Iowa does right by Same Sex Couples

A blog article by Bonniejean Alford (Educator, Activist, World Citizen)

It should not come as a shock, based on the title above, that I am in favor of same sex marriage.

Without question, I believe marriage is a right that ALL people should have and religion has no place to dictate the ramifications of said institution in a free society aimed at allowing each member to make their own choice.  Especially if we are to have a separation between church and state.

This is why I was so very excited several weeks ago when I learned that the Iowa State Supreme Court made it legal for same sex marriage in a state that has a somewhat conservative history.  Last night, I was once again reminded of my excitement over this evolution of society by an article I ran across.  The article, found at, follows the stories of same sex couples that have rushed to the county offices to get marriage licenses, many even requesting a waiver of the three day waiting period.  Despite the fact that within the state of Iowa legal undoing of this right to marry will have to wait until 2012, as that is when the next state constitutional convention takes place, same sex citizens in Iowa are afraid of a California-like repeal.

This means that unless the state chooses to convene a special meeting of the constitutional convention, the federal government tries to introduce an amendment, or the Federal Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, then, well, Iowa couples of any type will be free to marry.

Quite frankly, I don’t think the federal government is going to try and amend the constitution to disallow same sex marriage. Some have tried, yes, but in its very essence, such an amendment would conflict with previous amendments aimed at ensuring the rights of all American citizens.

As to the highest court in the land hearing the case, well that could happen.

But based on previous decisions, I have faith that the Supreme Court would decide on the side of justice and the rights of all its citizens.  For instance, in 2003 they decided to overturn a Texas state law that made sexual practices between men illegal. While not a unanimous decision, in Lawrence v. Texas (, the court held that individuals have the right to private acts remaining private in their own private dwellings (including homes, hotels, etc.).  Other cases have similarly made clear that there should be a separation between what people hold as morally right and wrong based on religion and what the government can justifiably step in and regulate.

Same sex marriage falls in line with this idea.

Simply put, no government has the right to tell people who they can and cannot marry so long as both people are adults (side note: in a future entry I will address the issue of polygamy).   That said, religions do have the right to deny access to anyone within their church, so long as they honor and, at minimum, acknowledge a marriage that is legal in the eyes of the law.  The whole point of separation of church and state is to allow members of a religion to practice their faith without government scrutiny.

But before I digress further here, I should move on.

In the end, there is only one solution.

Within the context of religion, there should be a religious ceremony that speaks to the issue of marriage.  But most importantly, within the context of government, there should be a civil marriage of sorts that bonds two people, whether man-man, woman-woman, or man-woman, in a partnership of life with all benefits of said partnership.

And this marriage must be respected by all.


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  1. I agree completely. After all, we call ourselves a free nations, but I ask you… Is it really a free and unified nation? I think that we are on our way, but we are nowhere near close yet. I also feel that same sex marriage should be allowed everywhere across the world, it isn’t as if they are forcing the entire population to join them… they just want the same rights that everyone else has had for so many years.

  2. I completely agree. It makes no sense that gay marriage is illegal. There is clearly manipulation from lobbyists that are supported by religious groups. It’s sad but true. I, myself being homosexual, felt gay marriage was a strange idea only because that is what separated us from the breeders, aka all the “normal” people, if anyone can be called normal. Anywhy, I digress. The reason I thought gaya wanting to get marriage was such a queer (queer means strange in case you didn’t know) thing was because what gay couples where doing was emulating “normal” people and in the process of mimicking “normal” marriages they in a way exile/cast aside parts of the gay community.

