teens doing the action, but the parents or guardian should be the ones getting this blame. The word family has been a thin line compared to thick visible line of divorces and having a family along with a step family. Although, divorce can be an exception if it is a life threatening cause, divorce shouldn’t be an option to those who choose to because they are not happy with the marriage. When children are involved, they look up to their parents for that guidance and knowledge. When kids grow up to an unstable family, the value to a family is lost, which ties in with how much teen pregnancy is an issue in today’s society. Teens become intimate with one another even though they are not married, because they see how adults are not successful with having children when they are even adults. Teens start to think that they can become their own family even if the consequence is to be a pregnant teen. Since adults can’t show a stable family when they are older, teens start to value marriage and family as an option.

    1. I have to say that I would not have thought to make a connection between divorce rate and teen pregnancy in the way that you did. It is an interesting thought and I wonder if any studies have been done on it. Personally, I would not make this connection. I feel that if anything it has to do with the sexualization of our society and media that leads teens to the point that they either plan to or accidentally get pregnant. Regarding your argument I would say that it may have an effect on why so many teens choose to keep the baby and raise the baby themselves. They may feel that they can do a better job than their parents did, if they are dissatisfied with their parents.

    2. I agree with Nicole, I think when parents are split up it effects a person and their actions. Ofcourse this isn’t always the case but since their home is unstable they look for love somewhere else. I feel like parents should always support their child so they can stay on the right track. Even if they are teenagers, parents should still support their children to make better decisions in life. Why would you get pregnant if you cant afford children?

  58. ls1gtoh I 100% agree with you, all of these TV shows that are out today aren’t showing you the real side of being a teen parent. Yes in some cases there’s positive reaction to teenagers having children , but then again they should wait. At least, until they are able to take care of themselves and provide a stable household.

  59. Xavier2410 what you said was 100% correct no child should ever have to suffer because of their parents wrong doings. But, going back to what you said how you are raised has a huge impact on the way you think about things. This is the reason why a lot of children are suffering today. There are too many babies raising babies by that I mean if you are a child yourself you should not be having a child. But, if you are how can you tell/ teach your child the importance of going to school when you’re not doing it yourself?

  60. Teen pregnancy is definitely a growing problem. Teens see babies as accessories and do not understand the emotional, physical, and financial toll it can have on her, her family or father of the child. It is really sad that shows like Teen Mom are still in existence because I feel even though they show some sad aspects about the pregnancy, they overall support and put these girls on TV. Some teens out there might see this as a potential way to get on the screen. My parents which I am glad about told my four sisters and I, that if we had children they would not support us. Though that could falter if it was to actually happen, that potential fear of having no support from family made it possible for none of us to be pregnant. If teens practiced abstinence then it could lower pregnancy rates among the youth.

    1. Myiabrown15, I somewhat agree with what you said. I feel that a lot of parents make it seem acceptable that their teen or teens in general are getting pregnant. If parents were more open about how it would really affect their lives, their children’s lives, and their potential grandchild’s life, then i feel that more teens would be cautious. As I said before, shows like Teen Mom do give other girls a false expectation that things will work out and that they can still raise a child, go to school, and get their own place to live (as many of the moms on the show do). But, in reality, many will have to leave school and find 2 or 3 part times job just to make it by. If the shows actually showed the moms struggles (by waiting to pay them for the shows until all the seasons were actually done) then maybe there would be more of a caution that others would be able to see.

  61. Catherine, I really enjoyed reading your post. I really think it is better that your sister is actually admitting her downfalls. At least, she know what she did wrong and maybe her children will see how it affected her and try to do better than their mother. I wish you guys the best of luck!

    1. Thank you for the wish of luck. None of us look at it as something that she did wrong. I honestly would feel tremendously guilty if I did look at it like that because the result of her actions is my beautiful niece who I love with all of my heart. We look at the situation then and now as something that happened and cannot be changed. Comments were made to us that we should learn from our older sister’s struggles, but we had only optimism and joy surrounding the situation and the thought of the baby.

  62. In our time now, I feel that people are looking more of babies as an accessorie rather than an actual person. Yeah they’re cute, but when you’re about 30 with a husband and a decent job to support your family. Most teenagers are having kids without any thought and seem as though its perfectly fine. My question is how is a kid supposed to raise another kid? Teenagers aren’t mature enough and nor responsible enough to care for a baby. It takes hard work and this is our time to get a good education and to later on have a good family life with babies. I think it’s great if you are a teenager who still goes to school and has a job. I think that’s extemely amazing but if you’re just having a baby because you were too lazy to get protection, now that’s just ridiculous.

  63. This article does a very good job of describing our society today. People these days are much more relaxed when it comes to children before marriage, especially teens. Teenagers today are more willing to have sex with the possibility of getting pregnant, than they were back then. I believe that this is all wrong. I think that the way it should have went was the relaxed feel about teen pregnancy back then, and today we should be more concerned about it, not the other way around. I think the major issue that is causing teen pregnancy to be “not too bad” is the show ‘Teen Mom’ or 16 and ‘Pregnant’ on MTV. It shows only the good parts about being a teenage mother and almost convinces teenagers that having a child at 16 is not all that bad. In reality these teenagers sacrifice their education, family, friends, and their adolescence in order to raise their child.

  64. The article does bring up a lot of points, however, it does leave out a major point too. The media is pushing kids to have children sooner, displaying a world of early childhood that seems desirable. I wont dispute that. However, another huge factor is education. States like Texas who have adapted a strict abstinence only education program face one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Meanwhile, states that teach safe sex or at least abstinence and safe sex show much lower numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if schools that teach kids what it means to actually be a parent have even lower rates still. The major problem I have with the article is that it shows only part of the problem and not one that can easily be fought. So long as people are watching the media which shows raising a child at a young age is easy, that’s exactly what the networks are going to show. Our first step should be and has to be education. Once the public is more educated and is actively working against having a child, only then could we work towards fighting against the media.

    1. Sadly if teens decide to have sex they are going to. Schools should teach abstinence, but considering not every teen will choose that route, they really should teach about safe sex. Include information of STDs, HIV, and pregnancy that can happen if they have unprotected sex. It definitely has a lot to do with education in my opinion

      1. You really can’t keep kids from having sex. At all. The only way a kid can decide to not have sex is if they themselves decide it without anyone telling them not to. If someone tells them not to have sex because “it’s bad, mmmkay?”, they aren’t going to listen. It is much better to give kids the knowledge on what it means to be a parent and how to safely have sex without getting anyone pregnant or getting an STD then to just say don’t do that.

        Since when did kids listen to authority on anything that’s fun?

      2. SydneaMc I completely agree with you! I don’t think that schools are doing a good enough job of truly educating students about sex or at least safe sex. I know at my high school teachers just brushed over the topic of sex and focused more on nutrition and stuff like that. I think at the high school age kids need to be educated way more about safe sex and the negative causes that may come from it.

      3. Some schools sadly do not education on sex because they feel it would only encourage the kids to have sex. This could very well be true but not very well supported. Most kids have already been exposed to sex way before they reach the grade sex education is usually presented. If the school does not educate the students on sex then they get their information only and mostly from their peers, who could be already having sex or giving out false information.

      4. That is completely true. Peers tend to just glamorize sex and pressure others in some way to have sex even if they aren’t ready. I also don’t believe that schools teach students how to really say no to having sex when they aren’t ready. The topic is just brushed off when it shouldn’t be especially with teen pregnancy being at a high. I realize that students can make their own choices, but without being properly educated about it they really can’t make a good decision.

      5. I agree with you Sydnea. I think it would be beneficial for many people if more schools taught students about abstinence. And for schools that try to leave out the subject of sex completely, should at least teach about safe sex because teenagers are going to go out and have sex regardless of if their own schools talks about it. They should share real life testimonials of people who have gotten STDs or of women who became teen moms and didn’t want to. Sheltering kids until they are “adults” is not beneficial to them. Sex education should definitely be taught in every school.

