Live Your Life and Mind Your Business

A guest blog artcle by Kristen Kuzanek (world citizen, student)

Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover?” It is a metaphorical phrase telling people not to judge someone by their outward appearances but look further and see them for who they truly are.

As someone who has been raised to not judge others based upon their outward appearance, I have been taken back by the various actions members of society have been portraying recently and through the years.  I am ultimately talking about the treatment the homosexual community has received from others in society.  For some reason it is as though people in society take homosexuality as a disease or mental issue because they deviated from the norms of society. For the record, most people might turn to to find that Homosexuality is defined as “a sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex”.

Nowhere in that definition is there mention of disease or mental issue, so why do we socially construct the image of homosexuals as monsters?

I believe that the reason in which this happens is because society has a hard time accepting change and straying from the norms.  Some would say that heterosexuality is the norm of society but is that the truth?  Or, is that simply what some people think?  Has there been a book, article, magazine, etc. written stating, with significant research, that heterosexuality is the norm in society? How do we know that homosexuality hasn’t been in existence for a greater amount of time?  Just because people kept their sexual orientation to themselves does not mean that the lifestyle did not exist.

Is there a law that says homosexuality is against the law?  Not anymore in America!  I understand that there is a law that prohibits homosexuals from marrying one another but that does not mean they cannot unite\ and live their life together.  Homosexuality should be looked at as another lifestyle choice.

Who are we as a society to sit here and judge someone’s sexual orientation?

The homosexual community has no effect on the lives of those outside of that particular community.  However, many would argue with me saying that it does affect their lives. In reality it only affects one’s life if they let it. Someone who is homosexual does not cause any strife in the lives of others because it is not something that you could ‘catch’ just from being around that person.

As a society we should be open and accepting of everyone in society regardless of their appearances or sexual orientation.  God did create each of us uniquely but with it should be with a mindset that every unique human being was equal to any other.

Mills (1959) would say that due to the longstanding history and organization that the homosexual community has, they do have a right to exist in society and should be treated equally. Mills would also argue that many people only care about their role in the situation and not the larger picture. For example, people are so worried about fitting into the norms of society that they do not care about the way that they treat others and the consequences of their actions.  Mills suggests that people take into mind their own experiences or the experiences of others they may know in situations and think what if that was me?  How would I want someone to treat me in this situation?  People need to look at the situations from the larger perspective not
just what their part in the situation is.  Due the severity on the issue of homosexuality in recent years, society as a whole is being effected, believe it or not, and everyone can do something to help prevent this from continuing: simply live your live and mind your business while others do the same.


Mills, C. Wright. 2000 (1959). The Sociological Imagination: Fortieth Anniversary Edition.

Oxford University Press.



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  1. I connect with this article well. I believe that gay people should be treated as an equal considering in a heterosexual relationships are looked at as being the commonality. Several groups of people do not believe in gay marriage as well as gay relationships. What is the gay community doing that is considered to disruptive to the homophobic or straight person’s life? I am bisexual and I feel that people accept female couples over male couples, but I dont see why. When I was in a relationship with another female, I received mixed emotions from people depending on their age, gender, and even race. Being attracted to the opposite sex is not a choice and should not be criticized. I believe that people are in the relationships they are for the increased amount of love, not for attention or to fight about.

    1. There is no reason homosexuals shouldn’t be treated and receive the same equalities as heterosexuals. The only thing standing between homosexuals and heterosexuals is the fear of change. Yes, our society does have norms to follow but norms are broken 24/7. Why are people so unwilling to break this norm? The gays should be accepted as people not some foreign people known as “the gays”. Not to say that our society has not improved on this issue but there is still work to be done. Our society once deemed colored people as an inferior race but now we accept colored people, not as a race and not as a group but as individuals. This acceptance needs to be extended to heterosexuals as well. Soon, the commotion over heterosexuals will be a social change that society has excepted.

      1. I agree with you, there is much work to be done. However, where we might disagree is the breaking of the norm. I do not believe the act of gay choices is acceptable or arguable healthy for society. This take goes along the lines of hating the sin and not the sinner. While I do not hate the actual human being for committing a homosexual act, I still disagree fully with the act itself. That is what a society should strive for. Not hating or shaming each other for their actions, but aiding each other to search for the best possible life to live objectively.

    2. Madelyn Ped. I totally agree that gays should be treated equal to everyone else, but at the same time shouldn’t gays treat others how they want to be treated? We cannot let anyone off the hook here. I do believe that there is an objectiveness and an absolute truth to life out one’s life in the BEST way possible, and that decision sometimes isn’t left to us. It isn’t that people who disagree with homosexuality all feel offended by those actions, but it is almost that these people want the other side to take search for the objectiveness to live ones life.

  2. Gays should in fact have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Why should someone born a certain way be discriminated against for the rest of their lives? It seems like the United States is always trying to keep one group from moving ahead in the world, be it women, minorities, or homosexuals. All these road blocks created seem to trash the famous words, “home of the free.” Until we stop concerning ourselves with other peoples sexual orientation, this is a topic that will not disappear.

    1. I completely agree with your statements and found it especially interesting when you said, “It seems like the United States is always trying to keep one group from moving ahead in the world…” It does appear to be this way and it gives us all the impression that America is very much divided, and not interested in the progression of its citizens as a whole. This, in fact, goes against our logo, “home of the free.” The sad part is that it is coming from us, not just those making the laws. If we as a society continue to accept racial slurs being spewed, derrogratory comments towards minorities and homosexuals, and the oppression of women, we will be no better than a third world country who’s values and ideas tend to be less progressive than ours. If only our beliefs and attitudes regarding minorities can advance as quickly as our technology does!

  3. This blog made me think about all the movies I’ve watched and own. I have to say some of the movies out there are just made to be as disgusting as possible because someone who sees it is going to talk about it and then make someone want to see what all the fuss is about and the chain continues.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world sex, drugs, and violence sells. It’s what the people want to see. What is the movie industry going to do? They have to give the people what they want or they won’t sell movies. I feel it’s not just the movie industry that is making the changes but society as a whole.

    Back in the day, a movie like Jurassic Park was rated PG-13 because of the violence and some language. If Jurassic Park was to come out today, I feel the rating of the movie would be PG because Jurassic Park wasn’t too violent and had minimum amount of language. The amount of violence and language on a movie like Jurassic Park, is now able to be watch on regular television. Society has become a lot more excepting of language, violence, and sexual situation and kids have more access to being able to see them.

    I have mixed feeling about blaming the parents on this one. Some parents are strict and won’t let their kids watch movies that are rated R or rated PG-13 but what’s to stop the kids for seeing it on their own? When I was growing up my parents were very strict on what I was allowed to watch. But most of my friends were able to watch movies that were of high ratings and at sleepover parties I would watch the movie with my friends anyways knowing I shouldn’t have been watching it. Yes, I guess the parents that gave of the movie could be to blame but if kids want something, they will find a way to get it.