    1. You forgot your pass, even though I am in complete favor of homosexual marriage I do in fact see the underlying reasons why it is not a right given out. After asking the same question and standing up for homosexuals I have questioned why they do not have equal rights as everyone else. But then I purpose this, once homosexual marriage is passed, who’s to say that polygamists should not have the right to marry everyone they love, or marrying someone under the age of 18, or that incest should be illegal? If they love who they love why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry who they wish either? Arguments like these can play a major part in seeing possibilities to why gay marriage isn’t legal. I do in fact think it is completely unfair and that everyone deserves to be happy and loved by someone no matter who it is but I also believe there is a lot more to it that we don’t see and I wish that we knew. You are normal, and deserve to be accepted be everyone no matter what your sexual preferance is and it ashmes me that our society is formed like this.

  3. Bonniejean H, your points made within the article are brilliant. I concur with that very same idea that a separation between church and state is a must. Rights for all minority groups have been fought to the bitter end, and the fight for gay rights, especially in marriage, is no different than that of the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Suffrage, and the immigration movement. America is founded on this ideal of fighting for rights. To me, it seems that you shouldn’t have to fight for rights that you should have. Every heterosexual man and woman in the nation was born into the opportunity of marriage, why should a silly thing such as one’s sexual preference blotch that opportunity? This will still continue, the fighting, but the advancements that have been made for this fight for gay marriage; superb.

  4. This article raises many points about seperation of church and state, legal issues, and morally right and wrong issues. My belief is that if you love someone, no matter the gender, whether it be same sex marriage or heterosexual marriage, the law, church, and anyone else should have no say in how that individual lives their life. You can’t help who you love and that should not be against the law.

  5. I agree. Poeple should be able to marry whoever they want, if that’s what they’re into. The goverment should not tell us what we can and can’t do. There are a lot of good laws out there, but if same sex couples want to get married they should be able to. A lot of religions are against it, but religion shouldn’t be telling you what you can and can’t do.

  6. I could not agree more. As someone in a long-term, heterosexual relationship, I cannot even fathom being told I cannot marry my boyfriend in the future. I wish people in our society would worry more about themselves than what others are doing. There is NOTHING wrong with people who are gay wanting to be seen as a couple before the courts (or in society for that matter). Homosexual couples should receive the same exact rights that heterosexual couples receive and I’ve never understood why there is such an issue with that. I wish our society would accept the fact that everyone is different and adjust to it. I know that it is hard to satisfy everyone’s differences and issues, but when it comes to something as huge as civil unions, I do not think there should be a question of whether or not they should be allowed. The problem -to me- is that there are a lot of people out there that refuse to accept the fact that others are gay. They do not see it as “normal” or “right” and I think that no matter how many states allow for civil unions, there will always be those who look down upon others who are gay…which is sad. Who are any of us to say what’s right and wrong?

    Hopefully someday in the future, people will learn to accept homosexual couples like they accept heterosexual couples because there is no justifiable reason not to. I think that our country needs to learn a little empathy and put ourselves in the shoes of others that we are so quick to judge for being different.

    Geeezzz, I could go on forever about this issue…

    1. I could not agree more with you SarahH, I believe the day that everyone actually has equal rights will be the day that our society will function without violence and conflict. I to being in a long-term heterosexual relationship would be devastated if I knew there was no wedding or future together as being anything besides a boyfriend and girlfriend. I whole heartedly believe that homosexuals should have the same rights that we do! Society, media, and the government hold to much control over issues such as gay marriage and it should not be the case. In the 1950’s commercials and videos were created to steer people away from homosexuality, to make people afraid of people that were, and control the lives of those individuals. I hope times can change soon for the sake of equality and freedom. The fact is that homosexuality occurred well before the 50’s and was not shunned from society, so what made it change all the sudden? I personally believe it was the mythological “model family” and medias influence.

  7. I also believe in same sex marriage. A marriage should be between two people that love eachother, whether it be man and woman, woman and woman, or man and man. Since America is a free country, we should be able to do anything we want as long as we are not harming anyone. It is pretty sad that the gay population has to rush to get married because they are afraid their rights may be taken away. I am also excited that now in Maine there is a new law allowing gay people to get married.