      6. Schools should definitely teach teens how to say no. Its hard at that stage of growing up to say no and go against the grain. Maybe even have a club where teen who want to wait can go and talk, get support, and advice. Bring in real life examples would be great. Sometimes people can brush off possibilities with “that would never happen to me” statements or lighten the weight of the seriousness, but bringing in people to tell their stories would force teens to really pay attention. It would also engage teens more closely making the chance of them getting the awareness they need to make good safe decisions even greater.

    2. Schools should definitely teach teens how to say no. Its hard at that stage of growing up to say no and go against the grain. Maybe even have a club where teen who want to wait can go and talk, get support, and advice. Bring in real life examples would be great. Sometimes people can brush off possibilities with “that would never happen to me” statements or lighten the weight of the seriousness, but bringing in people to tell their stories would force teens to really pay attention. It would also engage teens more closely making the chance of them getting the awareness they need to make good safe decisions even greater.

    3. I agree that this article does leave out some problems. I think that students should be educated about sex and being parents. If you keep telling the students to not have sex at all then they will want to rebel and do it anyway just because you told them not to. That’s like how my parents told me I couldn’t have a boyfriend when I was in high school but I did it anyway. If they students are educated about safe sex and parenting they may be less likely to have sex. When it comes to sex education is very important.

  65. I do agree with you 100 percent. The fact that young women are having children and having to grow-up quicker than normal is sad. But we also have to consider maybe theses are the girls that may not get enough love at home or even feel neglected in there household. So they may go out in the world looking for love, and if they fail to do so they look for love within a child. They are not educated on the responsibility of rising a child, so they struggle and try to find away to get that help. Sometimes that one friend that may have goals and dreams can not rub off on a person that may thinks the world is agianst her

    1. I agree because I have seen this happen a couple of time with some of childhood friends. Girls want to find a guy that makes them feel wanted, safe, and beautiful. Getting that, or keeping it if they do, causes some girls to not always make the best of decisions which sometimes leads to pregnancy. I do not feel like anything happens as a mistake. I do not mean young teens having babies is a good thing, but there is a purpose to everything that happens in life. If the young girl is pregnant, then she’s pregnant. It is not supporting her poor judgment call; it’s helping out where it is most needed. I have had many pregnant friends in high school. We had the talk of the decisions that lead up to that moment, and after never mentioned it again. Beating them up with judgment is not going to make them “unpregnant.” I then made sure I was there for them however I could be because I know the mental, physical, and social hardships that come with teen pregnancy.

      1. I have also seen this happen with a couple of my closes friends. and i also do believe that curtain things happens for a reason being good or bad, no matter the situation. no it is not good for teens to have kids at a curtain age but in today ages it some thing we a adults or just the people can not control due to the media or other things is that way.

      2. I do not judge teen mothers like so many others do, nor do I encourage it. It makes me sad because kids are having kids instead of being care free having an actually childhood. We are all so impatient to grow up but once we do we miss the good ol days…

  66. I agree with this article. Television shows are making teen parenthood seem so amazing and easy. These shows don’t truly show the struggle of having a child along with having a stable family. When watching these shows there is so much drama between the baby mama and daddy. These kinds of environments are so unhealthy for a child to be brought up in. I feel like our society is fully educating teens on pregnancy and all the responsibilities that go along with raising a child. Teens these days seem to think that the only option is keeping the child when there is the better choice of adoption or better yet abstinence.

  67. I understand where you are going with this article, but I do not agree that having babies in your teens is the new “cool” thing. Many people have and still have babies in their teens whether or not they are married, finished with school, etc. It’s not that it’s a new thing, it’s that it is more well known now due to media. Everyone is connected now and can what everyone is doing after high school. I could use my friends and family as an example. My mother got married when she was 18 and had a baby right after. My grandma had my father when she was only 16 years old and was not married. My best friends mom had her first child when she was 16 also. Another friends mom has 7 different children each from different dads. My point is that this is nothing new, it is just more publicized and known now due to social media.

  68. A teen pregnancy should definitely never the the goal of any young women, least not in that stage of their lives. There is nothing wrong with stay home mothers and housekeeping like the women before us, but sense the rights of women were stood up for so we could be equal to men
    women we should, as ladies, take the opportunity to be and do whatever our heart desires important. If girls are going to have sex early, just protect yourselves, because getting pregnant is not the only chance your taking when you do not. with that being sad, however, a baby is a gift of new life. If that new life happens foolishly, that does not take away from that fact. Even gifts have time frames of appropriateness.

  69. I disagree that there is a trend that having kids is a “cool” new thing. I think these trends are a result of a number of changes within our society that is creating a different environment for teen moms. While TV shows exist where an argument can be made for the promotion of teen pregnancy, i do not blame them for the increase in teen pregnancies. As a whole, there is a much stronger emphasis towards sex. We are exposed to these things at earlier ages, and i don’t think many of these kids don’t fully understand the responsibility that comes with having a child. i see failures in our education system, changes in marriage rates, reduced religious emphasis, and increased sensitivity as the main culprits of these trends.

    I lived in Germany for 4 years, and there are very obvious differences in our cultures. While sex is promoted like it is here, there is a difference in how it is perceived. It is not rare to see sex/nudity in public media, and it may be argued that they are much more liberal about sex in general over there. However, culturally it is generally frowned upon to have a child at a young age. People are more concerned with self advancement, and often live at home longer than we do to ensure this self advancement. Though i’m fairly certain the age kids become sexually active is on par with the US, there seems to be a greater understanding of the risks/responsibility that come with being sexually active. In the US, we are a country that promotes sensitivity, and being politically correct. As we have become more sensitive to other social groups, it seem the same thing has happened to teen pregnancy. With less social pressure to avoid pregnancies at a young age, i’m not surprised the rates have increased. Combined with poor education systems, and poverty rates growing in many areas, i don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

  70. Although I definitely understand where this article is trying to go, I disagree. I believe shows like “16&Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” are showing how difficult it is to be a teen parent. I have not yet met a single person who has watched one of those shows and said seriously that they want to end up just like that and on that show. I also think that it is perfectly healthy and acceptable to young people to ask each other how many kids they want and when they will be planning on having kids. Talking about those plans is part of growing up and ensuring that any child brought into the world has parents who knew what they were doing, is it not? It is important to remember that once upon a time teen pregnancy was actually very common. These days, having kids young is less common and waiting until people are completely financially set and well into their careers is what’s trending. Just because teen pregnancy is big in the media right now doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on the rise, it just means that people are pointing it out as an issue and a very profitable issue at that.

    1. I agree with that ChristineS said. I don’t think people watch 16 & Pregnant and hope they end up like that. If they do they’re crazy. When people watch the show they see how difficult it is to be a parent and to me when people see that it makes them not want kids.I also agree that teenagers talk about having kids is normal. I know I’ve always talked about having children with my friends. I don’t want them now but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want them in the future. Talking about it is perfectly fine and I don’t think it has a big affect on teenagers today. I think that having kids young is common and if you’re able to take care of that child it’s perfectly fine.

  71. I am sorry I do not agree with the majority you have put on this whole blog. I dont think that it is a trend for young people to have babies. Although, I do see it in some cases with some young adults. I believe the core of the problem is that sex is only being used for pleasure instead for a more religious meaning which is, sex should only be done by 2 married couples. I feel that the lack of religion has a lot to do with females and males not knowing what sex truly means. Drugs and Alcohol have taken over this generation and I feel that nobody is educated about the outcome of having a baby at a early age. Having a baby at a young age will be more of a mistake to a couple than a gift from god. Having children is to put a part of yourself into another person and that is what is magical of having babies. A lot of young teens miss that perception at a young age because they are dumb and do not know what they do. The media should play a higher role in convincing kids not to have sex.