  4. I believe that homosexuals are born, but in some cases some people would say they are made not born. I disagree. You know your gay since the beginning of your childhood. Parents would notice this change and would like to change the way you act and talk. God made you that way for a reason and that’s what people should do: accept you the way your born. Discrimination can lead up to even killing yourself or even attempting to kill yourself because you feel different. You may fall into a deep depression losing weight unexpectedly and getting so sick that the only way to get rid of this feelings are to kill yourself. You get scared to even come out to your own family for the same reason of rejection and discrimination against you. Gays wont get involved in your life if you don’t get involve in theirs so let them live their life and live your own. Don’t discriminate and accept we’re all god creations and he has send people like us to be a part of this world.

    1. The fact that being gay can have so many negative repercussions for some is beyond sad. As a society, I believe we have come a long way in terms of acceptance. However, we have not come far enough becuase the fact still remains that some homosexuals still have in their heads that being gay is a negative thing that they have to punish themselves for. I could not imagine having to hide who I am from my family and friends based on the fear that they will not accept me. The sad truth is that everytime a homosexual walks out their door, they run the risk of being slandered and assualted by an ignorant being. I completely agree with your comment!

      1. Lia, I do agree with your comment on acceptance and at the end of the day, people being homosexual shouldn’t affect anybody else. I love it! I would like to add, though, that some people may not be accepting of this because they cannot “tolerate” it, which is by far the worst way to put it. Do you think that if things were flipped around and the original expectation were to be gay rather than of heterosexual that there would still be a problem with acceptance? Do you think that acceptance is something that the world has trouble with because of all of the negative influence or is it a personal choice ?

    2. Yes, it is very true that descrimination and any other types of bad judgements can cause someone to self harm. One thing I would like to add though is that it doesn’t matter if you are born homosexual, or someone chooses to be homosexual (disagree), discriminatory acts should never even occur in the first place. God put us all in this earth to create one big whole successful community, not to create subgroups that think they are more justifiable than others. Love your comment!<l

  5. I think this is still a major issue in our society and it is going to take a lot of work to create the type of acceptance needed to support homosexuals and their right to be treated equally. I agree with the Mills quote about looking at things on both the Macro and the Micro scale. People are very worried about fitting in and if they see on the “small scale”– their peers mocking homosexuals or their parents do not approve of homosexual behavior, then they are going to follow accordingly just to fit in. On the larger scale this is a big problem and there is an entire group here that is being discriminated against. It is too bad that a lot of people do not make an informed compassionate opinion of homosexuality until they are well into their twenties. Sometimes, for people of high school age, the damage has already been done and they are permanently scarred emotionally or in extreme cases harassment can lead to suicide. For an advanced country there is still a lot of ignorance flying around and we need to push for more education and support of the homosexual movement. I think most of the educating should be happening at home, but as well all know that is not always the case. Acceptance should start at an early age and kids that are showing signs of homosexuality at a young age should be supported in appropriate ways.

  6. My brother is gay, I am not. If I ever heard someone talking him down I’d go crazy. The topic of this blog says it all (for the most part). It’s only when ANY person tries shoving some idea down my throat that I get on the offensive about it. I’ll “discuss” any topic, but when you force the issue then you have a problem with me and probably most people. Just go be you and leave me alone.

    1. I understand why you get offensive when someone tries to shove their belief down your throat because I am the same way. There are many things that I don’t believe in that my family does, and it has put stress on our relationship because they won’t just leave it be, they continuously try to make me believe in what they believe in. I’m also open to discussion about any topic, but if they start to bash my beliefs, it gets heated. I find it inconsiderate for someone to try and change someone’s beliefs.

      1. John and Kelley, I agree with both of you. One shouldn’t try to force something on one’s opinion or beliefs. There is a reason why we live in America and one reason is freedom of speech, meaning we have the right to state our own opinion. But some don’t understand that we still have that right to voice our opinions in what we belive in. But some won’t leave the situation alone they would try to get the situation more heated to get more attention. Which honestly is really stupid. So both of you should be happy for who you are and what you believe in and don’t let anyone let you think otherwise or change in what you believe in unless you want to.

      2. That is a good point and nobody likes their beliefs being bashed. It is one thing to disagree with someone’s beliefs but it is completely different if someone talks bad about you, your practices, or anything in general. I don’t agree with certain beliefs just as you wouldn’t agree with another persons beliefs but I respect their beliefs and keep quite about them, just as I would like them to do the same for me. It is okay to disagree but it is also very important to remember to listen and accept that they have their beliefs and you have your own.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with you. I truly just do not understand why so many people in this world feel the necessity to think less of homosexuals. Everyone has the right to find happiness and love and it should not be up to society to dictate whether or not they find it with someone of the same or opposite sex. Acceptance is something that every child in this world should be taught; it should be instilled in them from the beginning because it’s what life is all about.

    1. Something that I have noticed in regards to your comment, is that most people use their religious beliefs to justify their feelings against homosexuality. However, while they are so strongly opposing it and degrading it because it is “what the bible says”, they ignore other things such as the bible saying not to have sex before marriage. It seems that they are selectively choosing what the rules they want to follow are. If somebody is going to be against homosexuality because it is their strong, true religious belief and they follow ALL of the bible’s other guidelines towards themselves, then that to me is reasonable because people can believe what they want to believe. However, if your going to oppose homosexuality because it is against the bible, but you too are going against the bible in your own ways then that is hypocritical.

  8. I agree 100%. I have family members that are homosexuals and it upsets me when people judge them for it when really these certain family members are some of the most caring and loving people that I know. People should be viewed on how they treat others and not who is standing next to them as a spouse/mate. If that is what makes them happy then so be it. No one has the right to tell anyone who they should love. There are no more arranged marriages in the US these days so if we can grow from being told who to marry in society from back then, why cant it be the same for homosexuals? They are people too.

  9. I also completely agree with you. I have many friends who are homosexuals and I hate hearing anything negative or judgmental about the homosexual community just as much as they do. It’s completely unfair that people get ridiculed and judged just because of their sexual preference. I will never understand why some people don’t accept the homosexual community. Heterosexuals and homosexuals are equally capable of the same things. Everyone has the right to love and happiness, no matter who they are attracted to.

    1. Kelley and John I like how you defend your homosexual siblings and friends. I have friends like you that defend the capability we homosexuals have. We all have the right to love no matter what our sexual preference is. If we are here on earth is for a reason. People just need to be open minded and accept the fact that times have change. We don’t live in the 1900. we are in 2012 and we need to make the changes and accept everyone for who they are not for what society wants us to be.

    2. This is a really interesting discussion so I thought I would get on the back of it. Kelley, I like your comment that everyone has the right to love and happiness. That is so true. What I get very upset about is the fact that gay couples cannot legally marry (and I do not mean civil unions which some states, including Illinois, have passed). The defense of marriage act (DOMA) is utterly outdated and needs to move with the tides of change. So many people are pro gay relationships and pro gay marriage. Why hasn’t the law changed to reflect this?

    3. I think it is also important to consider what world we want our youth to grow up in. If we want them to grow thinking that is ok to be intolerant and prejudice against others then by all means we should discriminate. If we want them to grow up around the example of treating others with love, acceptance, and equality, then we need to start setting that example for them now. It starts with us!