  8. I totally agree with your article. Marriage is marriage. Who cares if it’s between the same sex people. If they love each other and they know they want to be together they will be as they were this whole time when they were not able to make it legal. They just want to be seen as a couple and they want to be together, then what is the problem? It is hard to tell what might happen in few years with this, but hopefully every state will allow same sex marriage. These people are together anyway, it’s not like they won’t be together until they get married, no. If someone wants to make it legal and be with someone and married to that person why not allow them? These marriages might even be better then men-women, not to be sarcastic. The states for not allowing same sex marriage will not change their minds so they will marry someone of the opposite sex, so I do not know and I do not understand why are they being so difficult?

  9. I agree with Sarah H. I would be devastated if I could not marry the man I loved. I agree completely with same sex marriage and that it is ones right to marry who ever they love and want to be with, but at the same time I see it as if this law or whatever you call it were to be passed, down the road it might be taken away again. I only say this because it seems like out in this world there are an equal amount of people that want it passed and that do not care, but there seems to also be an equal amount of people that do not want it passed and that do care. So I think either way this is a problem that will go back and forth no matter what happens.

  10. As all the others, I also agree with gay marriage, but yet I am still torn. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and my religion says that homosexuality is bad but on the other hand, my sense of ethics tells me that marriage should be an option to everyone.
    The only problem I had with the blog post was when Bonniejean said that marriage was not to be dicated by one’s religion. I figure you could say, technically, religion was what started this institution of marriage. From this standpoint, religions wouldn’t HAVE to recognize gay marriages and this is where the seperation of church and state should play in.

    Don’t misunderstand me, remember I do believe in and support gay marriage and I believe the government has no right to hinder such rights nor should religions discriminate but they don’t necessarily have to condone such behaviors or laws.

  11. I am in no way in support of same sex marriages, however I believe it’s the right of the individuals to decide that. I believe it is their right do decide who to love and who to spend their lives with, regardless of what gender the two people are. As I said, I believe same sex marriages and homosexuality is unethical and I am not in favor, however, it is not for me to decide. I still believe it is the right of the individuals.

    1. I agree with Andrew, I don’t agree with same sex marriages, but to each their own. If that person makes you happy and you want to spend the rest of your life with them that is between you and god. I cannot pass judgment on anyone. As for the church, we are supposed to love everyone regardless of their lifestyle, etc. Everyone is entitled to their rights, no matter what the situation is, so long as it is within the laws of the land.

  12. I think this is wrong. People should be able to do what they want. Why do people get upset about same sex marriage? It has nothing to do with you and they should be left alone and do as they please with whomever they want because it’s not hurting anyone.

  13. I honestly think it’s wrong for the same sex to marry each other. I dont understand why people would want to marry into the same thing. I dont see what is so wonderful about marrying the same sex. But then again, it is not none of my business as long as noone I know does it and as long as I never do it, which I never will because it’s just wrong and nobody was born to marry into the same sex.

    1. But why do you feel that way? And why would it offend you so much if someone you knew was to marry the same sex? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would never love the same sex… but that doesn’t mean I have anything against people who do. It isn’t as if by allowing same sex marriage that I will be forced to marry the same sex… so I have no objections. I think the world today should be all for freedom and equality… If people decide that they love someone of the same sex, good for them.
      What if the world was backwards? What we were created to survive only with same sex couples but you felt differently? Wouldn’t you want to be allowed to be with the opposite sex?… I would.

    2. I too wonder why you feel this way, the King. Your opinion is yours and you have a right to it, but I am curious to see what your justifications are for it. Just because it isn’t right for you, doesn’t mean it is wrong. I would never be interested in marrying a woman, and in fact I didn’t. I married a man. But does that mean that people who are interested in marrying someone of the same sex should miss out simply because individually people have a problem with the lifestyle or the choice? Don’t they deserve all the benefits and heartaches as non-same sex couples get to experience?

