Our Dependency on Electricity

A guest blog entry by M. Eshleman (student, world citizen)

We are in the middle of the 21st century and technology is extremely key for survival, or so we think.

Take cell phones for instance, most adults have them, most teenagers have them, and even some children who have not reached their teenage years have acquired the “need” for a cell phone.  There are various reasons for this need.  Safety, in my opinion, is one major issue as to why we have such a need for cell phones, always being able to be reached in case of emergency.

Technology makes communication much easier and quicker.  Extended families are able to stay in touch more efficiently which in turn makes family life better and even easier in some cases.  Parents are able to keep track of their children because they can be reached at a moments notice just by dialing ten numbers.

Another thought on the technological advances is that it has influenced romantic relationships.  Back when there was no Internet and cell phones a man had to make more of an effort to win over the hearts of woman.  Men had to court women, plan out dates, write letters and be, well, a little bit more romantic and forthcoming with their intentions.

It’s my belief that technology has had an influence in the downfall of the chivalric characteristic that woman look for in men.

And it’s because of the technology that woman have gained power in having a say in who they wish to pursue a relationship with.  Also, with the Internet being in full swing there are dating services online that claim they can match you with your soul mate.  This is also taking the spunk out of dating on your own.

With the rise in technology in the dating world it has helped us loose our sense of time.  We are all looking for instant satisfaction, instant gratification, everything is so fast paced, and our patience is diminishing.  For example, say two people go out on a date and have a spectacular time.  In today’s world, if the man doesn’t call within the next day or two it is common belief that he is not interested in anything more with that woman, or vice versa.  However, in the times before technology that was not the common thought pattern.  Everything took more time, was slower paced.  The men had more responsibilities at a younger age and were required to complete them.

It wasn’t uncommon for a woman not to hear from a man for weeks.

As you can see times are definitely different and sometimes I find myself wishing what it would be like to live in a time without such technologies: no cell phones, no computers, no TVs, no online classes.

Just people.


58 thoughts on “Our Dependency on Electricity

  1. I really agree people today in the industrialized countries rely so heavily on technology. In developing countries they do not have all, or for that matter any of the luxuries that we so readily take for granted. Our society has completely change as it was said the dating practices, and how the is no need to court a woman. Or how you cant walk down a street anymore without seeing a little kid with a cell phone. Gender types have changed in the 21st century, women have the choice to find a partner on a dating site, or call someone themselves instead of being courted by a man.

    1. Shauna, I completely agree with you. I know children in the second grade that have cell phones or lap tops, is that really necessary? Today you walk down the streets in Chicago and majority of people are talking on their cell phones. Even while driving there’s a good chance the person next to you is talking on their cell phone. Its amazing how regular one on one conversations has changed. People would much rather text, email, Facebook someone whether then physically going to see them or call them to talk to them.

  2. Yes, this is so true in many way. Technology has taken over the world. It seems like people cannot live without it. We didn’t have all this high technology when I was young and it’s a pain that I have to constently have my children teach me how to work things.

  3. All the issues brought up in this article from cell phone use, to online dating are issues going on in my family right now and shows me firsthand how the 21st century really stands out and has impacted so many lives in forms of technology. I have to say safety is key, especially for young children and cell phones give parents a chance to keep track of their children at all times. I know if I had a child that was twelve or thirteen, I would want them to have a cell phone. Being twelve is so different than when I was that age. As far as the online dating, my Mom actually has met a man on a service and I haven’t seen her happier in years. I think the online dating is a great option for some people and gives people a chance to communicate even before the first date occurs. Others don’t prefer this option at all and that’s okay also. I sit here and try to imagine what other technology will come out when I am old. My Grandma (who is 88) doesn’t even know how to hold my cell phone, let alone use it. She always says, “What will they come out with next?” And I ask myself the same question all the time. The world today, I agree, is technology focused. There are so many different game systems, cell phones, computers to keep everyone busy and engaged, I think it is a good thing, but sometimes needs to be controlled (especially for young kids). The world will continue to grow and more and more new advancements will be thought of. Maybe one day we’ll have flying cars and at a click of a button be able to be sent to a different country?

    1. I am also learning through firsthand experience how technology is affecting everyone’s lives. As a working hair stylist in a busy salon I see and talk to people from all walks of life. And through all my encounters, as we skim topics like dating and kids, it has become so apparent how times have changed. I have met quite a number of women who are dating, engaged, and/or married to men they met through online dating websites. And as Cheryl mentioned, not one of them could be happier with the outcome. The term “soulmate” is actually common amongst people with this dating history. I also listen to parents talk about their children, and in keeping up with daily activities almost every child I hear about has a cell phone by the age of 10. I disagreed with this for awhile until I realize how convenient it is to run a household (which most of these men and women do) when your entire family is just one phone call away.