  10. I strongly agree with this issue, you shouldn’t judge someone for who they are or by they look like. That’s just wrong, honestly everyone should be able to live their own lives without others dictating them on what to do. I have a few friends who are gay and I don’t treat them any differently then I do with others, I treat them like normal human beings with respect like everyone in society should. Just because someone’s gay doesn’t mean their a monster like mentioned in the blog, they are all human just like us. So honestly, everyone should just leave one another alone and not judge one another and if the individual has nothing nice to say then they shouldn’t say nothing at all. Simple as that.

  11. I agree one hundred percent with this article. There are many things that people do in there lives that others might think are weird or disgusting but if they are not criminal or violent toward others why should we mistreat those people? I believe that it is human nature, especially male human nature, to subjugate others in order to gain a sense of power over that person. In today’s society we have learned that subjugation and oppression will not bring you any long term gain, but people continue to do it on a person level to homosexuals on a daily basis. Those people are ignorant and uneducated in my opinion if those people just opened up and let all forms of life into there world they could experience so much more and receive a better quality of life. I personally am a heterosexual male but i went to The Gay Pride parade in Chicago a few years ago and i had a great time. If people could just set aside the sexual orientation of the gay community I think that they could see that they are good people who have a lot to offer. They are created just as equal as the rest of us they just happen to be as unique as we all grow up to be. Everyone has their differences and they’re own preferences that make up who they are but if we could just accept the differences with the things we perceive as good qualities we could work together as a society to create a new more cohesive world that doesn’t need to fight over things as petty as sexual orientation.

  12. This article is extremely compelling and well written. I believe that people should not be treated differently based on sexual orientation. The reason people judge so fast is based off their own set of morals and values. I must say myself that when i was younger, before I gave homosexual people a chance, I judged them very hard since i was brought up in a religious family. I regret that more then ever. It was incredible ignorant of me to let religion take control of my own thought process. When I grew up, I found out that my one of my best friends, my brother, was gay. Now that I am older I have no trouble excepting him exactly as he is. Even though I myself do not have homosexual tendencies or desires, I love spending time with my brother and his homosexual friends. It broadens my view on society and I feel as if i am making an effort to love all people regardless of social differences.

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. Who are we to judge someone because the difference between us is that they prefer their own sex opposed to the other sex? It is wrong of our society to label this group, many of whom are great people. It is funny to see a persons true colors behind the Gay righrts movements, when questioned one on one they may say it does not bother them, but when in a group of protesters it is a disgusting act. When you question someone who is homosexual they will say with pride that they are gay. I also agree there is no law against being homosexual, so why are these people treated as deviant. We once had a norm that it was deviant to be gay, but not in todays society. Those who are gay should feel comfortable walking the street, going anywhere and not facing persecution. Thank you for your post on this!

  14. I am not against gay people, I personally do not care what people do outside of public, but I definitely do not agree for them to get married. I believe marriage is a sacred thing, it isn’t something that could happen amongst any kind of people. I was always thought that it exist between a man and a woman, and I am pretty sure it will stay that way. Again, I don’t have have anything against people driving BMW or Benzes, liking apples or peaches, or having different sexual preferences. Yet, if marriage is brought up, it is something much more serious.

  15. I think in this day you get looked down upon if you are gay and if don’t support the gay movement. Ironic I know. People need to stop freaking out and acting like the world will end because men get with men and women get with women. Society got worried when interacial marriage was on the rise and there is nothing wrong with world because of it and there still isn’t. I think our society is so focused on these harmless groups that we avoid to look at the groups that really do cause harm to our communities like gangs,kkk and groups that enforce with violence.

    1. That is a great statement, people should be able to move on with their lives so we can focus on the pressing issues in society. Human kind has survived thousands of years with homosexuals and i don’t think they are going anywhere. If people could just learn to accept people for their differences then we could focus on the parts of society that really deserve our full attention.

  16. I dont have any problem with homosexuality. If one of my friends came out of the closet one day and told me he was gay I would not look at him any differently. Peoples sexual orientation are there own decisions and beliefs and no one should try to force them to be something there not. The problem in society today is people are sometimes raised by their parents, family, guardians to hate gay people. People can be strongly influenced by what others do or how the media portrays things. I know people who are strongly influenced by the music they listen to which many times degrades and hates on homosexuals. They then treat homosexuals the same way.Peer pressure from friends is also a factor. Many times in high school there would be a couple who were homosexual making out in the middle of the hallways and my friends would always make fun of them and call them names. I on the other hand would just walk past them and not say anything. I would ask them later why they were making fun of them and my friends would tell me ” there making out why wouldnt i make fun of them” or “thats so disgusting i hate gay people.” It seemed like they already made up their minds that being gay was bad before they even saw those people.

  17. In this article you question whether heterosexuality is a norm. I can tell you that it certainly is. We learned in class that “norms are rules, standards, and expectations that guide behavior in a society”. Heterosexuality has a great majority over other sexual lifestyles (since it is the way people make more people) and is thus regarded almost everywhere as being normal. Unless you grew up in a gay family or live in a community with a strong LGBT presence like San Francisco, you probably picture a man and a woman when you think of “family.” Homosexuality is likewise classified as deviant, defined as behavior that does not conform to the norm. None of this is to imply that homosexuality hasn’t had a long history or that homosexuals aren’t entitled to the same rights as everyone else; it’s just that behavior practiced by the majority is what defines norms.

  18. I think nowadays heterosxuality is a norm because society accepts it way more today than how they used to be. Schools now have clubs that are designated for gay straight alliances. Being muslim we are supposed to frown upon gays but I do not judge whatsoever. My best guy friend is gay and I love him. People typically assume that if you have a friend of the same sex that is attracted to the same sex that they would be attracted to you and that is not the case at all. They do not realize that just because you could potentially like that person, that is not always the case. They are just like straight people. They are humans and people don’t see that. Whether your christian or muslim or any religion you have the extremists who think that they are the devil and they are going straight to hell. I think they are just like every straight person if not more down to earth.

  19. I do not think that there are many of our peers who would say that gays should not be treated equal, especially anybody in this class. We have all been fortunate to be apart of a generation of people who are more accepting, and for us and many people we know it would be to go against the norm to disagree with gay rights. This does have a lot to do with the fact that most of us know someone in our lives who is homosexual or knows of someone who is, with more and more people coming out with their sexuality it is almost impossible not to. Putting a face to the unequal treatment has definitely helped many of my peers decided their stance on gay rights/marriage. Why would one of my friends be looked down upon and denied rights because of a preference? I think we all need to decide what is the cause of this homophobia that is preventing the homosexual community from receiving equal rights? The question is not should they have equal rights, the question is what is stopping it.

  20. Yes, I have my own religious beliefs. I respect people who stand by them. I accept the concept that everyone is different. I have plenty on gay friends. I think once you accept that gay people are normal people just like we are the better off you we be. My gay friends sometimes can make me laugh harder then you would believe. I don’t judge people for who they are. I believe the only person that has the right to judge is the man upstairs. To each their own. Except people for who they are. This doesn’t mean you have to watch them express public affection or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. My favorite saying “do you boo”!!!