    3. Well The King, I would like to also see your reasoning’s behind your opinion. You say, ”I don’t understand why people would want to marry into the same thing. I don’t see what is so wonderful about marrying the same sex,” wouldn’t it be just the same if someone looked at heterosexual relationships and said… they don’t understand why people would want to marry something different or what is so wonderful about it. Just how you have voiced your opinion and will be with who you wish, who gets the power to take that away from you or tell you who you can’t be with? Society has pounded into our skulls about what is acceptable and what isn’t and formed the image of a happy, married, man and women, with children but society didn’t count for people who didn’t have the same image. Since before our time homosexuality existed on the rise but was shunned as something so awful. As time went on they hid in fear of not being accepted and to this day some still hide, ashamed from living the life they dream of living. I find it very harsh of you to say you are fine as long as no one you know is gay or has a gay marriage or if you don’t do it. All I would like you to do is sit there and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, when you get married or find someone you treasure so much, imagine yourself not being able to be together just because a time before you were born decided to look at someone differently and say something was wrong when it was completely acceptable before that.

    4. I am not trying to come at you in a rude way king h and i hope that you do not take what i am about to say to you in the wrong way but i am a homosexual female women that is in a civil union relationship with my lesbian wife, who i would like to legally marry one day. I feel that yes everyone has their own opinion to what they think but what is so wrong with this. So what you do not see why people want to be with the same sex. People have their own reason. Some people get with the same sex because they feel no one could understand them the way the opposite sex could or maybe they have been hurt by the opposite sex and they could never go back. I am a victim of being mistreated by males in ways that people could not even think of. But that is not what turned me away, it was the fact that nothing about a man could do what i wanted besides make a baby and not there are so many other ways for people to make babies that a man is really not even needed. Do not get me wrong i do not hate men I could just never see myself with one because he does nothing for me. I never look or have looked at a guy in a way that a heterosexual women has because they do nothing for me. How would you feel if a homosexual person said they do not think that heterosexual people should be able to get married because they have a high divorce rate?

  14. I agree with Travis completely. Travis is 10000%% right. “Who are you to judge me?” he says. My life is not bothering you, you are just making it bother you to state an opinion. It is not right for me to jump into another person’s life and complain about things they do. People should mind there own business. I think THE KING may just be young and can’t look at the real world. Just because it might make you “sick” you do not understand that you are hurting people’s feelings. And you wouldn’t like it if someone came on your door step and judged you so fast, as well.

  15. I agree with Ewelina S, when she said “that they are together anyway so what is the big deal if they get married.” I think each state will have to decide if they will allow same sex marriage. I don’t think the government will make an amendment until all the states decide their stand on same sex marriage.

  16. I agree that religion and state should not get involved with each other. Same sex marriage should be allowed in the United States. Our constitution says that we have the right to our beliefs. If someone believes they love someone of the same sex, why shouldn’t they be allowed to share the same bond that all marriages hold? It’s true that not everyone is content with the idea, but that’s because these people don’t have open minds and are stuck in their own beliefs.

  17. I feel this way because I wasn’t raised to like the same sex. I mean I have no problem with gay people. I have gay friends but I don’t try to change their minds about it. it’s just not the way I do things. I feel everyone should just marry opposite sex but life is about being happy so I guess if being with the same sex makes you happy, so be it, because it’s not my business. I just make sure I don’t be around to see, but good for whoever is gay and is happy.

  18. I agree same sex marriage should be legal everywhere. There should not be laws dictating who people can and can not marry. Laws’ stating who we can and can not marry is against our constitutional rights. Although same sex relationships/marriages are looked upon as deviant for the most part in our society, I believe that it is changing. Now that people look at homosexuality in a different perspective and it is now more acceptable; the laws need to do the same. Even thought there should have never even been laws restricting gay marriages in the first place but since there is that needs to come to an end. If people are happy with one another then let them be happily married and grow old together.