  4. I have grown up during the peak of technology advances. Up until this past year, I have loved every new thing on the market, but lately it has becoming extreme. We all need to take a breather from it all. I find myself having more conversations with friends through texting rather than face to face. It sure is more convenient, but I think people lose their individuality when they use the electronics so much. I would say that kids growing up now are going to have a more difficult time in the work force dealing with conflicts and such. When we use texting as the main source of communication we can lose the ability to identify or express body language. Some people may even develop to be socially awkward. It’s safe to say that we won’t all become awkward, because we rely on texting, but we do loose the ease to face to face communications. The advances we have been surrounded by are amazing, and make life so much easier, but I think we need to take a step back.

  5. I completely agree that technology has made us loose our sense of time in many ways. Eshleman says that technology has affected the dating world with time. Couples have less patience with eachother because of technology. Is it really necesary to text our partners every second of the day, wondering what they are doing and invading their privacy? Technology is making people obsessive and more controlling of others. Also, through text messages, we may say things that would never been said face to face. Which can mess up your whole perception of a person on those dating sites. In my opinion, technology is one of the reasons for the increased divorce rates over time.

    1. I totally agree that texting allows people to say things that they would never say to someone’s face. Also, people have to take into account that the tone of texting and the way its read can be completely different, which then causes more fights to break out. I have personally been in more arguments over text than I have in person, I would say because a lot of it has to do with the lack of communication a text sends. Yeah texting is nice and all, but when you’re constantly texting one person all day, the communication gets dry and arguments break out. Maybe that’s why you believe that technology is the reason for the increased divorce rates over time.

  6. I would have to disagree on some points of this article with online dating and how it has a down fall with dating and having a romantic side to things. I know for a fact that for myself on being so busy with school and having a full time job and not having time to take care of little things where dating can be the last thing I worry about, but with having a cell phone and texting plays a huge factor on keeping in touch with people and can be a easier way to contact someone. Back in the day you would need to write letters and go out of your way to talk to someone where having no time to go on dates and talking to people in that factor it would be so hard to find someone. I see the role online dating websites can play in that they can find you someone that has the characteristics that you might be looking for but it doesn’t hurt to get to know that person. So with having the internet and a cell phone can help in so many ways on keeping in touch with someone and have a factor by talking to each other, but being romantic can effect it too. Where you don’t plan so much on being cute and what not, but you have other methods on being romantic by dates, concerts, movies, vacations, and what ever comes to mind.

    1. I can definitely relate to the convenience of texting in a relationship. The argument on texting and relationships has valid points on both sides, and sometimes I feel as though I agree with both. On one side of it, I agree that texting can create more impersonal means of communication. I know that there are times when my boyfriend and I miscommunicate, and it is sometimes a result of misreading a text. If we had talked on the phone? Needless argument averted. On the other hand, I also appreciate the convenience of being able to keep in touch with my boyfriend through text messaging. Working opposite schedules means that we only see each other on the weekends. So, texting has become a way for us to communicate more often while also being able to attend to our busy lives away from one another.

      1. With some things that I can touch upon with texting is that it can lead to problems with a girlfriend or a boyfriend is that a lot of times which I have been seeing is that I lose some kinds of interest in the person. Yea, texting is easy to talk and answer a few questions but with a face to face conversation is so much better. When my last girlfriend went away to school and the only way I can keep in touch with her was either phone calls or texting, but not seeing a person in such a long span can effect a relationship. We had great conversations in the beginning, but then I can tell it would slowly get boring and the spark that we had would be lost. Anyway, I’m grateful of the technology that we have now, where we’re able to meet people online or have a form of conversation besides a computer on the phone. Nowadays you can do so much on a phone. For example, a blackberry or any other phone, on which I’m sure you can search the web, set up emails, or even have a digital camera for vacation. Nowadays people are trying to save money and be more conservative and with phones now it can do so much for a person then buying so much crap where a phone can do it all.