  21. Good article with which I wholeheartedly agree, but I would like to point one major thing out. Semantics are very important, as they can profoundly affect the manner in which a person understands what is said. Sometimes how you say it really is more important than what you mean. For example, the homosexual community prefers to be called ‘gay’ or ‘lgbt,’ and there is a reason for this. The word homosexual puts emphasis on the sexual act of people of one gender having intercourse with each other, but gay takes away that connotation in favor of a focus on the happiness two people can have when they love each other regardless of genitalia. I think if you had said gay or lgbt instead of homosexual, the point would have been understood better by any potential homophobes reading.

  22. Very good article. I agree with it 100% percent. Homosexuality is not a disease, it’s just someone liking the same sex. Americans really do not mind their own business and I have always thought some people take it way out of context. Like the ones who treat it like a disease, those people are wrong. I work with a guy at work who is gay and everyone treats him like any other human. This past weekend I met two people who were together, both males, and they are now one of the coolest and funniest guys I know. Homosexuality is fine and Americans really should not make comments or make homosexuals feel bad. That’s their own choice! So stay out of there way and let them be themselves.

  23. I agree fully in what this article says. Being who you are is your given right and treating someone differently because of their orientation is just wrong. These people do not have an affect on anyone’s life but their own. Unfortunately, our older generation has brought up people believing that being homosexual is morally wrong. Or people who grow up in their church, it is outside of their norm so automatically it is the wrong thing. I say out with the old, and in with the new! The gay community does incredible things and made monumental changes such as the right to gay marriage in some of our states. These are strong, educated, capable people and they are making a positive change for our next generation to come while some heterosexual people are sitting in their parents basement waiting for a change. It’s sad that so many people can be so arrogant to people who are simply doing what they themselves are doing, living their life the most positive way they can.

  24. I completely agree with this article. I think that there are more productive issues to be arguing over other than something so personal, and harmless. Who is society to judge so harshly on something that doesn’t even directly effect every single human being? It definitely is a lifestyle choice just like heterosexuality is. Norms have been constantly changing and homosexuality is not a new “concept” is just recently becoming more public. This kind of social inequality is really getting old for how advanced we are in this day and age. How can we advertise that America is all about equality when we can’t even accept our own people?

  25. In today’s society, I feel like those that are not straight and have a different sexual preference are often alienated from society. They are thought to be different and are treated different as well. It is discrimination in itself. Is being a homosexual considered to be going out of the norm? I have a friend that had fear of coming out in the presence of his own family because he had doubt that they would socially accept his sexual preference. I was the first person he came out to. I feel like homosexuality is becoming more widely accepted in today’s society, but gay marriage and gay rights are still upheld in court today. Everyone should be able to marry and have children no matter who they are. There should not be laws that prevent anyone from being together with who they unconditionally love. Those that are homosexual should be able to express their homosexuality and not have to keep it a secret in fear of going against societal norms and being social accepted by society.

    1. I totally agree with you. They should not be afraid to come out and be themselves. In elementary school I was taught to always be yourself. To never change for someone. But society goes against that and that is where many homosexuals start to be afraid. Society tells them to not be themselves they are told to be ‘normal’. Normal in societies view is go to college, get a career in the business world, get married with the opposite sex, have kids, and repeat. That is not how it should be. We should be able to determine our own paths of life. It should not be determined by someone but ourselves.

  26. To the Bible beaters: if you really believe in the Bible then you strive to be like God. God believes in free will, that’s why he put an apple in the garden. He gave them the symbolic choice to know evil or not through that apple. If you really think homosexuality is evil, then don’t participate in it, simple enough. If someone else participates in it, don’t get rid of their right to choose. It is morally wrong to force someone to do something they don’t want to and it’s also wrong to treat them different because they’re attracted to the same sex. Benefits to straight spouses should extend to homosexual spouses because they are that, spouses.

  27. I do agree with most of points proposed in the article. Yes, people are always following the social norm in their society. This is usually the reason of which many people consider the homosexuality as harmful and diseased. In reality, the author is absolutely right. Homosexuality is not a disease, just as mentioned in Instead, homosexuality is a behavior, a sexual trend. For instance, it was taught in high school health class that everyone has a certain degree of homosexuality trend. If putting it into a continuum with one side as homosexual and the other side as hetero sexual, majority of population stand in the middle of this continuum. However, it is start with the idea of heterosexual reproduction for maintaining the viable population, which caused the heterosexuality to be normal and homosexuality to be abnormal. For instance, within the nature, it was assumed that all species include human being, are born to reproduce the offspring. Hence any action that is unrelated to or against the reproduction would be considered unnecessary and deviant. As a result, human being, like all other animals, inherited this idea. Hence, homosexuality is considered deviant because it has nothing to do with sexual reproduction, even when majority of population falls somewhere in the middle of the homosexual-heterosexual continuum. So as time moved on, people started to see homosexuality as corrupted, evil, illicit, bad, reproachable, and must be avoided. These feelings, ultimately, made majority of people to come to an agreement that homosexuality is dangerous, which would then evolve into this social norm we have against the homosexuality.

  28. The title of this blog entry is the summation of how I truly feel about everyone who is nosy. The sole reason as to why I think people tend to scrutinize gay people, is because it gives them a reason to shy away from all of the bigger and more important issues that never seem to escape society. I wish more people than just the younger generation could see that homosexual people are just human beings who just so happened to be born being attracted to the same sex. And that we also just want to lead a happy life as a “normal” heterosexual couple would. However, I will say that it is reassuring to see some of the older generation accepting homosexuality as a norm, those are the adults who care about equality in our nation. A few things that baffle me and that I also question are: Why is who I am choosing to love on your mind? You clearly don’t have anything else to worry about in your perfect life, am I right? Being African American and gay can be quite the struggle at points in time. When speaking to people they either assume that I am gay or just very “refined.” I can’t just be a normal educated individual? I feel as if these labels have to be applied to satisfy society’s cruel needs, needs that wouldn’t exist if people just lived their own life.

  29. I love the statement “simply live your life and mind your business while other do the same”. If everyone felt that way the world would be a much more peaceful place. It is appalling to me, how so many people judge others. Truth be told, everyone has skeletons in their closet, so that leaves no room to judge others. No one is perfect. I can relate to this article but in a different way. Look at how racist the world was many years ago, and how racist the world is to this day. It’s so frustrating to me how someone has the audacity to think there better than another. We are all human beings and what another person’s preference is, should have no affect on another unless your all in someones business. To discuss the topic of homosexuality, the writer is absolutely right. Who does say that heterosexuality is the norm? How can we know? I think as long as people are happy living their lives, and not hurting anyone in the process, Let them be! Lets worry about our own lives and happiness, and if we don’t have something nice to say, how about not saying anything at all.

  30. I love the title of this article! It should basically represent everyone not just those who are homosexual. I believe that everyone has a right to choose to who they wish to be with, no one should be judged. If two same sex people wish to be together and are happy it is their life to be lived exactly how they want it to be, why should they be judged? A person’s sexuality is not something they choose it is something they are born with. I have not and probably will not ever experience what a homosexual couples experiences so I could not imagine what these opinions feel like. I certainly do not want to be criticized in my relationships and I do not think anyone else should be either! People need to learn to mind their business and let others be happy; however they choose to do this.