  19. I completely agree with everything you are saying Bonniejean. The government should not have a say on who we can and cannot marry. We live in the United States of America. Religion should play no role in the government’s decision on allowing gay marriage since we have so many different religions being practiced in here. This should respected.At the same time, the government also shouldn’t interfere with religion. If a certain church does not believe in same sex marriage, they definitely should not be forced to marry homosexual couples in their church. Also, the divorce rate is about 50% for heterosexual couples, clearly something is being done wrong for 50% of people.

  20. I undoubtedly agree with this. I do not understand how our government can and be allowed to say who can be married and who cannot. So what, if some people are gay if it does not affect your life personally in anyway at all then why should our government care if they get married at all? So I am all for gay marriage and gay rights. They are no different than straight people other than their sexual preference… how do we as straight people look to them, we look like the different ones but you do not see them judging us nearly as harsh as a straight person does a gay.

  21. I believe that same sex marriage should be legalized as well. The Catholic church, let alone any church, should have absolutely nothing to do with the situation, due to the separation of church and state, it is the law of the land here in America. However, as much as we may try and stop the church from disrupting the government’s decisions on how this issue is handled, it is very difficult. I love this story about Iowa City.

    1. I agree with you Kevin, I don’t believe that the Church should get involved with this situation, let alone anything outside of church and its followers. I don’t understand how the society we live in can sit here and go against something that has nothing to do with them!! Instilled in our American roots since the 1950s, the model family began limiting the minds of which it controlled and created what we now call the “traditional family.” With this image clear in people’s heads, most see a mother, father, children, and household pets, while others replace a mother and father with same sex partners. To me, who is to say either is right? What gives someone the authority to say which is right and which is wrong? I believe they are both right. Happiness and freedom are what our country was founded on so why are many people still limited in their decisions on who to be with and whether they can marry or not based on gender? I can’t wait for the day when homosexuals can be considered individuals and not gays. We all have the same constitutional rights and should have the right to marry an individual of our choice.

  22. I honestly love this post by bonniejean because this is the way I feel. Not just because I am a homosexual person but because I believe that if God did not want us to love the same sex then he would not allow us to have these feelings of being with the same sex. People could not understand what it is like to be a homosexual because they are not in the same shoes but what I do not understand about people is how could you discriminate against people who are not doing anything toward you. We are living out lives everyday in fear of what others would say about us and I believe that the time has come for people to give us our space and let us live our lives just like they live their’s. It use to be a time where interracial couples were being looked at, but now we have overcome that, so when will the day come for homosexuals to get there freedom?

  23. Like yourself I also agree that same sex marriage is a beautiful thing and should be legal all over the United States especially since we consider ourselves “free nation”. Marriage is marriage regardless of the age, sex, and color of an individual. Just because a person decides to get married to a person of the same sex doesn’t make them less of a person. In all actuality I think there’s a lot heterosexual couples can learn from homosexual couples.

  24. I agree with the points that you made in your post Bonniejean. It should not be the church’s place to interfere with a government agreement. Marriage could be looked at as a legal contract only. Some religions do not believe in dancing or drinking coffee. Would it be right for them to say that leasing a building to a Starbucks should be illegal because coffee is a sin? Or should a church be able to tell us that music or dance clubs should be outlawed because it is not righteous? Obviously there are only some factions of Christians who follow those restrictions but it is not up to them to decide laws. They absolutely have the right to say people of the same sex can not marry in their church. That is their religious freedom. However limiting legal marriage to adhere to religious laws violates basic rights.

  25. I agree with everything in this post. The separation between church and state has become too lax and there are too many cross overs between the two. Last year Mayor Ron Emanuel of Chicago passed into legislature that non-profit organizations, like churches and hospitals, would have to pay for their own water. If they only just started paying for their water.. who was paying for it before? The government. My point is merely that they should not be able to tell someone who to love and how someones love can be seen as bad. I have a prediction that in thirty years when all this is in a history book, same sex marriage will be a common thing. Teachers always said those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Aren’t we repeating it right now by not giving equal rights to those who are seen as ‘different’? For years we treated blacks terribly because they were different. Now we are doing the same thing to same sex couples. Politicians should remember what their history teachers said, otherwise they will be doomed.