  7. I have a good amount of opinions on Eshleman’s comments. I do agree with everything that you have said, and I really do think about these types of questions everyday. If I take my own relationships for example, the one that I am in right now as opposed to when I was 16, there are differences. When I was in high school, cell phones were not really allowed in class, and no one really had unlimited texting. I dated a guy from another school, and that relationship lasted 6 years. When we first were getting to know each other, we didn’t say I love you until months in, or really get to know one another really well until 2 years in. I don’t know if it was just because we were young and things go more slow when your young, or if it was the technology. My current boyfriend and I have been together 4 months today, and it seems like everything went a million miles an hour. I can only assume it’s because there is a constant communication between us with unlimited access to one another. I can’t really say if I think its a good or bad thing, maybe it does take away a little chivalry, or maybe it just gives us an easier outlet to really get to know the other person, in a more relaxed setting.

  8. I agree that technology has drastically changed the way people interact with one another and it is not all good. Kids are using technology as a tool to bully other kids. They are able to say things via internet and or cell phone that they wouldn’t have the guts to say to the person face to face. Technology has also broken up many relationships for the same reason. A man or woman will have inappropriate interactions with another person and feel that it is not cheating because no physical contact was made. Many people are hurt needlessly. I too wonder where the world would be without so much technology.

  9. I do very much agree with you that children are getting way too much at such a young age! In today’s day you see children under the age of ten walking around texting and talking on their cell phones, it kind of shocking to me. But then again I do see the other side of it with all of the crazy thing that go on in today’s world it is a great emergency tool. I guess what I’m saying if I had a child I would feel much safer if they could contact me at any times notice.

    1. I can see it as an emergency tool, but I also see the children nowadays becoming way too selfish. They are also lazy because they have XBOX, Playstation 3, and so on. Many parents do not make them go outside and use their imagination. Many parents are also not disciplining their children as much either, which is why many of the kids are selfish and talk back to their elders.

    2. It is a double edged sword. I am grateful that my daughter has a cell phone permanently attached to her body when she goes places. It allows me to stay in touch with her. It is my electronic babysitter.

  10. I agree with the points made in this article. It’s common to see young kids running around with cell phones these days, maybe even uncommon to see a child without a cell phone. Not only does it simplify communication between their parents, but it also becomes a necessity due to the frantic nature which the society has developed. Everyone is always in a constant hurry and it is imperative to have swift communication to make things run smoothly. Also the author brings up a good point about safety. Parents feel much more comfortable when they know exactly where their child/children are, and what they are doing. Just the fact that they are a push of a button away brings a sense of ease on a worried guardian.
    For the second part of the article, I think that technology has changed the way romantic relationships are handled in various ways. For one, back before this recent technology it was much harder to communicate with your partners like the article mentions. It wasn’t a big deal if you only heard from your partner a couple times a day. Nowadays it is common to know everything your partner is doing, when they do it whether that be from a phone call or a text message. The ease of text messaging has improved communication in general and you find yourself talking to people much more than you originally would if you had to take the time and effort to track them down and communicate with them that way. A common goal throughout society today is how can we make things easier. People are becoming lazy and anything that can simplify their lives instantly attracts them and buys them in to the concept that they don’t have to work as hard. Technology is a big part of making things more simple throughout society and i think it will just magnify as we grow as a society.

  11. I completely agree with this article. As time and technology has progressed, people have become much more dependent on this factor. The use of technology has caused people to be able to communicate with one another at any point of the day, however I feel that that may not always be necessary. Do people always need to know what their boyfriend or girlfriend is doing during every second of the day? No. Not knowing everything or being able to wait until you can see them in person makes a relationship that much more intimate and interesting. While having the ability to talk to anyone whenever you like may come useful at times, it takes away from what a true relationship is all about. Texting each other all day everyday doesn’t exactly constitute as much of a relationship. Seeing each other and spending time with your loved one and getting to know them on a personal level is what is needed in order to make relationships work. Not just sending messages back and forth to each other. Although technology has made it easier to communicate, I do agree with you when you say that it takes away from that characteristic that women look for in their men. It almost makes it less interesting and as time goes on, more and more forms of communication will be developed that will take away from that too.

    1. While I agree to this argument to an extent, I think that many couples who choose to endure long term relationships would disagree. Now I know that this is their choice, but I think that long term relationships are approaching the realm of possibility more and more with the advancement of technology. With software such as Skype, where you can videochat, and the iPhone’s ability to picture-text, it has become much easier for loved ones to keep in touch and maintain some semblance of a conventional relationship. My boyfriend travels for work, although I would not consider our relationship a long-distance one, it still makes it difficult to see one another on a regular daily basis. However, with the convenience of text messaging and picture messaging, I can still help him choose the right tie to match his suit in the morning! As silly as it sounds, it is something that I do for him daily when he is home. So I understand how technology is beginning to make people lazy, but it also allows those who are not lazy, but extremely busy and hardworking, to keep in touch and have healthy relationships down to the smallest of details.