  31. I 100% agree with this article. I don’t think that it could have been said any better. Our ancestors came to America for change, and freedom. So a person shouldn’t be judged because of someone sexuality. In all actuality it is no one’s business and no one should even care about what another individual craves in the privacy of their home. As long as they aren’t harming anyone, themselves or doing any wrong their personal preference shouldn’t matter.

  32. I agree with this article completely, why does it matter on who loves who? If someone loves another person of the same-sex I don’t see a big deal, love is love and love is equal. Society is so concerned with homosexuals and having homophobia that they are forgetting the big picture, a person doesn’t choose who they want to love necessarily, it’s a feeling that never goes away. It is no one’s business to be all nosy on why this guy likes another guy or why this girl likes another girl, society just lacks knowledge if they are sitting there judging people by personal preferences. Society as a whole should just mind their own business and concern themselves with their own personal problems, and not everyone else’s. The less we become nosy and so concerned the more easier life would be to take on when you take out a situation that shouldn’t even be of a concern.

  33. I agree so much with the article. I never really understood how people said that allowing marriage in the homosexual community affected them. It shouldn’t really affect you, it’s like are you the one getting married? If not, then it doesn’t affect you. And the argument that allowing same sex marriage destroys the meaning of marriage doesn’t make sense either. To me, people who don’t take marriage and that commitment seriously are the ones who destroy the meaning of the word. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. I personally think that people should be able to love who they love and that more people should be open accepting to ways of life outside of their own.

  34. I totally agree with you, I do not get why same sex marriage is such a big deal in the country we live in. If people want to accept their sexual preference, then let them do what they want. There is nothing wrong in my mind, with people having a relationship with a person of the same sex. People who have affection for the same sex should have the same rights as people who care for a different sex. It is unfair for people who just so happen to have feelings for people of the same sex to have stereotypes, such as are weirdoes and different. Society needs to abolish these stereotypes in the United State.

  35. I do agree with the general sentiment of this piece, but there are certain things that stand out. Historically, homosexuality was classified as a disease or mental disorder and this still affects modern opinions of homosexuality. One argument that has been presented to me in the past is that many groups of animals will kill one of the animals if it shows homosexual tendencies. My response is: Does that mean you would kill someone for being homosexual? This goes along with my thoughts about the statement that we should live our lives and mind our own business. As a society we cannot simply mind our own business, because we have a mild responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of others. That being said people have taken this to the extreme with protecting their own beliefs, even if defiance of those beliefs does not harm anyone. If something poses a threat than action needs to be taken; If something only prompts disapproval, then mind your own business.

  36. I agree that homosexuality is frowned upon because people in society have trouble accepting change and not following social norms. Homosexuals are human beings. They should be treated the same way as a heterosexual. It is not right to mistreat people because of their sexuality. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and not as an alienated creature just because they have different preferences. Everybody is different, and no two people are alike.

    1. I agree that homosexuality is not viewed as a norm in our society. There are many societies that claim homosexuality is proper. It is sometimes necessary for the family to keep their high stature. Men and women have proven that they can take on the responsibilities subjected for a certain sex.

      1. rdanette424, it is probably true that some families now take on the role of one another. But, I believe in the traditional family type. I think that the male figure should support and take care of the wife and children. Within every society there are going to be altering norms. It all depends on where you are and what they believe is deviant or what is right.

  37. I completely agree with not judging anyone by how they appear. People need to take the time to get to know someone instead of making a quick and active judgement on someone. The only entity that should be able to judge is God. He is the creator of all man and therefore the judging character at the end of all things. Also, I believe my generation (I’m 19) is going to lead the revolution on homosexuality beliefs because of our laid back attitude somewhat like the 1970s. People should be allowed to be who they are inside. No one has the entitlement to tell someone else how to live their life and the way the are living their life is shameful. People need to step back and realize this is what the people feel and what is normal to THEM. Only the man upstairs can judge when life is said and over with, but on earth we are all equal.

  38. I fully agree with this article when it comes to homosexuality. I feel as though people try to find reasons to make this their trouble. Being homosexual does not affect anyone else. It was not some type of disease that will populate the world with a simple touch or cough. Further more, there really is no point in making laws against it, instead the government should spend more time trying to fix other issues like unemployment. Another point that I would like to agree on is that God did make us as individuals, if one would look into the bible, it states that when adam and eve were sent off to earth, they were free to do anything that they want, to follow them or not. By religious extremist discriminating homosexuals, they are playing the role of God by saying what people can and can not do. Wouldn’t that be an even bigger sin? I’m sure that this can be used in different situations and religions but I was put in a catholic school and was forced to learn the catholic way, which is why I can give my opinion when it comes to that religion.

  39. I agree without a doubt with the things said in this article. Homosexuality is just a different lifestyle choice. And does speak truth, there is no mental disorder or anything related to choosing to be homosexual. That community had taken some strong hatred as the years go by. Hopefully it WILL be like a norm and everyone can forget about it and act as if it doesn’t matter to them. Which is what people should be doing anyway. It is our choice to be anything we want. If someone wants to be gay, let em? What is it harming you. And you can’t “catch” their homosexuality by being around them that’s like believing you can “catch” being “dumb” by sitting next to a blonde. As for them who also want to get married, ultimately, whoever IT is, you should be able to marry them, same sex or not.

  40. I completely agree with this article. I truly believe that the majority of the people who are gay are born gay. I agree with the idea that your not going to catch this ‘disease’ by hanging around gay people. People do need to be more accepting of this kind of relationship, we hardly ever hear gay people complaining about straight couples so why can’t straight couples provide the same kind of courtesy? Love is love therefore, any kind of couple should be able to get married, gay, straight, whatever they should all be given equal rights. What ever happened to equal rights and opportunity? We need to regain that idea and apply it to these kinds of ‘issues’.

  41. I have been raised Christian and was always taught that being homosexual was a sin. I do not agree at all. It says in the bible that love is blind and I believe that. So how can religious people say that loving the same sex is wrong when “Love Is Blind.” I think it is weird that a lot of people who are for abortion, which takes a life before it even has a chance to experience it, are against same sex marriage which does not hurt anything except for close minded opinions. Some of my closest friends and the nicest and big-hearted I have met are gay. Once a pond a time women could not work and blacks could not vote, and that was accepted….yet those very people who had a right stolen from them are keeping gays from theirs.

  42. Homosexuality has been a big topic within our society in recent years, and people’s thoughts on what it really means tend to vary by generation. For example, my grandparents who were raised Catholics believed that being homosexual was not acceptable and that it was a choice people made in order to rebel against society. Although it is completely awful and wrong to have those thoughts and truly believe them, a lot of religions instill these kinds of ideas in people’s minds which makes it difficult to break the derogatory comments and start being more accepting. I fully believe that the homosexual community is equal to the heterosexual community, and it should be viewed that way by our society. I agree with this article in that we were all made equally and uniquely and we should not be penalized by who we are attracted to. Difference in sexual preference isn’t affecting anyone unless they choose to let it affect them.