  72. I agree with this guy^, I have not met one teenager whose aspiration is to have a baby at this stage of their life. Having babies is not a popularity trend that people like. I would say that sex is what people are after as opposed to having babies. Granted that the two may sometimes go hand in hand, I believe the article is brings false information regarding the topic of teen pregnancies.

  73. My family and I used to live in Bloomington, IL from 2003-2007. My daughters were 12 and 10 at the time. We used to attend an awesome church and the girls made alot of friends. Now 7 years later most of my daughters friends from Bloomington ALL have babies and these girls are under the age 20 and a few of them have 2 kids. As I learn about each pregnancy and who is actually pregnant it really saddens me because I know the mothers and am very surprised these girls feel like having sex is more important than other things in life. I talk to my daughters about sex and the consequences of doing adult like things and most importantly we talk to them about doing things in the right order. Finish school, career, relationship, marriage, kids. In that order. I talk to my girls about birth control to prevent pregnancy and condoms to prevent STDs. There is not alot of conversations going on in house holds and parents do not know what their kids are really doing or what is going on in their lives.

  74. I agree that teens having children is not the brightest of ideas. Having a child in your teens just makes being a teen 10 times harder. It becomes a challenge do things other people their age do normally, like keeping up with school. However, I’m not really sure if the new trend of teens having kids is so heavily to blame on shows like teen mom, but rather a result of a lack luster sexual education program. I personally don’t think all too many teens want kids, but rather the process of making kids is what interests them, but they are unsure of how to go about it as safely as possible. I think if we perhaps educated our youth a bit better about sex and reproduction, this trend may slow down.

    1. I agree with QB that the shows aren’t the main reason for teen pregnancies. These shows exists because the problem was already there. however, I do feel that the tv shows have made the problem more acceptable. Also, lack of education can take some of the responsibility. I think schools feel that it is inappropriate to talk about sex in the classrooms when in reality it is the perfect place because it is a learning environment. Also, I think parents feel too scared or embarrassed to talk about it with their children, but then are surprised and even furious to find out that their little baby is having a baby, or is infected with an STD.

  75. I really liked this blog. I think that the media does have a big influence on teenagers getting pregnant at a really young age. 16 and Pregnant is a big one because they make it seem like it’s okay to get pregnant as a teenager. At the same time I don’t think that media is the reason why people are choosing to get pregnant. I think it’s more about them having unprotected sex because it feels good to them and they don’t care about the consequences until it actually happens. I know when I was in high school I had multiple friends who go pregnant. Now that we graduated I’m still seeing more. I always believed that if you tell young people not to have sex they’ll just do it because you told them not too. Instead of telling them no, we should just educate them more.

  76. I do not agree that young girls are trying to have babies and are finding it to be the new cool thing. I have had many friends who have had a baby at sixteen but it was not purposely. They did not plan on having a baby and having deadbeat dads for their baby. Also, my friends with babies are focusing on getting an education just as much as they are focused on taking care of their child. “Teen Mom” does not show positives to having a baby at a young age. They all have problems whether it be with the baby’s dad or with school and are constantly crying. It does not look fun. Most teenage girls do not plan to have babies, it just happens when they do not have protected sex and instead take the risk of getting pregnant.

    1. I agree with Tiara W. These young girls do not purposely get pregnant. My niece had a baby this year. She got pregnant when she was sixteen years old. It was her and her boyfriend’s first time having sex so they were both virgins. She said they didn’t have sex again after that (she moved farther away and they only saw each other in school). She said they used a condom but maybe it broke. I think her pregnancy happened out of lack of education because neither of them knew what they were doing. I feel teachers and parents should stop withdrawing valuable information about sex out of fear that kids will want to have sex, because reality is they will do it anyway, so they might as well teach them.

      1. I believe that teens today know exactly where babies come from and how they are made. The new reality shows such as “Teen Mom” and “16 and pregnant” is depictive of how cool it is to have babies and how exactly mentally unprepared these kids are. They want to act like grown ups until the realize what it is all about. Valuable information has never been more exposed to the youth in history. Yet the values of society have changed. Especially amongst the young members of society. A carefree,whatever outlook on life.

  77. I think the claims made in this article are not necessarily true. I do not have any friends that purposefully got pregnant as teens. Everyone that I know had it happen accidentally. I think that anyone taking part in a pregnancy pact are part of the rare few teenagers that are seeking attention to a ridiculous extent. I have yet to see a show or movie that has made teen pregnancy look glamorous or remotely attractive, but that is just a personal opinion.

  78. However, I do not think these teens are having children on purpose, it can’t be ignored that it is happening more now than ever before. Again I do not think it is purposely done but when it does end up happening, teens have an entirely different way of thinking about it now more than ever because of reality TV shows that almost glorify it. They do show the struggles but to a teenager all they really see is being on TV and becoming famous. When in reality, the children of these children are the ones suffering the most from the epidemic. I also blame parents of teens these days for not properly educating or keeping tabs on what their children are doing as well as parents did back in the old days. I understand that it it harder to do so these days because most families have to have a two income household leaving teens to fend for themselves after school or whenever it is that both parents are working. there are a lot of factors that play into this I do not agree with the fact that it has become a fad, however it has definitely become a huge issue and is effecting many families and especially the babies being brought into the world under the circumstances of parents that are still children themselves.

    1. Yes. I do think parents today are way more lenient than parents were back then. I also don’t think it was fad that was going around, but do think TV just makes it seem like once they do get pregnant it’s not that bad when it really is. It does hurt the babies more than parent when they are too young to even take care of themselves.

  79. I have to agree with this article, nowadays more and more families are starting at an alarming young age. Young girls are excited to have babies because “babies are so cute”. These young girls aren’t really thinking about all of the concerns and complications that come with raising a child at that age and that is concerning to me. As a young adult, I have thought about becoming a mom, but not until I’m fully ready for all of the responsibility that comes along with it. I think that young mothers rush into things without fully thinking them through, and unfortunately this is on the rise. Hopefully some girls do choose to get fully educated on all of the harsh realities of motherhood and fully plan out their futures ahead of them.

  80. I have to agree to this, just because it has become so commonly shown in the media. I think shows like teen mom or 16 and pregnant, give teens the wrong message. I understand that they are trying to show how hard it is to be a teen mom, but it also gives people the wrong idea. I would just like to say that if you think you are old enough, prepared or ready to have sex than your just as capable of having a child. it is a responsibility that people have to take. some friends and family of mine are teen parents and as always I hope the best for them and help them in any way that I can but it is not easy for them. I have seen the movie the pregnancy pact and can see both sides of that as well. I think something like that is out of the ordinary it doesn’t make sense for a group of 15 girls all try and get pregnant at the same time just for fun. Things like that are hard and you have to sacrifice a lot. Babies are wonderful but you have to be in the right financial state and be responsible and be prepared to support this child.

  81. In response to CristineS
    I do agree with the fact that shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” are mainly to show teens that it is not all rainbows and sunshine. It shows teens that having children and being able to raise them the way the should be raised is not easy. You have to take into consideration, whether or not you are financially, mentally and responsibly able to take care of a child. I think it is safe to say that, a lot of teen pregnancies do not follow on to become happy sketched out marriages and families. In most Cases , The men leave the women making them single moms. Most teen parents have not successfully finished high school making them unprepared and unable to obtain a good enough career to support their children. Not very many teens watch these shows and decide to have kids based off of that. More often than not, it is usually a mistake that neither parent is ready to sacrifice for.