  26. I could not agree more. I feel like people should be able to choose who the can and can not marry. I could not imagine not being able to marry someone I love because other people do not approve of it. I do believe that same sex marriage is considered deviant in most of or society, but I should not be that way but I do think that we are becoming more accepting of it in more recent years. I do believe that Churches should not get involved. Marriage to everyone is not necessarily a religious thing, but it can just be the legal bond between two people who love each other no matter the sex. This is a free country and people should be able to do as they please.

    1. I agree that our society has definitely come a long way in regards to same-sex marriage as more movements have been made in other states even since this post was originally put up. Personally, I believe strongly in there being a separation between church and state and therefore agree that any kind of partnership in the eyes of the law should be equal no matter what sex each partner is. Being homosexual should not be something that is used against someone in the eyes of the law. Religious beliefs should be completely removed from the state, as everyone has different beliefs and should not have to be affected negatively by something they do not believe in. Do you believe that we are still headed in the right direction, legally, with same-sex marriages and it becoming legal throughout the country?

      1. I do think we are headed in the right direction. I think more states are going to make same sex marriage legal. Everyone should be free to do anything they want and marry anyone they want. I feel like there are so many other issues in the our country and this should not be one of them. How do you think it would affect our society by potentially coming this close to legalizing gay marriage, and then not going though with it?

      2. It is a good point that there are much larger issues in our country and that this should not be one of them, as it should already be something completely accepted and legal.I think that if legalizing same-sex marriage did not end up happening throughout the country, there would be a huge uproar and a lot of fighting back. The government would definitely get a lot of heat from our society and I think that because we are so close, there is no way that they won’t go through with it. A point was recently brought up in a discussion I overheard about what same-sex marriages should be labeled because some believe that marriage is a term only for heterosexual couples. I say that no matter who the partnership includes, it should be called marriage, but do you think that for same-sex couples it should have a different title?

      3. I agree that we should be able to marry anyone that pleases are pleasures. I also agreed with that we have many other issues in our society and gay marriage isn’t a main concern. To answer your question, I feel by us saying we want to legalize gay marriage and then change are minds basically is miss leading. Gays get excited and then have there dreams crushed just because we have some people that believe it isn’t ”normal”. We get peoples hopes up with a change and then bam! We decide that since we got a rise out of people were not going through with it. How would you feel to have your dreams crushed just because people don’t approve of who you are?

      4. I agree that backing out on legalizing gay marriage would be very misleading. Whether people think that same-sex couples getting married is normal or not, that thought shouldn’t play a role in how the government handles the issue.The way I see it, same-sex marriage isn’t harming anyone and therefore should be legalized without question or interference.

      5. I think that we should all be able to use the same title of marriage. We should all be treated as equal and not singling homosexuals out just because of their sexual preference. To answer the other question, I could not even imagine not being able to have a legal or religious bond with someone who I love. I think that everyone should be able to have this opportunity. I completely agree that same-sex marriage is not harming anyone at all.

      6. ChristineS, to answer your question you stated above, no I don’t think same sex marriages should have a different title. They are just as equal as heterosexuals and should have the same classification just like anyone else. Love is scene in many different forms and just because people don’t approve of others view points we shouldn’t discriminate gays. Like you stated before same sex marriages aren’t harming anyone. Its the governments and the people who believe its ”not normal” who are hurting people who are gay. People talk about how gays are harmful to our communities, but they work just as hard as everyone and just try to support themselves and or family. We should legalize gay marriage to show that discrimination isn’t an issue anymore in our society. Is religion a key factor in why gay marriage is taking so long to get approved?