  43. I was thankful to be raised in a good home where i was taught good values. i dont judge book by its cover untill i open the pages. im like that because i grew up being bullied regardless of what it was because of. but in todays society its homosexuality that is the trending topic of acceptance, a few states have already legalized same sex marraige, but in a world like today, i feel like we need to live life as we want to regardless of who we are and what are. people who choose to be heterosexual doesnt make them any less of a human being than a straight person. if we went through life accepting people for who they are, the world would be a better place. but unfortunaltey certain places and certain religions wont let that happen. but doesnt mean you bash them, accept them for who they are if you dont like it dont be around them simple as that. just like if you dont like to smoke dont smoke, dont like voting dont vote. everyone in life has their own opinon but thats your opinon and you shouldnt force your view on other people. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and not as an alienated creature just because they have different preferences.

  44. I really enjoyed reading this article for several reasons. I would like to begin by saying that mankind, in general, tends to be afraid of things they cannot comprehend. In this situation some heterosexuals may not understand how someone could love and be attracted to someone of the opposite sex. This is very sad but its the hard truth and must be addressed. It is not fair. I myself don’t define myself as hetero or homo. I personally believe that one day I will fall in love with someone, wether that is a man or women. I hate that in society today we must label and categorize everything for our own comfort. It’s almost like dreaded stereotypes we all had to endure in high school. Judgement can be avoided if people learn to take the world as it is. Today people are becoming more and more open minded which is absolutely beautiful but we still face isolation. If civil rights came about and people of all different races are able to live in a place that society today calls “a melting pot,” why cant sexual orientation be accepted as well.

    1. This comment peaked my interest in many ways. Particularly when you say you don’t identify as hetero or homosexual. Would you deem yourself as sapiosexual or pansexual? I truly believe love is love. Attraction is simply that in it come in many ways. Beyond our understanding or even levels of comfort. I appreciate freedom to express ones desires. Society will catch up with natures progression and that is people will do as they wish. Despite laws, they will change as they have. Despite others’ opinions.

  45. Society is afraid of homosexuals. Not sure why. But it’s an intimidating experience to encounter something so taboo, forbidden, or misunderstood. When we accept ourselves and remain secure in who we are, others and their choices wont affect us. Judging someone based on who they love, who they are intimate with and their lifestyle is counter productive to our personal growth.

  46. I really like the title of this article because if people wouldn’t be so worried about what the next person is doing we wouldn’t even have to address this issue. I agree that homosexuals should have the same rights as anyone else. they are human beings just like everybody else, the only difference is they desire people of the same sex. new laws show that the world is becoming more open with same sex couples but we still have a long way to go.I personally don’t have a problem with homosexuals, but I feel most of the world thinks its breaking the norms because the main reason for sex aside from pleasure is to produce children. Being in a homosexual relationship can not produce babies the natural way and that’s reality. I could be wrong, but being gay goes against most of the religions in the world and thats why it is so hard for people to accept.

  47. The article points that everyone has their free sexuality choices. This a agree with and I don’t find homosexuality harmful in anyway. Though I have seen how some can look down upon it. I only have a slight trend issue that I would like to share. I understand homosexuality is simply a choice, but why do most seem as if they have to have a certain accent? homosexuality is a choice of sex, not a type of language or pronunciation. Do they fall to the norm among society? Recently I served in the Military and their motto for homosexuality was “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy. We don’t judge our brothers in arms by their sexual orientation, we judge them by how they perform their duties.

  48. With this article i do agree greatly that homosexuality doesn’t hurt others. Although there is no direct laws against being homosexual itself there are many that belittle or shows discrimination against them. For those who oppose homosexuality they often say that it undermines the natural order of things, that we are meant to be in heterosexual relationships naturally. Being a biology major, I know this to be false as animals commit homosexual behaviors all the time whether it be for domination to things such as lack of females. Another thing is the title of marriage, Many say that it is a religious construct and shouldn’t be messed with.I feel that if you have a legally recognized social construct that discrimination of access to this title should be illegal. This feeling is based on the equality that America supposedly holds dear. Finally, the last argument that I know of other than religious views would be that some feel it harmful to the development of children to not have access to the traditional gender roles given to heterosexual children. This is an argument of homosexuals being bad parents. This to me is again outrageous as heterosexual couples have no guarantee to be good parents. Overall, I agree with the justice that should come from equality for homosexual couples

    1. The common argument against homosexuals is usually religious, and like you said, people say that they will mess with the religious construct, which should not be justification for same-sex couples to get legally married. Separation of church and state! I also agree that heterosexual couples don’t always make great parents and homosexual couples don’t always make bad parents. Some people also think if a child is raised by a same-sex couple, then the child will be gay too, as if that’s a bad thing. The child may be gay or straight but it doesn’t matter! It’s none of our business!

  49. “Minding your own business” is something that society has a lot of trouble with. I think you brought up an excellent point about heterosexuality not necessarily being the norm but thats what we view it as. Regardless of what we do, biology says that it is natural to be attracted to the opposite sex. Reproduction can only occur with members of the opposite sex. That being said, most people look at it as “The Norm”. These people are ignorant to the fact that not every has the same values and interests. Its best to just accept that you can’t change who you are nor can anyone else! Ignore the ignorant.

    1. I agree! Yes biologically, reproduction can only happen between a male and a female but a same-sex couple may not even want kids. Maybe they just want to love each other and if they do want kids, they can always adopt. Who decided that heterosexuality was the norm anyway? It could be society or if you’re religious you may say god. And you are absolutely right, you can’t change the fact that you are gay or straight and neither can anyone else.

  50. I am someone who is all for homosexuality and I am a straight person. Not long ago I was talking to my girlfriends dad about this (a man who goes to church every Sunday and never misses church) and he said something interesting in a funny kind of way. He said “if they (homosexuals) want to miserable like the rest of us, then why stop them from what they want.” I for one agree with this not word for word but I agree if you love what you love, then don’t be ashamed of it and do what you want (haters are going to hate). I also find interesting as a white male and always on the opposite end when it comes to unequal rights. When say that of course I mean minorities see white males as racist and hateful and always going after “them” for no reason. Anyway the point is I find it interesting that those very same minorities who have been treated unfalrly are also those same people who have been treated unfairly. Why complain about something if you are the one doing it and following in the footsteps of those who have treated you unfairly. Think about it as a nation we have fought through many hard times, civil rights, women’s rights, blacks being treated as equal. So why waste time telling homosexuals that they are evil and it’s not right. HISTORY HAS PROVEN YOU WRONG EVERY TIME! Why make it repeat itself. I look forward to the day this is no longer a matter.

  51. Because homosexuality has been at the back hidden away for so long I think that contributes in why it’s still an issue today. If people were allowed to be open and stand up for their rights a few hundred years ago I believe society would come to see homosexuality as a “norm.” Homosexual rights have been getting much closer in recent years and I think it’s a matter of time before they get it right although It won’t fix the discrimination. Look back to segregation in the 50’s that really wasn’t that long ago a lot has changed like more equal rights no matter race, but a lot still hasn’t like racism. I Believe similarly, in 60 years people will look back at this time and the fact that homosexuals weren’t allowed to marry in disdain, but like segregation, still have discrimination against them.