  82. In response to haywals:

    I do agree that it is nothing new. This topic has been around for forever and no matter how much we try to inform young teens about this or make it aware, it does not seem to make a difference. I guess that it will happen regardless. I think society as a whole thinks that if we push it enough maybe it will change. It seems to me that is not the case. I still stand by my decision to say that if you think you are old and responsible enough to have sex than you should be ready for a baby if that is the case. There is nothing wrong with having children at a young age, it is just a matter of if you would be able to sufficiently take care of this child or not. As mentioned before you have to be financially and mentally prepared to take on such matters as a child. It is hard to raise children in broken homes, as well as insufficient homes, the child’s future and best interest should always be the first thing kept in mind.

  83. In response to mariam:
    I agree with the fact that our generation just keeps getting worse. When i was in middle school the worst thing someone could do was have a crush on someone else’s boyfriend. Looking back on the town that i grew up in and a lot of the girls i knew got pregnant. I am happy for them to be doing well, for finishing school and taking care of their children the way a mother should. It makes me sad to see so much has changed. In my graduation high school class there were maybe 2 girls that had baby’s. In this passed class there might have been seven. It has been crazy i understand that things like drugs and sex have become so common, but why doesn’t anyone care about their future anymore. Through out middle and high school all institutions do is ask us what we wanna be when we are older and set us up for those dreams. The decisions we make during those school years and the people we meet is what changes our course of life.

  84. In response to Kiara Walker:
    I like this blog idea as well i do believe it gives us a chance to use what we learned and apply it in ways that we can relate or in ways that we know how. I also agree with your last statement, that we are better off educating them more, as oppose to just telling them no. Most often teenagers like to do the things that they are told not too. It makes them feel rebellious and devious. Little do they know that we are only telling them for there better. I do believe that it is no always about being influenced or what ever the case is. Some times things just happen, yes you can prevent it sometimes, but once it has happened there is nothing more you can do except deal with the situation at hand, the best that you can. With something as serious as a child, the child’s needs are more important than your own.

  85. I read a startling article a few years ago. It was on the internet (news) and it read that a high school in south Chicago named Rosen, I believe, had an alarming pregnancy rate. 1 in every 7 girls were pregnant and they were turning a condemned crack house into a daycare. This social trend is hard to grasp. I mean kids having kids? What kind of environment or future is awaiting these kids and new parents? Society has the responsibility to help those in need. These young kids and young parents will need plenty of it.

    1. It’s sad that the social trend for today is having a baby and it seems like all we can do is accept it.

      1. Yes, accept it for something we can change. If most of these girls knew that the parties would stop and the baby would be up all night screaming, perhaps they would think twice. Give these girls a baby for a weekend and we will see how that turns out. 🙂

      2. Yeah, what I’ve encountered is girls thinking their boyfriend will stay if they got pregnant and didn’t give it up for adoption or abortion. Many have totally thrown their lives away because they wanted to marry some guy that was a total “richard” to them and just thought that’s how life was. I almost blame something else but I don’t even know what would tell teens pregnancy is okay. Maybe old lifestyles where the women stayed home and the man did all the work? Now a days that isn’t really how it is seeing as though more and more women are doing more and more of the work to have a co-parent relationship. But it is honestly crazy to think about how many teens are or do become pregnant before even their junior year. Just disappointing.

  86. I agree with mlmack1. I believe a lot of girls think its “cute” to be pregnant nowadays. It’s becoming a lot trendier. I can think of five girls right now that are in my graduating class that are pregnant. It’s truly sad and I don’t believe they know what they’re in for. Like some people said before TV glamorizes pregnancy. “Teen mom” does not show the real struggle of what being a teen mom is. I think they make it seem a little easier. Having a child is a huge responsibility. You have to be ready emotionally and financially, and it’s very rare that you would find a teenager who’s already emotionally and financially stable. There may be some teen moms out there who are trying really hard to raise their babies. Who still give the effort to study and shoulder the responsibility. What they’re doing is really great, but I think that they’re missing out a big portion of their lives by doing this. Bottom-line, I don’t support this idea. Whether or not the teen will handle the situation in a responsible manner, this is not the time for them to shoulder this kind of responsibility.

  87. In no way is having babies the “in” thing to do these days. Having a baby on impulse and/or at a young age requires financial and personal commitment to one another, something that young people these days have neither of. With the continued stratification of jobs and the ability to obtain one, undergraduate education is very important. This seemingly necessary education has been put as a priority for many young people. In “Unmarried With Children”, it seems to be the poorer population that has children the earliest. However, mothers of these children are happy with the outcome. Between cultures, having a baby at a certain age can be a good or a bad thing, it just depends how you were raised. Having a child at a young age is irrational though, when weighing finances and commitment in a fast paced world.

    1. I completely agree with you there. Don’t quote me here, but I believe that the statistics actually show that the average age people are having children in the united states is pointing towards most, especially those of the Millennial Generation (or Gen-Y), having children much later in life. This is because the idea of marriage or having children has become a very distasteful idea if you are not financially secure.

      Recently, whenever I hear about couples having children and not being prepared for it or are doing it so early in life, I always hear it being said in a “such a shame” sort of way. And even back in high school, I only knew one girl who got pregnant and everyone always talked about it in something of a negative light.

      The only time I’ve seen sudden and poorly planned pregnancies celebrated is whenever a celebrity has a baby. And even then sometimes people harp on it.

      1. The celebrities have the money to provide for the babies. Even able to hire a nanny that will give the child attention. At least the child will have someone to turn for support.

    2. Yes the young mothers perhaps are happy because this is something that they can aspire to, being a mother. Due to their way of life, environment, or experience. A baby is something positive in their life. Social mobility is impossible. They accept the way they live and unfortunately, their life with a baby only gets harder.

  88. I completely agree with this I’m 20 years old and I graduated high school a few years ago. and while I was a senior in high school 5 girls, 2 girls in the junior class and 3 in the sophomore class all had babies. That’s just ridiculous that girls are having babies that young. I’m already 20 and the thought of someone younger than me having a baby frightens me. The quote children shouldn’t have children should be taught into every household.

    1. Seconded. When I was in high school 2 years ago I knew at least 6 or 7 people in my school that were pregnant, and that was just the ones I had classes with. Supposedly the rate of teen pregnancy was 7:1 had a child out of roughly 4000 students. The fact that something like this happens on a yearly basis and nothing has been substantially done about it to have made it at least decline minimally is disgusting. People who have these kids don’t actually make it through their teen years and haven’t experienced even prom. Its just sad and disappointing that girls think there isn’t a way out whether it be a pro choice one or adoption. High school and college is where you find yourself or at least what you want to be.

      1. The teens miss out on their youth and future. I agree that nothing has been done to have this trend decline. What do you propose we do? I think alot of it starts at home and a lost sense of community. Social media was supposed to bring us together. People are to preoccupied with themselves to want to hear or help others, generally speaking. These teens should have a positive outlet within the schools or community for their attention and emotional needs, instead of having babies.

      2. I can agree. There are girls that I have graduated with that have kids. In fact, there were 2 girls that had kids WHILE they were in high school still, at the age of 16. Personally, I think that their choice to have a baby at such a young age is their decision and that others don’t influence that decision. They choose to keep the baby. There are plenty of methods to abort a pregnancy or even prevent it from happening such a birth control, condoms, or Plan B Pill. Sure there is the media that portrays things as they want, but ultimately at the age of 15 or 16, you should know the consequences of having babies at such a young age.

      3. I think It has to do a lot with the women. In no way am I sexist, but a lot of the girls are emotionally unstable. In high school every other girl I knew was on anti depressants or anti anxiety pills. I think that in today’s time people are too worried about themselves. If we could change the outlook on that then it would be a start.

      4. That may be, but there are other reasons behind it as well. I mean, who are we to say when it is acceptable or not to have a child? 100 years ago it was not uncommon for a 17 or 18 year old girl to be married with a kid on the way. It is really all perspective. We have changed as a whole, but some people like to continue their customs and truly believe their sole purpose for being put on this Earth was to reproduce. There are so many variables in which we cannot accommodate them all.