  12. Bringing up the point that the internet has broken up relationships is a good point. I have seen so many relationships get torn apart from things like myspace and facebook. Although I am all for having those types of social pages, some people take it way too seriously and let other people sabatage their relationship. Although these social networks are there for keeping you and your friends in touch, or possibly meeting new people, others like to abuse the site for their own sick pleasures. Even I have had someone create a myspace page and stole my main picture off mine to make it look like my myspace, and try to talk to my friends and family while pretending to be me. Like I said, some people are just plain sick and twisted. But that’s some bad things about technology. By the way – Lucky for me, people I know knew right away it wasn’t me by the language.

    1. I completely agree that many sites such as Myspace and Facebook have ruined relationships. It was on the radio the other day that a husband didn’t know his wife put herself on Facebook until he came across her page and found that she was listed as “single” instead of “married.” It’s sad that people are actually getting divorces due to Facebook and other online social sites.

      1. Great point Lucianna. Same thing happened to me! Someone used my photos on their Facebook, but claimed to be someone else! Funny…I was actually flattered. Despite how much I use and love Facebook I see some downsides to it as well. For instance, Facebook does not let us move on in life. If you think about it, the way we “creep” on people’s pages and read their wall comments from other people is an invasion of space. Breaking up with your ex can be hard, because you’re so tempted to see what their new status is. Also, it creates some drama between peers when they are jealous of another girl writing on their boyfriend’s wall. It is interesting to see how much Facebook can influence our social life.

  13. I think that technology totally took over the society we live in today. It is a good thing and bad. What if one day something happens to the satelites and everyone’s cell phones and internet went down? The world would be in total chaos. On a good note however, cell phones for the kids now a days is good to have..
    I was 14 years old, and that was 7 years ago. I was walking down Glen Ellyn Rd. with my two friends. We were almost to my house but still had a few more blocks. I noticed a car of older teenage boys were driving towards the opposite direction and since they saw three young girls walking at 9 o’clock at night, they stopped their car, and turned around. We got so scared that we ran into the nearest bush, luckily my friend had a cell phone (hardly anyone had cells phones at this time), she pulled it out and since the light of the phone was on, they guys drove away after they were harassing us out the window.
    So being young and having cell phones 7 years later, is actually really smart. If we have the technology, might as well use it. As far as the online dating, i think that is a great way to meet new people. It is way better for our divorced-single parents to meet people instead of bars.

    It is a good question, what will life be like in another 10 years?

  14. My opinion is that technology has done nothing but enhanced our lifestyles. We no longer have to rely on beepers and payphones, using maps and horrible directions, or watch a fuzzy T.V. screen. I dont feel technology has had much of an affect on romantic relationships. True people can be matched through internet sites, and dates can be made through a text message, but doesnt that make it all the more romantic when people meet through fate and get to know each other through dating and courtship?

    1. Before the internet, if you wanted to reconnect with someone from high school, you had to make several phone calls and explain yourself and your intentions to several people in order to possibly reconnect with that person. This would deter someone from doing something impulsive when they were angry with their spouse or girlfriend because they would have to think and talk about it to others in order to make it happen. With the internet you are just a click away. It increases the chance of stupid behavior that can be hurtful to others and interfere with relationships.

    1. I agree. People seem to have more courage to say nasty words to one another if they are not talking face to face. It can hurt the relationship if the couple talk on text messaging and the guy or girl say something to eachother that comes out the wrong way. The internet communication could be very dangerous to a relationship.

  15. If you are refering to the internet as fate then I’ll have to polietly disagree with you, Josh, because while people don’t always seek out people on the internet they do have a preference. Like for instance when someone looks for people on facebook to send a friend request they generally look for someone with common interestes or who looks atractive, in my opinion. Fate does not happen on websites or through texting. While people rely on both of these to communicate with many of their friends and family memebers it is not normally the place they meet them. Fate in my opinion is when two people stumble upon one another and just happen to be at the same place and same time and come to find they have similarites and were possibly meant to be.

    I do agree that we have become very dependant on technology but I feel our truest connections with people happen when we are face to face and technology could not replace that.

    1. It seems we have two extremes here. Couldn’t it be that someone just happened to be in the same chat room at the same time? Or both happened to register for the same dating service and happened to get matched up? If fate exists, and I am not saying it does or it doesn’t, but if it does, wouldn’t it use any means available? Over the years, I have had several friends meet their now spouse on the internet in a variety of ways and they are very happy. But on the same token, I remember that feeling when I met my husband, that moment of connection like we had been meant to meet forever. I suppose in the end it comes down to the personality of a persona and what the fate has in store. If your meant to meet that one special person through the technology, then that is how you will. Otherwise, the old fashioned way will just have to do.