  52. Yes, it is very true people view homosexuality as a bad thing as something not normal within the world and that is wrong. People should have the right to be who they want to be. Have the sexuality they prefer. They are not harming anyone they are just being themselves. So yes, I agree people should live their own life and let others live theirs. Why are we so against people with other sexualities? I don’t see anything wrong in that. Everybody should be treated equal and be respected if we want others to treat us the same. Then we should start doing the same.

  53. I couldn’t agree more with this article, and couldn’t be more disgusted with the way society portrays homosexuality and the people associated with it. People usually are afraid and taken back by change and the unfamiliar, which is why people are so discriminate against the homosexual culture. In past generations homosexuality has been against the law and looked down upon, but now that society is changing and homosexuality is becoming a much more open thing, people think it is the wrong thing and not morally right, because its what they’ve been taught for decades. I believe that people should have the freedom to be who they want to be, and not only that but be with who they are in love with. They’re shouldn’t be a barrier blocking two people from loving each other just because there both guys, or both women. I don’t understand why people need to concern themselves with who someone else is spending their time with or falling in love with, as long as their happy that should be the only thing that matters. If people concerned themselves more with their own lives, and understanding that everyone is not the same as them and everyone has their own morals and values, people woulndn’t be so quick to judge, and maybe they’d realize just because someone is homosexual doesn’t make them too much different than you.

  54. Reading your article, I was shocked to see how many of the thoughts I have had in my head regarding this topic, echoed so eloquently by you. My stance on homosexuality has always been if it is not hurting anybody, then why should anybody care who someone chooses to love? The reason many people oppose homosexuality, is because it goes against the grain of the instilled societal “norms” we have. A heterosexual person did not chose to be straight, they were just born that way. They could not force themselves to be homosexual and nobody has ever expected that. So why should it be expected from homosexuals? I think it is important for somebody who opposes the homosexual lifestyle to ask themselves, “what if I were born gay?” It would be progressive step for them to start educating themselves and thinking about questions such as this, because it forces them to change their perspective. A straight person has had no say in whether or not they are attracted to the opposite sex, just as a homosexual person has had no say in whether they are attracted to the same sex. I also love how you supported your article by referencing’s definition of homosexuality, as I have never even thought of that.

    1. Yes Lia I completely felt the same way reading this article. People shouldn’t be defined by who they love, or have sex with. And it is no one’s business. Who you like is who you like. You can’t control how your body and mind are made. You get what you what, and to have society telling you that you are wrong for feeling that way. Well that’s awful because you were made a certain way so how could it possibly be wrong? Everyone needs to mind their own business if we can’t be adults about our sexual preferences.

  55. I agree, I believe it’s no ones business of someone’s sexuality. You should be able to love who ever you want. Who are you to tell someone who they can feel for and not? Coming from someone who has a sister that is gay, and parents who don’t approve. Its hard for my sister to be who she truly is and constantly be pressured to find a boyfriend. Its always a touchy topic to talk about so we avoid it. I think that the world today is more open to homosexuality than it was before. I mean there are still a few that don’t like the change and have different opinions and that’s fine if they are not being hurtful to others and bullying.

    1. I want to give props to you by sticking up for your sister because it is really hard to deal with people that have no type of approval for people that have different sexual way of thinking. I think that it is not bad and I say it because of experience having many uncles that have different sexual ways of showing themselves. I think that they are family no reason to be judging them for anything because everyone is the same no matter what. There should really be no judging at all and everyone should be treaded to the same way.

  56. Since this article was posted in 2011, we have progressed a lot when it comes to the LGBT community. In 2015 same-sex marriage was legalized and this generation seems to be a lot more accepting of everyone. There is a lot less judgement among the younger generation but is still there among the older generations. For example, Donald Trump is our president-elect and his running mate is Mike Pence. Pence wants to do conversion therapy on LGBT people to bring them back into the “norms” of society. Though we have come so far from where we were five years ago, we still have problems. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual and there is no reason that doesn’t have to do with religion as to why it is wrong. What happened to separation of church and state?

    1. I actually would like to agree with you that over the time the way people are judged has changed. Even though it has changed there are still till this day people that judge no matter what people might look like or even with the decisions that they do. It should be no ones problem with who you are because that shows the true identity of someone no matter the case. Everyone should have free will to let people know who ever they want to do whether it has to do with being a different type of sexuality or not.

  57. I’m asexual despite the fact that the idea that sex is normal has been shoved down my throat (unintentional pun) literally all of my life. Honestly, it makes me upset that people even assume that if you love someone, somehow sex HAS to be involved. When I was growing up, the hero who saved the princess doesn’t have SEX with her because in all honesty, what would that be teaching your kid? It completely tarnishes the entire morality of the journey you had to go through to reach the end of the game. I must agree, however, despite my own preferences, I believe that all people should be treated with fairness. There is no reason at all to disrespect, discriminate, commit violent acts against someone because of their sexual orientation. Often times, the things people are sexually attracted to are shaped by their life experiences and exposure to different lifestyles, so it may literally be out of their control. Also, people get curious and want to try things that go against the norm, who am I to tell them they’re wrong if they like it?

    1. I agree with you that just because you love someone it shouldn’t mean that you have to have sex with them. If the person you are with really does love you, they will understand. Have sex or don’t just do what you feel is right. I also think it’s cool that you identify as asexual because that shows how much we have grown and changed as a society. It’s not just straight or gay anymore, sexuality is more of a spectrum and that’s cool!

      1. I would like to agree on you with this everyone should be able to make their own decisions on when they want to have sex. Not when the other person wants to because its not giving them their equal respond to make their own decision. It comes to show the truth identity of a person when they do not agree with your decision. So at first they act like someone, but in reality they are not the person who they show to be. Everyone has their own rights to make the decision on whether to have sex or not.

  58. I feel that what a person does behind the closed doors of their home is their business. It’s not like anything of what is going on between them is enticing or influencing anything or anyone is your life so what’s the problem? If your are that worried or upset about someone you know or do not know being gay and what they do with their partner in their daily lives, than you need to get your life together and figure out why you have so much time on your hands to be annoying and arrogantly up in someone else business. Statistically speaking, homosexual marriages have lesser likelihood of ending in divorce due to the emotional and physical level of understanding and connection between the individuals due to the simple fact of saying that when it comes down to it a guy is going to know what a guy wants better than anyone. I know all of this because my brother is gay and I love him more then anything my perspective of him never was determined on his sexual orientation it was based of the quality in life that he brought to mine.

    1. You’re right that what people do behind closed doors is none of our business. I thought it was interesting that homosexual marriages are less likely to get divorced because they’re on the same level of understanding as each other but now that I see that, it makes total sense. That’s awesome that you’re not judgmental about your brother being gay and you love him for who he is. So many people struggle with their sexuality and don’t have supportive families and it sucks.