      5. When you look at it that way in a sense your completely right. I guess if you can finically support yourself and your baby in a healthy manor and if its something that you truly want. Then I suppose it is justified.

    2. I’m sure those girls are frightened too once they realize that there is no turning back. After the baby arrives so does reality.

      1. Not surprisingly, most of them enjoyed it, even some of the dads that were just as young enjoyed. But yes there were a few that were terrified.

      2. I think the idea of a baby is exciting for these girls and the guys feel that they can keep the girls. When the baby comes and needs all her attention and time for herself is gone, it is a terrifying experience. It seems that the guys get off easy unless they decide to help with care and paying for expenses. If that is the case, any young man would be terrified.

      3. BUT most of them probably don’t have a father figure in their lives. I know the 2 I did talk to did not have fathers active in their lives. Either they left them at a young age or they just didn’t have parents that ever married… Times have changed so much that it doesn’t really matter anymore to have a kid out of wedlock. Hell im pretty sure even some celebrities have had kids out of wedlock. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It just is how far a women will go to show love to either the father, the baby, or both.

  89. I can see where you’re coming from, talking about how been a teen mom can seem like a “trend”. But as time goes on everyone starts maturing at younger and younger ages and sex is WAY too casual of a thing now a days. Even though, teen pregnancy is frowned upon in the United States. Some of those Teen moms can be the best moms those babies will ever get. One of my friends mom had them when she was 18 and she is the best mom too my friend right now. I’ve never seen two people get along so well and just really love each other that much before. I don’t believe in a 14 year old having a baby though. There is something not right about that and if you can’t even drive legally in your state you shouldn’t be having a baby. Sex is becoming way to casual, which is bad for society. But I’ve seen some teen pregnancies become the most beautiful and loving relationships because all the stuff the mom had to go through at such a young age just makes her love her baby THAT much more and really do appreciate the baby.

    1. Yes, casual sex and everything else. Life itself and important issues are viewed too casually as well.

      1. It’s just that were just getting too used to everything. Guidelines that used to be followed just no longer exist.

      2. Yes, the world we used to live in no longer exists. It seems that as society is supposed to advance, understand, and better itself, we still find ourselves with many societal issues. Advancements in technolgy have not helped us resolve these issues. perhaps creating new ones.

      3. This may be a shot in the dark but I got to say I have a feeling it is the media that has incorporated the idea into teens heads that sex is something that really isn’t a big deal… Obviously times have changed but I mean there are kids having sex now a days as early as 12 and 13… Its just messed up. Everything has been so blurred that there really isn’t anything saying that it is a big deal or not. No one cares enough besides to just have sex with someone that they think is attractive but have no idea what that actually implies. In the end, people who do stay abstinent have the right idea but in the wrong terms… Abstinence should be practiced until finding someone that you can trust… Cause I know there are both men and women out there that just want a quick lay.

      4. I think the use of technology is great….to an extent. Nowadays everything is technological, and it’ll just keep getting more advanced. But we also have to remember that technology doesn’t have the instincts amd awareness that we humans do and I think that is slowly being forgotten.

  90. While reading this it was hard to not think of myself. It may sound crazy, and I may be just shy of 20 years old, but it has crossed my mind multiple times about having a kid. Now, there are many variables as to why I thought about it from time to time. The number one reason, though, is that my girlfriend and I have been dating, on and off, for just about 5 years now. I look at having a child as the beginning of something great. Between raising them, watching them grow physically and mentally, just amazes me. Knowing that I can help raise my kid to change the world would make me feel proud. I think of all these things, but then I think about it even more and I realize that although all those things are great, I have plenty of time to do that in about 10 years. 🙂

  91. I agree and disagree with this article because there is so much to teen pregnancy. I don’t think that teens necessarily get pregnant on propose because they think it’s cool, I think they get pregnant because they think sex is cool. I believe teens want to have sex because everyone is sex and they think they are going to be the lucky ones that don’t get pregnant. Everyone knows teens are going to talk about sex and how great it is and also how the high school couples felt closer when they did it. Then the word spreads around the school and teens are more willing to try to have sex and experiment without protection and in some cases leads to pregnancy. But I also believe that T.V and the media plays a huge role in teens wanted to have sex because in every romantic movie after the couple has sex they are so in love and that’s not how it works. I think the show ‘Teen Mom’ and the movie ‘Pregnancy Pact’ doesn’t make you want to have a baby but I do think it makes it okay if were to get pregnant. In the movie Pregnancy Pact her friends were trying her to get pregnant because one of her friends were pregnant and she said it was okay because she going through it. Teen shows like teen mom just shows the viewer that if you were to get pregnant this is how they handle it and that what makes teens think it’s okay if they got pregnant but it doesn’t make them want to get pregnant. But that’s just my opinion.

  92. The media has a great impact of virtually anything towards the younger generation. It influences them and makes things such as pregnancy out of wed-lock, young pregnancy, using and abusing drugs and alcohol, etc. The media has glamorized every possible negative thing an individual can do especially a young individual. The one thing I would like to point out that there is not only a leading trend in having babies at a young age for a women, but there are also young women pursing their education because of their ability and their increase independence and freedom as a women in society. Those women tend to not have children until their later years or none at all. I believe that there is an increasing trend in young pregnancies, but I also believe that more women are realizing that this trend is beginning to get out of style.

  93. I can’t imagine having and raising a child right now because I would what to be the one raising him/her without my parent’s help and I know I definitely couldn’t handle that right now. I always talk about wanting a child because I know the day I become a mom will be the most cherished day of my life, but I want to be able to provide an amazing home for my child to grow up in and be financially stable, out of college with my law degree and a stable job before I consider bringing another life into this world. I also want to make sure the man I have my child with is with me forever because I wouldn’t want my child to have to deal with divorced parents (just a personal opinion). Many teens don’t consider these things and I believe are selfish by having a child and not being able to provide the most for him/her. Being a parent requires responsibility by both parties, and that isn’t responsible.

    1. I can relate to this statement. But be careful not to wait too long until things are right financially. You might end up in my shoes, 38 and still no kids, afraid you waited too long. Planning is great, but sometimes you have to trust things will all work out.

  94. I agree that teen pregnancy seems to be on the rise and I would say that that is primarily due to the amount of exposure these young mothers are getting; shows like Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, etc. Teenagers getting pregnant is not anything new, and I wonder if teen pregnancies really are on the rise as we have been led to believe.While I agree that having a baby seems like the “cool” thing to do for some, I don’t believe that is the reason behind the number of teen pregnancies- lack of education is. I myself have talked about how many children I want to have, (albeit the number is zero), with my friends and even my mother; I don’t find anything wrong with that. In my experience, talking about children, weddings,etc, is pretty standard conversation among women that usually refers to future plans.I think the danger is in not talking about children because one doesn’t realize that is a possibility for them. One of my best friends is a teen mom and I have supported her, never for a second has it made me want to have a child. I disagree with the notion that the friend who isn’t pregnant may become envious or want to have a child themselves because seeing the struggles they face actually has the adverse effect,as it has on me.

    1. I do not believe having a baby seems like the “cool” thing to do. I think it is still a mistake. It isn’t cool to have a kid as teen, it’s a struggle. It is becoming more common lately do to the pressure to fit in to society. I also believe that the reason that teens having kids is risen is because of society makes it not seem as bad as it actually is.

    2. I completely agree that being a friend of a teenage mother does not make one envious. It does in fact, have the opposite effect. Watching the struggles and responsibilities they now face makes me even more aware that I have no desire to be a teenage mother. However,I believe that these TV shows about teenage pregnancies show teens that accidentally get pregnant and have to face the consequences for the rest of their lives. I don’t see that these shows have encouraged more teens to get pregnant. If some teens feel like this is the “in thing” to do then it must be a small percentage of teens. Also, then I believe these particular teens have not been informed or raised properly to form a clear and healthy perspective on life and therefore TV shows can not be fully blamed. I have watched those shows and known pregnant teens and my perspective on this issue and plans for my life have not changed one bit.