      1. I think that mentioning the role of fate and coincidence has the potential to change the entire dynamic of these two extremes. Fate is this abstract “power” that some of us assume oversees our life path. That being said, I completely agree with Bonniejean. No matter the means, fate takes over. It goes hand in hand with the saying: “Everything happens for a reason.” I myself am a firm believer in the role fate plays in my life, especially in my relationship. While I was hanging out with my best friend 8 years ago, I divulged a secret. I had a huge crush on her older brother. Little did I know at the time that I would reconnect with her 5 years later, and begin dating him. It is so bizarre the way this idea of fate can be applied so easily to our lives.

        Do you think we use fate as a way to interpret why bad things happen to us? Or to find a way to give the events of our lives a deeper meaning?

    2. I would look at fate as more of a coincidence. For example you run into each other somewhere or like Bonniejean said you both happen to sign up for the same dating site. But I do agree with Jessica that when it comes down to Facebook, you can search for the person and you have to friend request them. It’s not like you both happen to be in the same place at the same time, for example a chat room

      1. I can see what you all mean. Bonnejean has a point to the chat room senario. If two people are in the same room and have no clue who each other are, that could be fate. Facebook, I would not consider to be fate because like you said Luciana, it is just a way to look someone up specific. I guess you can think back when there was none of this internet dating, how did people meet one another? I mean sure you can go to bars and meet someone through friends or family, but is that person really who you’re supposed to be hooked up with, or is it just out of convenience?

    3. For the record, I actually view fate as two people meeting spontaneously. After I reread my comment I can see how my wording could have been misconstrued. I actually hardly use the internet at all for socializing, because I think it is ridiculous how open people are with there facebook and twitter, and whatever else they use (I do have a facebook page, not proud of it). I also agree that cell phones have made the accessability to people almost uncomfortable.

  16. I feel that with the world we live in being so reliant on technology that sooner than later we are all going to lose the basic ability to do certain things. Math for example, back in the day they had to do math the old fashion way with a pencil, paper, and their brains. Nowadays we have calculators that will do all of the thinking for us. And now they are trying to come out with cars that pretty much drive themselves! I myself love all of the new technology that they are coming out with but at the same time I feel like there has to be a point where people need to understand that they can not completely rely on technology to do everything for them.

    Another thing that scares me about technology is the fact that there are kids out there that aren’t even thirteen with cell phones texting all of their friends. It’s absurd! By allowing kids at such a young age to have cell phones is just asking for problems for that child down the line. Kids are going to grow up faster and now enjoy their childhood. I do not think that allowing a kid to have a cell phone to call their parents is a bad thing but they don’t need to have the ability to text their friends at age ten or younger. They’re kids not teenagers, which is something I think parents often forget.

  17. I agree and disagree with M. Eshleman arugements. Yes, I do think technology is a huge plus to have. Like Eshleman said cell phones are a great tool to have in case of an emergency. Honestly, I do not know what I would do with out my cell phone. If anything to my family or friends, I want to know right away. I even remember having a pager, which was also a a great tool of technology, at the time. However, what’s the difference in someone paging you if you cannot contact that person back? I do have to disagree with online dating taking out the romance or spunk in dating and/or relationships. I think online dating is a great idea for people to meet other people. My mom has used internet dating sources before and she had a blast meeting new people. I think technology enhances the urge to even get back on the horse, if divorced or had your heart broken, if you haven’t dated in a while. The internet gives a person a sense of security and boosts their confidence. This allows people to meet others they normally would ignore otherwise. All and all, technology is definitely a luxury that I love to death!

  18. Technology has definitely taken over people’s lives and many are for the most part dependent on their technological devices. For instance I recently heard on the radio that children are getting carpal tunnel from too much texting, I mean people are texting so much that they are getting carpal tunnel. In my opinion that is extreme; I heard of people getting it from having a desk job and they are typing too much. Also texting is so common today some people actually do not personally talk to someone for days, they just text. I think that texting is hurting our communication skills because when you text most people use short hand and then you tend to form a habit of doing short hand all the time. Another form of cell phone technology that is fairly new is cell phones with tracking, where parents can track there children just by looking on the computer. I think being able to track where your children are by a cell phone is great. On the other hand another new device that came out is the ipad which is an expensive device that does everything. Since they came out with that I think it will hurt book stores because you can download a book on there and read it. Looking at online dating and just cell phone devices in general I do not think that they are necessarily a bad thing I just think people depend on and use them way too much.