      7. KS yes, I agree we should all be treated as equals. This America and isn’t what we stand for equality and freedom of self preservation? We say we want to treat are people as equals and give them a opportunity of freedom. Aren’t we taking that all away by saying gays can’t be married? If we want to stand by our government and say we stand equal rights then we should legalize same sex marriages.

    2. KS and ftort, as I stated previously, I agree that same-sex marriage should not have a different title. There are many people that also believe the same, though some do argue that point. ftort, to answer your question about religion’s role in same-sex marriage being legalized, yes. Religion plays a huge role in people’s decisions and a lot of the beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation stem from religious ideologies. The biggest religions practiced in the U.S. believe that being gay is a sin, and therefore is a big factor in why legalizing same-sex marriage has taken so long. Recently on Facebook many people put their profile pictures as red equal signs in order to raise awareness for same-sex marriage. Do you believe that this use of social media will make a difference in the legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois? The rest of the country?

      1. ChristineS, I do think that using online media can be pretty effective. Everyone now a days had some sort of online connection, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or something else. The more people that post things about same-sex marriage or, any issue for that matter, the more aware people become on this issue. I feel like media is one of the biggest way to get new out to the rest of the society. So yes I think social media will potentially make a difference in the legalization of same-sex marriage in Illinois.

  27. I completely agree, I believe that homosexuals should be allowed to get married to one another. This is America, land of equality, we may not be there yet but I think we are taking some major leaps towards it. However I do believe that the right to a ceremony should be at the church’s discretion. I do not believe the government should be able to influence religion in any way. I grew up Roman-Catholic, I know there rules maybe a little controversial at times, however, they do exist and are practiced. I believe these rules give it some sense of purity and identity. They should leave these decisions to individual parishes and let them come to a conclusion as they see fit. I fully agree that same sex marriage should be approved, however, I also believe it should be up to the state. Change takes time, making this a federal law could cause some civil unrest. Let the citizens of the states decide, we all possess the ability to vote, that is what is great about this country.

  28. This post raises a lot of good points and highlights how our society is heading in the right direction in regards to same-sex marriage. It is an issue that is constantly talked about and in recent years has had the most progress in making marriage open to all couples. I agree that I don’t think the federal government will try to make anything to restrict same-sex marriage. I feel that our society has come far enough to recognize that there should be a complete separation between church and state and that there are much larger issues that need to be taken care of instead of same-sex marriage as it is something that should have been allowed and accepted long ago. People should be able to love and marry who they want, and that right should be expressed within our government.

  29. I completely agree with everything you stated in your passage. Gays should have the same rights just like straights. Just because someone has a preference for the same sex doesn’t mean we should take away someones rights. The government shouldn’t have a say in our religious decisions that is are parishes choice. I understand that some religions do not approve of gay marriage but, are governments should have no say. I think every state needs to legalize gay marriage and not just one state at a time. Why make people sit around and wonder if their state will ever except them for who they are?

  30. Ftort, I think that religion could be a factor of why same-sex marriage is taking so long to be legal. I don’t think that it should be that way. There definitely should be the separation between state and church. I don’t think that religion should have anything to do with marriage. People could be married for just the legal bond and not necessarily for religious purpose. How would you feel if your church would not allow you to get married in it because of you sexual preference?

    1. I would betrayed by own people. I wouldn’t understand why they cannot accept me for who I am. Isn’t gods role to help you and become the person you are meant to be? We look at our gods as accepting not someone who will discriminate you for your preference of love. Our churches are expected to be forgiving and understanding. It shouldn’t be a sin for being gay. Though the media has a huge impact on our society no I don’t feel this will help people realize we need change. As unfortunate as it sounds we have more people who stand by there believes than what should be accepted.