  95. I have to agree in part with this. I do not want to have children anytime in the near future and my friends and adults look at me like I’m crazy. My own mother gives me grief about it. I mentioned to her that if I ever did have kids, it would be after I am 30 and she told me I might want to think about trying a little earlier because at 30 I might have some trouble with infertility. We are in a different time where people are getting married older and older but biology just takes over for a lot of young people, I think.

  96. Teen pregnancy is becoming an epidemic, but so is infertility. Although I do not agree with young girls having children, I do see a trend in trouble conceiving with women in their mid 30s. It is interesting to see the ratio of women getting pregnant at an early age and established women trying to conceive. Many women are waiting to have children till they finish school, establish a career and find the right partner. However, the chances of getting pregnant later on in life is becoming difficult and many couples resort to infertility interventions. Today there are many clinics and specialists that promote fertility that did not exist a couple of decades ago. With advancements in medical treatments, procedures like In Vitro fertilization, injectable drugs and surrogacy have become popular solutions to conceive children. It may be related to diet, overall health or to the decreased chances of getting pregnant later on in life. Either way our body is designed to have children optimally at a younger age. Perhaps we need a fast track in our educational system so that women are able to be established in their early 20s and can settle down with a partner to start a family sooner than later.

  97. I agree with many of the points made here Cokere. I do not believe that having a child young should hinder your full potential. However, every young mom is not in the same situation. Some may have support from their parents and the father of the child, while others are alone and have to do what it takes to support the child. Even with welfare or government assistance it is not enough to support a baby as well as yourself. Many moms have to work two jobs to financially provide and have little free time for school or personal enrichment. We must look at people from all walks of life.

  98. I believe that society is not truly accepting pregnant teens but, it does to seem to be coming more of and acceptable norm. Do to the amount of teens that are getting pregnant in today’s society. The norm of teen pregnancy is changing very rapidly to more and more teens having kids. The new television shows that they are coming out such as teen mom, are also aiding the change of the norm. As far as education out and having kids in; I don’t really believe that women that have children normally want to give up their education they normally want to continue it to some degree to give a better life for the child.

  99. I completely agree with the fact that tv shows like Teen Mom are glorifying the idea of teen pregnancy. This gives teens the idea that, hey they get a tv show for being pregnant, so why can’t I? Having babies is a big responsibility that I don’t think these teenagers truly understand. A baby is a living thing that needs a lot of attention and care that I don’t thing many teenagers are ready to give. Not only are they too young, but their brains are not fully developed enough to even comprehend certain aspects of life, much less raising a child. I don’t think, however, this has an effect on the people who are friends with this person. Personally, I know people who have had children while still in high school the same time I was and this did not change my plans at all. The idea of having a family and the question of how many kids I might want to have has been around me even when I was a little kid. Playing house or playing with dolls at school recess, this question was tossed around almost as much as who took the blue crayon. Maybe it is because of this reason that I have not been effected by the idea of teen pregnancy, but all I know is that my plans have not changed one bit.

    1. I agree, teenagers are too young to have babies and what truly makes this an issue is that their brains have not fully developed. In time their minds will change on many things from all the information they will learn and the experiences they will have. So making such a huge decision, in which they are not fully informed on, is not wise or responsible. It will effect their lives in drastic ways that they did not expect. However, I also do not agree that young teens are effected by their pregnant teenage friends. I knew many pregnant teenagers in high school and unfortunately in middle school as well. I never envied those teens, I felt bad for them. I was aware of the many struggles that were about to be placed in their lives. My thinking about having a family and kids of my own did not stem from these teen parents. As you said, playing house and dolls and just relating to your own family while you are young is a part of every child’s life. I also did not ever meet a pregnant teenager who was looking forward to their pregnancy. They were all terrified and embarrassed. So what would make me want to be in their shoes? If they were not scared, I would only be more scared for them because then they are completely unaware of the life that they are walking into.

      1. I agree. Having met teens my age who were pregnant only brought on the idea that I knew I was not ready for a baby. I was too busy worrying about my grades that I knew I could not take on the responsibility of having a child. Not only just meeting them, but the fact that I was taking classes where we had to plan out a future and see how we would survive, a baby was definitely not in my future. Not only because I knew I was not ready, but because they are so expensive. You have to budget in baby food, diapers, clothes, a crib, all these things that I knew I would not be able to afford.

      2. Yes, finances are an important factor when having a baby and even I can not say that at that age i was informed on anything financial. Necessities for the baby, medical payments, and so much more. I still can not say I am fully informed. Having a baby is a huge responsibly, one of the biggest in life. I believe that teenagers are at least aware of this and that tops the baby fever excitement about adorable babies and tiny cloths. A baby is not a doll and i have never met a pregnant teenager that is not aware of the responsibilities now placed in their hands. What teenager wants more responsibilities? none that I have met.

  100. There are people in this world who cannot tolerate having same sex couples around. In the 21st century, gays are becoming more open about their sexuality and it is becoming something we are accustomed to. Without a doubt, they should be given the same human rights as any other human being. People are raised differently and value different beliefs but that does not mean that we should look at them differently. Of course sexual transmitted diseases come to the table because it can be caught while having sexual intercourse with each other but that goes for any other couple as well. As human beings, we should cherish those people and idolize them as much as we would to any famous person because it takes courage to come out and say your true sexuality. In today’s society, same sex couple will become a big change in the world.

  101. I do believe that the concept of having a child out of wedlock has become vastly more acceptable. However, I believe this to be due to marriage becoming less popular and traditional trends being strayed away from. I know a hand full of girls who had babies too young, but this idea of it being the “popular” things to do is far from the truth. Education and finding a good and steady job with your degree has been the primary focus of our generation. We are straying away from marrying and making a family until later in life in order to ensure our own success. Of course, there will always be people who defy that change, but having children at a young age has not become the “in thing” to do, despite the numerous television shows about it.

    1. I was thinking the same thing while I was reading this article. I have known many pregnant teenagers but I have yet to meet one that is like the description of them here. I would not consider being a pregnant teenager an “in thing” to do. Every pregnant teenager that I have known was scared and embarrassed to the point that they stopped attending school once it became noticeable. Being a pregnant teenager is not desirable, at least not to any teenager I have met.

  102. My thoughts on this entry are split down the middle, I agree with some comments and yet others I completely disagree with. I, personally, don’t have children but MANY of my friends do. I was never effected by them having children though, I kept moving forward with my plans for my life and didn’t really focus on the fact that they were having kids. But I partially agree with the “fad” comment, because I have seen it happen first hand. One right after another, this friend was pregnant, then that one, soon around half of my close friends were having a kid or had one already.

  103. I have a child myself but it was for a personal reason. Yet I agree that these kids not in this generations and past few generations have been feeding off the mess that their friends got when they became pregnant. As if it is cool or something but not knowing the consequences, risk, and things you have to give up for parenthood. A stable home where someone is over watching their child 24/7 is a must in this society. As it is getting younger that kids are noticing things and what society is bringing among us. We have to be more prepared as parents which I personally am doing everything to keep my child on the right path and make sure I stay on they tail

  104. Honestly, I have never heard of this trend. I have never heard of anyone my age or younger having children because it is trending now. I also don’t know anyone who are having children or getting pregnant my age or even younger. I personally oppose having children before marriage, let alone having sex before marriage. Being pregnant at the age of fifteen is definitely irresponsible and I can imagine the difficulties of it. Babies aren’t cheap. They also require a lot of attention and support. How could a fifteen year old provide money, attention, and support to a baby while still attending school or having a part time job. It would be hard to juggle school, a baby, and a job. With that being said, how could having a baby at a young age be a trend? Is that what our society has come to? It used to be absolutely forbidden to have a baby before marriage a long time ago. The transformation in our society is magnificently horrible.