  19. I agree with this blog, I think people are dependent on their technology. People use their cell phones for everything and technology does make it safer for people to communicate in case of an emergency. I believe technology will keep getting more advanced and people will in turn be safer because of this. I also think that people believe they cannot without electricity, because they always need to communicate with family, friends, coworkers, and even a girlfriend or boyfriend. The internet is also being used by electricity, by communicating or by just finding out the news. Technology is another factor that people rely on for medical reasons. Electricity is something the medical field needs a lot of when using the equipment to help a patient.

  20. I know I can’t live without technology. I can’t go anywhere without my cell phone and if the power goes out I’m instantly bored out of my mind without the TV or computer to use. I do also think that kids are getting phones younger and younger and even the different versions of Ipods too. I’ve seen numerous ads and commercials for online dating websites and they have become a trend in that people can pick and choose their partners and who they would like to per sue getting to know better right from the comfort of their own home before they even meet face to face. I completely agree that technology is a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. I use skype to keep in touch with my friends that go to a college in another state and who I don’t see very often.

    1. Technology is a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives, but I think it can be over done, and leave no time for your self. Now with cell phones and the internet I always have something planned to do, and might distract me from more important tasks. I feel with out it people would make more of an effort to communicate with you if they really do want to chill with you. Know some people just text around just to see who is doing the more fun thing and if your not doing anything, then they will go hang with someone else.

  21. I have to agree; many people cannot live with out their cell phones because they are constantly on them either talking to friends, checking their emails, or doing work. My grandparents live on a farm and I personally hate visiting because I do not get cell reception, there is no air conditioning, and they do not have cable or internet so I am completely bored. Many kids are getting phones at a younger age too. My cousin just turned 10 and he got an iphone, which I don’t even have. Kids do not know what to do without technology anymore and that could be why the obesity rate is on the rise. Kids sit inside and play on the computer or watch TV instead of playing outside. However, it is a great way to meet new people and stay in touch with old friends, but writing letters, even though it takes more time, gives the message a more personal touch, instead of an email because anyone could have wrote that email, but a letter is hand written by the person.

  22. This topic was brought up in our class discussion recently and has proved to be great question on how we perceive our culture today. What would be different? Well first of all without technology i agree we would not be able to get the quick self gratification that we as Americans strive for today. For example, we have lost our ability to know and apply our knowledge from within. When we do not know or how to do something we look to the quick and easy internet to tell us how to do or solve it, instead of learning how. Also technology has made us entirely lazy and dependent on it. We are losing grammar and spelling in our future generations. Text talking and abbreviations are becoming more and more accepted in our society today. This will cause problems in the long term as future generations will be even more likely to accept this trend which will result in this type of grammar/language to be the formal norm. It’s sad to say that technology has not only improved society on an exponential level but it will in return be the downfall of us all.

  23. While i do agree that sometimes our society is technology crazy, I would have to disagree that in these times it is COMPLETELY necessary. You mentioned kids as young as 2nd grade have cell phones and you disagree with that parents choice. Let me ask you this, if your child was in 2nd grade and was abducted or missing and couldn’t be located via gps because you chose not to give him one, wouldn’t you wish you did? It is simply a necessity in this day and age for young kids especially to have them. The kids who dont are at a disadvantage in every aspect. Networking sites such as facebook, skype and myspace are excessive at some times. But take a step back and realize what they were created for. I believe that technology closes a lot of gaps in regards to distance between people and access to staying in touch. These networking sites were designed to help people stay connected and while some may say our society is going to be at a disadvantage someday for this, i would really like them to tell me what that will be and contact me when it happens. Technology is the future and is constantly evolving with the times. I think our society should as well.

  24. I did not get a cell phone until high school whereas my little brother (younger by 5 years) got one when he was in elementary school. I realize the difference in times but I made it all the way to high school without a cell phone and did not fear for my life in case of an emergency. At such young ages what are you doing that the child should need a cell phone in case of an emergency? Aren’t kids that age supposed to be with adults pretty much all the time or at home with a house phone (how many people still have home phones?)? Obviously cells phones and technology can (for the most part) be great things, save a life, increase communication between family members (distant) etc. but it can be detrimental on things that were once valued and appreciated. I know in my family we no longer bother sitting down to dinner as a family because someone always has something to do with their friends, etc. because news about things gets to them immediately. It’s easier to plan things more often and when we do sit down for dinner we’re on our cell phones. I’m not accusing anyone else of this without admitting that I too am on my cell phone pretty much all the time. We’ve become almost too reliant on technology. If someone dared me to go without my cell phone for a whole day I would definitely have a hard time following through.