  59. I agree. Everyone should mind their own business. One of my friends is gay and he is the happiest with his significant other. All the time he would tell me how they would take road trips and go camping. The point is when they would go on road trips they would go to restaurants, or go shopping. Those places are public. So, many people would judge both of them because they would show affection to one another. They were given dirty looks and attitude. He told me that he got used to it. To me it was sad that a really nice couple, that were living their lives happily were being judge by so many people that did not know them. They did not know that both of them were the most innocent sweetest guys ever. That they are going to college my friend is going to major in Social Services. He wants to help children who are fostered and find them families. His boyfriend is majoring in the same thing but he wants to help people that are in abusive relationships. Both of them are the most generous people I have ever met. All they want to do is help the world, but they can’t do it if people keep judging them for not ‘fitting in’ to society.

    1. I would like to agree with you that everyone should have the opportunity to fight for their own dreams no matter the sexuality that they want to be. Every one of us is a human no matter what because we were all born the same way. Just that when we are grown we have different perspective no matter what. No matter what every person has their own unique way of showing who they want to be, and should not end up being judged for whatever reason. Everyone should be given free right to be whoever they want to be.

      1. I would like to disagree with you on your post. I don’t believe everyone should be given free reign to live how they want to live for whatever reason. Take for example the life of a cocaine addict. Should we be so naive to turn our eyes away because that person is merely just living his life the way he wants to, even though we know without a doubt that what he or she is doing is destroying their lives by consuming cocaine at dangerous levels?

  60. I agree that the homosexual community should be treated no differently than the heterosexual community. I feel that it is a shame that homosexual rights are fairly new to society and not completely accepted by everybody. I don’t see why, however, as those who disagree with homosexual rights are not homosexuals and therefore are not effected by the new rights. I feel as though most of the ignorance towards the gay community is bred as most children grow up learning about how a man is suppose to be with a woman. I know that when I was a child my mother always told me about how sometimes a man wants to be with another man and a woman wants to be with another woman. I definitely feel as though this clarifications helped me while I was younger and has made myself more accepting of other people. Of course, not everybody is as lucky. I think one way that we could decrease the nonacceptance is by including the topic of homosexuality in Sexual Education classes that young children take.

  61. Everything this author stated is what I agree with. I dislike how people assume sexual preference based on appearance. Maybe that person wants look sexy that day or maybe they feel like dressing up, either way that should not make others treat them any different. This makes people feel scared to be who they are so they try and conceal it but they feel judged anyway. There is a short film on YouTube called “Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority!” and although it is very interesting, it is also quite sad and shows how people of a different sexual orientation are treated just for being who they are just because it strays from the norm. The film is very sad and I warn anyone who sees it to have tissues and a stuffed animal on hand.

  62. I don’t understand why society feels so “obligated” to judge other people by their sexual orientation, who they date, and how they live their lives. What’s so threatening about a person being homosexual? How is that affecting heterosexuals negatively? Everyone has the right to live their life however they want because they are human first. I recently saw a video on Facebook that showed a homosexual person being beaten to death and honestly I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing as it was utterly disturbing and humiliating. I felt so disgusted with the people who actually did this to another human being. I don’t understand why people think they have the right to judge and humiliate others and then get away with it. So much needs to change in our society but most important of all, it needs to be accepting.

    1. SairaK I personally think that people don’t necessarily feel “obligated”, but they feel like that their opinion matters more than anybody else’s. Reality says though , that nobody’s opinion actually matters becuase it’s an opinion. We are all entitled to our own and the reason people like to give their “two sense” is because they feel they are more important, which is not the case. We all have to learn that not everybody is going to be nice to us all tho time.

  63. What an awesome article, I wasn’t sure what I would read with the title being “Live Your Life and Mind Your Business”.
    My best friend’s brother is gay and he is one of the most hard-working men I know. It is absolutely heartbreaking how his parents reacted. When they found out, they both had panic attacks and were in a state of denial. They honestly acted as though they found out he died instead of the telling them the sex that he prefers to fall in love with. They loved him so much his whole life and then at age 20 they find out something and all of a sudden their love for him decreases immensely. That makes absolutely zero sense to me. They know him down to core and have been by his side through every single achievement and failure and were so proud of him. They find out he’s gay and all of his triumphs and struggles mean nothing?!?
    People who think like this really are living in a state of fear and irrationality. These people wouldn’t want anyone else to tell them how to live their life so why in the world are they trying to tell others what is best for them?
    The really sad part is his parents are AMAZING people and have led their kids on such amazing paths but just this one thing…it doesn’t even make sense. Love is love and it’s unfortunate that there’s people out there who are afraid of love.

    1. Lindsay I can agree with you on all of the points that you have made. I had a close friend who was gay and experienced something similar to your story. This is a good example of social change within a family. Do you think that if he came out at an earlier or later age his parents would have accepted who he was and who he loved ?

      1. I don’t think the age would have mattered unfortunately. His parents are now delusional and believe that their son is somehow no longer gay. His mom will make comments like “****, isn’t that girl really pretty?” and he doesn’t say anything. It’s how the parents were raised. It’s crazy how there’s extremely smart people out there but aren’t willing to learn or accept homosexuality.

    2. I totally agree with you on your points based off your friend’s brother’s testimony. I think it really comes down to educating on how to treat someone who chooses to be gay. While I do believe there is an objectivity on how to live ones life. Everyone stumbles along the way to be able to live the best life possible and we shouldn’t degrade anyone for that.

  64. People often cannot distinguish between sex and gender. Sex is the biological makeup while gender is the social, psychological, and cultural attributes of man/woman. It is social expectations based on sex. Gender norms are the expected behavior of man/woman and what people do not realize that it changes over time. I believe that it’s why others have a hard time accepting homosexuality. They don’t understand that a person can choose their own gender identity. I agree with this article by simply just saying- mind your business. It isn’t your business to tell someone his or her gender and sexual identity. It isn’t your business to tell them how to live their lives based on the norms. What are the norms anyway? It is constantly changing so people shouldn’t have a say at all since it is all just opinion.

  65. I agree that in many cases the homosexual community has been slandered and people really do not have the right expectations or outlook toward homosexuals. On the flip side however, in many cases the homosexual community hasn’t been great to many communities in our culture today. For instance homosexuals towards the christian community, Christians take so much heat and flak from homosexuals because in Christianity it is taught for homosexuality to be a sin. My take on this is that we are all humans in the same, and we should all treat each other as the same, we cannot only give a free pass to homosexuals and not a free pass to anyone who slanders, but there is room for an objective and absolute truth to be debated about on what is right and what is wrong in terms of treating other humans.

  66. I think that this also has to do with acceptance because for so long if something changes in society people go through a whole panic because their values are being threatened. And at the same time acceptance dates all the way back to when you were born and when your parents were born and so on and so forth. Because racism, unaccepting of the LGBT community all goes down to how you were raised. If you were taught to only hate Asians or black people or white people, that is all you will know and if one day someone comes up and tells you that you are wrong, you will feel threatened and offended because your values and what you thought was right is now being questioned and that is why we see these fights all the time, that is because those people who are in the wrong, are now questioning their own beliefs.

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