  105. I totally agree with your insight on this topic. Every year there is a new trend that everyone gets hooked on. Either a haircut, a new makeup, or sadly everyone wants a child. But the worst part of it all is they only want a kid because they know someone who has one. The individual just wants a kid for the cuteness and sets aside all the responsibility. People should have a child when they are actually ready not just because it’s a new trend going around. Makes me wonder what next year’s trend is going to be.

  106. I agree with you 100%. I am 22 years old and have been dating my boyfriend for about 6 years now. We are not married and we don’t have children, neither do we plan to any time soon. We are both very focused in school and don’t plan on having children until we are done with school and have stable well-paying jobs. And most importantly are ready and mature enough to raise a child. When people know my age and the time I have been with my partner they remind us that we should have children by now. Since in the past few years like you said having babies are a really young age is trending. I am one of the very few girls from high school that actually is attending college or at least not doing so with a baby or even multiple babies. This shouldn’t be a new norm adults should encourage children not to have babies at a young age and continue their education. Teens should be educated about how hard it is to raise a child and that there is time for everything and no need to rush things especially in becoming a father or mother while attending school. By teens having babies at a young age the rates of drop out might increase, hurting our economy and later becoming a social issue.

  107. Having babies in your teenage years is neither pleasant or glamorous. Pregnancy is a great thing that life offers and a true miracle, but it should be saved for later in life when people are grown and able to support themselves and their new family. People don’t necessarily have to wait till marriage to get pregnant, but they should wait till their financially stable. Yes, babies are great, but theres no rush in having children these days. Too many teenagers are thinking only about themselves rather than the baby. Babies are expensive and they need a good home to grow up in. Babies need a caring and balanced mom, and not a teenager who doesn’t have her career or living area yet. In my opinion, i don’t think enough people adopt young children that are in need of a home. There are thousands and thousands of children just waiting to be adopted. Even though the adopting process is expensive, well so is having your own baby. Mothers need to realize that they need a better plan in order and her and her baby to have a good life.

  108. After reading this article, I am torn between whether I agree more than I disagree or vice versa. Just a few weeks ago I had a conversation with my mother that was very similar to this article and my opinions on teen and young pregnancy. I had been thinking about the amount of teen pregnancies lately, just in and around my hometown, and how I feel like this generation may very soon be the next “Baby Boomers.” It seems as though many girls my age and younger seem to be having babies and some could not be happier. This is not always the case, however, I do know of some people who were shocked to find themselves in this situation and were overcome with the feeling of sadness. In contrast to the author’s views, as a teenage girl, I have not given much thought to having kids and I am still a little unsure of my feelings about having children in my future.

  109. I am aware of the amount of young adults or teens having babies. I understand that this “trend” may not just be a trend but something that has always been going on in society. Unfortunately, in today’s society media play a predominant role in what and how people view certain things. There have always been teen mothers, heck, it used to be normal for young women to bear a child before they were 20, while their husbands made a living. With that being said I don’t think young mothers, or fathers, is a new problem. However, I do agree that there is a problem in glamorizing having children at such a young age, and out of wedlock, in the media. I have seen “16 and Pregnant” and not one single girl on that show is married, and most of them don’t have a steady relationship with the baby’s father, or even an education. It is a shame that our new generation of youth has to be exposed to media this way. The last thing we want is young girls striving to be the next teen mom. Instead media, with the help of society, should glamorize marriage, education, and then babies.

  110. I really disagree with having babies becoming a trend. Teen pregnancy has been an issue for a while, but by no means is it a trend. Shows like Teen Mom were made to show the struggle of teenage mothers, and movies like the Pregnancy Pact were supposed to show the negative sides (and there are a lot) of teen pregnancy.
    There were girls at my high school who were pregnant, and they were not proud of it. They love their children and they’re working hard to give them a fulfilling life, but they were never proud of themselves. Pregnancy is a scary thing.
    That being said, maybe there are areas were teenagers are excited by the idea of raising children, but I think the environment plays a huge role. Some teenagers genuinely believe that school isn’t for them, and this perhaps makes them fantasize of motherhood or fatherhood. If that’s the case, I think there should be more education on the topic. Our health classes are too concerned with scaring high schoolers out of having sex, instead of teaching them important things.

  111. I am in agreement with you that today many young teens are having children at a young age and out of wed-lock. It has become more accepted and less frowned upon. I personally love children, and since I was a child myself, I had kids names planned out because I just loved the thought of having my own children because I’ve always loved children. But, I have never once thought actually about having a child of my own during my teen years. That is something I always planned as having when I get married and find the right person, and I still think that way. My parents would kill me if I came home pregnant as a teen. My parents always told me to go to school, travel, and live my life to the fullest before I decide to settle down and take on such a big responsibility of having my own child. I respect that. But, if people choose to have a child at a young age, I respect that opinion as well, as long as they are willing and capable of providing and caring for their child. Society has changed though, because teens are procreating like no other these days.

  112. I agree that some shows are teaching kids that having kids at a young age is the cool thing to do but in actuality it’s not. I think the show ‘Teen Mom” has a little to do with that but most of the teenagers these days care about having kids. “Teen Mom” is supposed to show you ho hard it actually is to raise a child, so therefore you wouldn’t have one. Teenagers don’t know how much time nd effort really goes into having a baby and how much money you spend n a baby. I personally don’t have aa baby but my cousin does and from what I’ve seen I personally don’t want a child until mid 30s maybe because I’ve seen how much work goes into to having baby.

  113. Shows like Teen Mom can go either way. It could either be seen as it showing other young ones of the struggles of having a child financially and in general, or it can get others the idea that its all fun and games when it shows the happy side. Now a day, all I see on social media is of ex classmates getting pregnant and having babies and leaving school. Sure having a child can be a blessing but having a career and being financially stable can make the experience way easier and smoother before you have a child.

    1. Jay, I agree that teen mom can go both ways . I feel like people don’t realize that it is important to have a job before they have a baby until they actually have it . They didn’t think about how they where going to pay for all of the things the baby needs before they had the baby.

  114. I love Teen Mom! I have been watching all through high school and in no way did it ever make me want a baby! I don’t know about other TV shows, but this one shows how difficult it is beyond having a baby, in fact it really only shows the girls struggle. Girls who thought having this baby would keep their partner with them forever are crushingly disappointed. When parents will not support the baby, teens are forced to quit school and work. Who would want that kind of life for themselves or their child? I know several girls that had babies in high school, while most were able to finish high school, college is a struggle for them and very few are with the father of their child. I can see the point that if your very close friend is pregnant you are talking about babies rather than school because that is what is going on in their life but I would think that would show you just how hard it is to be a teen mom. I agree that C. Wright Mills (1959) would say that society was once very strict about out of wedlock childbirth but it was once also very strict about divorce and that happens all the time whether we agree or not. It is not for me to say if it is right or wrong to have a baby in your teens but it is not something that I would encourage and maybe if more teens saw how difficult the reality of having a child is so young they would think twice before having unprotected sex.