    1. I do see your point with regards to where your coming from how everyone seems to always have an obsession with them even when you have real people around you can talk to! It does get frusturating even for myself because my little sister is also always on her phone but i was just saying i think there are more benefits to technology and such then disadvantages! But i can definetly see your point of view as well!

  25. Technology and innovation are an integral part of our life. Personally, I thank god for electricity and indoor plumbing. All innovations are very useful and we have become dependent on them but I think these two are the most crucial ones without which I cannot survive.

    Even though I believe that we need to tone down the usage of some of the technologies and provide time to enjoy the simple things in life, like a walk or reading a book instead of chatting on line or watching TV. In terms of the effect of the technological advances in communication have made on romantic relations, all the points you have stated are positive influences in my opinion. Entering into a relation when you know what you want and expect from your partner is much healthier than going in blind and hoping for the best. Meanwhile I totally disagree with your statement on the fact that men do not need to work as hard as they used to win the women they want ; as far as I can see from my female cousins ; Flowers, gifts and planning outings are still a very basic ingredient in courting any female no matter what is her age.

  26. I cannot agree more, electricity and plumbing and other such things people here take for granted, is such an important part of our society. The sewer techniques though have been around for thousands of years ever since the Roman times. They should make these simple things available to everyone and anyone who would like or need them. I dont get why we just all dont pay a living tax and that would incorporate all of our alike features, we also need to a more sustainable way of getting all of these things. I have really liked to see the spike in the wind turbines over the past few months, its very important. Cell phones especially are a dream come true, in the 80s if you met someone you really liked how do you even get ahold of this person, it would be very difficult.

  27. I think it is senseless to say that technology has had no impact on relationships. It most definitely has created change within the dating world. I agree with this article in the way that if someone does not reply to a text within a few hours the other person may feel as if they are being ignored. And in some cases maybe this is the case. In my opinion technology has created an excessive amount of non-stop communication. People have no time to sit, relax, and clear their minds anymore. For example, in the time its taken me to write this comment, I have already received five text messages. This kind of non-stop communication creates tension and unnecessary stress. Especially when trying to get something done.

  28. I believe technology has changed our lives for good and for bad. Esspecially for relationships. Now we can make plans with our loved ones a lot easier than ever. We can find a date to go out anywhere by using the internet to find a place. Its harder because now that all information about everyone is online, men and women are going to raise their standars of how and who they choose to go out with, when back in the day you would have to go up to the person, talk to them , and actually get to know them. Technology has made it possible for us to have more time to do things. Instead of just talking to someone, you can know text them or call while also doing other tasks.

  29. I find it almost sad. You’ll see kids glues to their gameboys, not even taking a break to look up. Teenagers hanging out but at the same time not because all of them are texting someone else. The whole family around the dinner table silently on their phones. It was come to this we are so dependent on our technology it’s ridiculous. I think its crazy that each generation is getting younger for the age kids get cell phones. I get the safety of it but are we just fueling their dependency? I will admit I am a guilty one. Sometimes before I even get out of bed I sit on my laptop on facebook or the new pinterest for an hour before I slump out of bed. Is technology our bright future or our destruction?

  30. I have lived in the times when things were primitive. I am 28yrs old so when I was a teen there was no such thing as text messaging or facebook or anything of the likes. We had internet but it was just coming out when I was a kid. I agree with the internet taking chivalry out of dating. With facebook being the “it” thing now, people just go on there and meet people or hook up with people they already know. It seems there’s no work in it anymore. It’s all in what the woman will except though. A woman can meet a man online but she can still make chivalry stand. She can make him open doors for her, and put his jacket around her shoulders if she’s cold and so on. A man will only do what a women allows him to and vice verses. One thing I believe to be true though, is that a relationship will be valued more by the man if he has to work harder to get the women. On a different note about life without technology, i think it would be strange since we are so used to it now, I have a 11 yr old son whom I have given a cell phone to. I can’t imagine not being able to reach him at all times to make sure he’s safe. I’m also a college student, and without internet, my assignment would take me so much longer. So in short, I hope we keep the technology that we have developed. It makes live so much easier.

  31. At first we had people, we had emotions, feelings, looks, actions.
    Then we had the phone. We had voices, fluctuation in tone and sound.
    Then we had internet. We had text. Emotionless. Without characteristics.
    I personally, irritating to admit, have used these online dating sites, as well as of course have gone though texting my loved ones on a daily basis and the like. It’s more convenient of course, but it’s far more robotic. The fact that you can’t tell how the other person on the other line is, is scary. You can’t tell their personality most of the time. However, a lot of what you say is only a state of mind. A man still has full reign to court a woman, a woman still has full control to break off or wait on a man, and a couple still has plenty of opportunities to plan a date. It’s all in our will, it’s not about the advancement of technology, that only changes the way we go about it. We don’t spend days waiting for snail mail, we spend days in constant communication, we don’t ‘plan’ a date, we look up where’s fancy to go eat on out smart phones. Equally so, we still court, if we choose, a man… err… one person can choose to take the time to write a poem, craft a story or song, buy some roses, or walk down a beach. If such actions have drown in popularity, then I say it’s our will and standards that have changed, on their own, for it’s all still quite possible. It’s all in what we choose to do, it’s all in the mind.

  32. This is my favorite article out of all the blogs I have read. Technology really takes a toll on relationships. Sure its nice to talk to a loved one everyday all day, but it gets boring sometimes. You can’t find that spark anymore. Chivalry doesn’t exist anymore sadly because women are becoming more like men. Women became easier to get with all this technology and sending nude pictures around. I believe writing a letter to a loved one is better than texting and talking on the phone combined. Its so pure and innocent and contains thoughtful thoughts and time. I wish we didn’t have cellphones because it takes out on all the fun in getting someones attention. I hate this generation and it will continue to get worse.

  33. I feel as though technology also makes us more lazy. Back in the older times the youth would have much more hard labor. Nowadays there are machines that do almost all of our work. Examples would be the bread maker and such. I also agree on the fact that it has made relationships work a lot more faster than before. Sometimes that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I don;t see the justification to not seeing another person for weeks on end. If you are actually interested in a person you should find the time to spend with that other person.

  34. Are we truly dependent on modern electronic devices, no not yet, but it does look like it will end up that way. Does this new form of communication affect relations ships? Yes, of course it does but so did the mail systems and cars. Can we blame the loose of romance and chivalric characteristics on technology? No, it would seem more than reasonable that the empowerment of women has caused a larger disturbance in this area. Because of the more social lax norms that have grown around the women movement men don’t carry all of weight of social encounters. I think its responsibility of both parties now to take control of their relationships. Why do men have to be responsible for calling the next day or opening the doors, when equals. This relationship mishaps really fall onto the shoulders of gender equality and social stratification. if there is to every truly be equality the old must be reformed, perhaps technology allows for the increased speed for change to happen but it’s not a problem until people lose interaction between one another .

  35. Technology has impacted society in positive and negative ways, but doesn’t everything have pros and cons? Cell phones for example, people have come to rely on them. You do not need to always be talking to someone, but some people are constantly texting. Some friends I have gone out with are texting on their phones even while we are in the middle of a conversation. Looking up from your phone and seeing the world still going on in front of you should spark some sort of recognition that life is going on while you are stuck in your phone and missing it. However, what I see as a great thing about cell phones is that people can contact each other easily and quickly. I got my first cell phone at the age of 13. Now at that age I was merely excited to have the new gadget that all my friends had. What was good about it was what it did for my mother. For safety reasons this put her mind at ease. If I was ever in trouble, I would have a way to contact her or anyone.
    Also I have family all over the country and we keep in contact with each other on a normal basis, without this technology I can not see us being any part of each others lives. It all comes down to how a person uses technology and chooses to live their lives.

  36. It’s hard to believe that generations before now were able to survive without cell phones, computers, and the resources that technology supplies. I vaguely remember what times were like before a cell phone was common. I do however remember my mom had kept a cell phone, that looked like a brick, in our kitchen junk drawer. I wasn’t too sure how it worked back when I was little but thinking back to that cell phone, its crazy how that brick has turned into a touch screen that can talk to you. I think people are aware that they rely a little too heavily on technology, whether its using the GPS, texting, phone calls, reminders, social media, contacts, pictures, etc. People are aware, yes, but they won’t change their ways unless they have to. I am personally waiting for the day that technology gives out, and everyone has to figure out how to survive without their handy-dandy technology devices. Who knows how that would end up, but many people would find themselves lost. I know I would.

    1. I agree that people may rely a little too heavily on technology but I feel technology has actually made people’s lives a lot easier. We are able to many things that would be virtually impossible to do without it. Another thing is without technology we would be less advance than other countries, belittling our society of Americans, and possibly making us vulnerable for globalization. So I feel that we shouldn’t wait on technology to give out but to embrace it and its greatness.

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