  115. Babies this is a tough subject, I do agree that our society is making it socially acceptable to have children out of wedlock and at a younger age than normal. However what age is considered a normal age to start having children? Nearly Seventy years ago was the start of the generation they called the “Baby Boomers”, were young adults ranging from 18-25 were getting married and having children. So was it only acceptable since they were married back then, versus now where none of the young adults are married but have babies. Even though the ages are about the same the only difference is teens and young adults are not completely thinking about the situation. Yes, babies are adorable and would be great to have around, but could you actually financially support a child at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, or nineteen? Do you have a part-time or full-time job? Do you have benefits? Do you live with your parents or alone? Who is going to pay for the babies food, diapers, doctor visits, babies clothing and who will watch the baby while you work? Can you afford to take a leave of absence from work to deliver your baby? So many questions need to be thought about before actually having a child. The television shows make it seem like everything will work itself out. I am not saying having a child at a young age is bad, just that the parents sometimes did not fully think the situation through entirely. Yes, teen moms exist and yes there teen dads and deadbeat dads and deadbeat moms, but in the end the child is who matters the most. Are you willing to put someone else before your own selfish needs? If having a baby was easy I would have two by now, but it is not easy and I want to be selfish and put my needs first which is why I do not have children of my own yet. I am not ready to stop furthering my education to focus on a baby.

  116. I’m eighteen and everyone my age is having kids. While I was figuring out what colleges to apply to, the kids I grew up with were out having sex and getting pregnant. What strikes me about this is that many of the girls who are pregnant or have newborn babies, grew up similar to the way I did. Semi-strict, church going family. I can’t help but wonder what if that had happened to me. I’m struggling now, taking care of myself, with the help of my parents so I can’t imagine being responsible for another life. What I’ve noticed on social media is people using their children as if they’re accessories instead of human beings. Dressing their children in the most expensive clothing and carrying them around like purses. Times have truly changed.

  117. Apparently, the number of children one person will have is more important than what degree that person is wishing to pursue. When asked the question, “How many children do you want?” The pressure to please society’s desires suddenly blocks my ability to think. I don’t understand why it has to be such a big deal. On the other hand, when hearing about other girls becoming pregnant from middle school all the way up to high school was not anything bewildering. I clearly remember two particular girls who both got pregnant sophomore year of high school and when they were pregnant, they were constantly the main topic of conversation. However, after they had their babies, their popularity diminished. With that being said, it’s surprising that if the mom is able to complete a college degree after having children, it is greatly awed upon due to its extreme rarity. In a sense, it’s as if the afterlife expectations of a teenage parent is utterly predictable and people are fascinated by what society once called as unacceptable.

  118. Babies having babies isn’t such a good idea but I don’t think a lot of teens plan to get pregnant. Yes a lot of teens are having sex and a lot of them take the precautions to not get pregnant but it’s the idea of wanting to a good time that gets them into the trouble they get. Teens usually forget the problems that could come from having sex like yes getting pregnant or catching an STD in the spur of the moment. That’s why I don’t think teens should be having sex because their not fully mature to grasp the idea and be responsible enough for the consequences. But don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of teenage parents that are trying their best for their child.

  119. I think there may be some confusion about teenagers that have babies and social acceptance. I really do not see the connection. Society once frowned on gay marriage, so society changes all the time on what is acceptable. It is a personal situation to each teen, not a group decision that is up for the opinions of others. In the past, people were married younger and had babies younger. If anything it just affects the traditional view of what we think a family is. People get married then start a family, traditional. Teenagers having children are typically not married and the family dynamic changes. These children are also being raised by children that have little knowledge of the commitment it takes to raise a child, not just financially; it’s all the other things that go into being a parent. Not that it is very traditional anymore with high divorce rates. I agree that teens could use more education on the topic. In high school health class, you get the basics, but nothing about what happens when teens have babies and the consequences of that decision.

  120. This is sad but so true. Children do not need to have children. I agree many teens have children because they see it on TV and in their peers. I also think they do it so they can get unconditional love and attention from another human being. Many teenagers who didn’t receive the love and support they needed as children themselves. Teens also think they found there soul mate at such a young age and want to start their lives with them but in reality they don’t even know who they are as people. You change and learn so many after your teen years. It’s where you have all the freedom you had as a child, but now have no supervision. A baby is a full commitment not something that should happen on accident.

    1. AbbyJ, I agree when you say teens are having children because it’s on TV and because their peers have them. I think that they think it’s ok because they seen it being done and that not ok. Your suppose to encourage the youth to stay in school not drop out because they have a child, at least encourage them to try and stay in school while they have a child. I also agree they children think that they have found the love of their life. They need to slow down and actually evaluate their relationship and actually wait until their older to have children.

  121. Young adults today consider having a baby at an early age is better then trying to get an education. Many girls are getting pregnant at an early age because they are either peer pressured into by someone or by watching TV. They think if those girls on the TV can have one, they can most defiently have one too. That is not the case at all. Those girls on TV that had kids at an early age are on there because it happened by accident or they wanted to have one because they found the love of their life. Girls need to slow down and realize what could happen because in a blink of an eye everything will change.

    1. Maddie, I agree that some children are being peer pressured to have children because their friends have children or are having children. I also agree that girls need to slow down , they need to go out to dinner, go to the moves, do your homework. Do something that keeps your mind off of having children because although they are a gift they are a handful and a lot of work.

  122. I understand that young people can be heavily influenced by trends but even with the support of their peers, they should consider not just the benefits of having a child, but also the consequences of teenage pregnancy. When I was going up, teen pregnancy was something that ruined your life. It wasn’t a good thing, people would make fun of you, and sometimes girls even got pulled out of school if the bullying got too bad. I have been around pregnant women and they say that they love the fact that they can bring a life into this world, but they don’t enjoy the symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue. Also teen mothers should really think about what the life of their future child will be like. The teen probably lives with their parents, doesn’t pay bills, and may not even have a job. On top of that, the father might not be around so it will be even harder to take care of a child alone if they aren’t supported financially. Even though teen pregnancy may be a “trend” I feel bad for all the children who are born to unprepared parents who may have to give up their children because they may not be able to care for them properly.

  123. Dreams of becoming a doctor, actress, musician, lawyer, etc. became broken when society became lazy. So they went to the next step of the dream process which is, having a baby or family. Since Teenagers are selfish and ignorant, it’s all about them. They have no clue of the hardships of having a baby. It’s most impulse the way they think. I’m no one different but I never wanted a kid when I was in highschool. I still don’t want a baby and I’m in college. It’s a lot of responsibility. Babies are nice, but if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of a little you?

  124. In our present time more and more the tendencies have more force and they are imposed more in adocelentes and young people. It is acceptable to follow fashion trends, lifestyle, but I do not agree with these new youth trends which are trying to hit the lives of many teenagers in the sense of having a responsibility as big as a son. Some of these shows that the author refers to the only thing that teaches adolescents is to admit an error which is not a mistake, because if the tendencies of having children are in fashion, then why not invent a show that teaches them What to do when the parents are not responsible, when the baby does not have a stability, when parents regret having followed this trend. If this is educational and personal experiences, it is not a very good idea to promote a tendency to have babies at such young ages. This article is very critical and analytical, hope these people who believe these shows read this article. A child is not a trend is a blessing that comes with maturity and respect.

  125. Kids having kids is a topic that is relevant to me, my brother has a child and he is 15 years old. At first both parents struggled but they have had to grow up at an early age. I don’t think that shows like teen mom are glamorizing teen pregnancy in fact they show the consequences of teen pregnancy, and the strains that they have in relationships. What kids don’t understand is that having children isn’t just cute babies and smiles and giggles its about becoming an adult and having to take responsibilities. And as sad as it is many young women assume that having babies means that relationships won’t fall apart and that they will become a small family. From what I have seen that is not necessarily true.

  126. I’m not sure I would completely put the blame on the adolescents; the teachings start within the home. If the parents are displaying signs that sex at an early age and teenage pregnancy is acceptable, the child is going to think that way as well. Yet if the adolescent had an involved parent who knew what their child was doing, and educated them on the ways to prevent pregnancy, and risk of unprotected sex there would be fewer teenage parents. By no means am I discrediting the media’s influence. I just merely think we have to start at the root of the problem and then branch out.

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