  31. I do agree that same sex marriage should be aloud and that the state and religion should stay seperate. This is because when the government gets involved in a thing such as this it makes it hard for other such as citizens to have a say so in what goes on. All types of relationships ( same sex relationship in other words) should be able to get married and accepted and not turned away due to what the government has to say about it. I love to hear that places have accepted same sex marriage in there stated, because that shows that they see the issue that is going on and are willing to fight for same sex couples to have an equal opportunity to get married.

    1. It’s wildly unfair for the government to judge who and how somehow should love. There are no regulations in one’s love affairs. There are no rules when it comes to love. We personally know that the heart wants what the heart wants, even to the sacrifice of our own best judgment. How much more can the government have little to no legitimate jurisdiction over love, commitment and who one may deem worthy of their forever? I agree with you with full understanding that we have to answer our own choices, a group of strangers shouldn’t have the power to decide the fate of my loves fate.

  32. I understand that marriage for one may not mean the same for all. It is honorable for society, laws in particular, to recognize this. I don’t think this is a new thing, I think its a new thing in media. Marriage is a vow between two people and those alone. While there are spiritual foundations to consider and general promises in matrimony to be adhered to, today, those willing to commit should have liberty in their promise.

  33. I have to say I totally agree. It’s already hard enough for them to be respected as a couple but then to go and have a law that they cannot do anything in private is just wrong. People should marry who they want without having the church make the law that they can’t. There are more same-sex couples that stay together longer because they don’t take their love for granted as much a man and women would. Heterosexual couples are free to marry anywhere at any time just about so we don’t need to get married because we can, unlike same-sex couples who have to fight to be married so if they would want to get married and try to stay married because they have worked so hard to be here today. I feel like there is now need to make saying they can marry because they are human too and humans marry.

  34. The U.S.A. is about freedom so for people to not be able to marry who they love should not be a big issues for religion. For my understanding nowhere in the Bible or Constitution or any type of writing it say that its only allowed for a man and women to just be married. So people should be allowed to marry their same sex if they desire. Love should not have obstacles like for the people who want to marry each other of the opposite sex. Love is love and it should not be something impossible for people to show their love through marriage.

  35. I completely agree with this blog post. The fact that people want to ban same-sex marriage just does not make any sense to me. How does two men or two women getting married and living a happy life together affect anyone but the couple involved? I feel like people are always trying to force their beliefs on others and trying to tell them what to do. I think it is as simple as minding your own business and letting people do what they want (as long as they are not hurting others). Love is love; there is no rule that says love can only be between a man and a woman. Religion plays another big role in this issue because many religions state that same-sex couples shouldn’t even be a thing. But why should religions put restrictions on love? Aren’t religions supposed to be build on love and the acceptance of other people? It really does not make sense to me in the slightest.

  36. To the people who believe that same-sex marriage should not be legal: if you do not want a gay marriage, do not get one. I don’t understand why the gay marriage legalization took to long to get passed in the supreme court. Who cares is a man and a man get married, or a woman and a woman. They like what they like, you like what you like. America is supposed to be the land of the free, right? Restricting people from doing something they have always dreamed of doing seems rather un-American to me.

  37. I don’t see anything wrong with same sex marriage.  What you do behind closed doors is your business.  If people feel offended by your sexual preference, then that is something they need to take on amongst themselves.  Although, what I seem to find rather interesting is how the LGBT community is quick to show their pride with their beliefs, for example, “The Gay Pride Parade”.  But I don’t see people who are not part of the LGBT express their sexual preferences for example they don’t have a Straight Pride Parade.  Again, whatever decision you make then we should all accept it and move on.  But constantly reminding people of your sexual desires is somewhat rather redundant.  We don’t need to agree with each other, but it is important to respect others opinions and beliefs.   

  38. I completely agree that same sex marriage should be legal. Marriage should be between two people that love each other. I know some people that have been divorced and are still against same sex marriage. I am ok with someone getting a divorce but if you get a divorce then I don’t think you should be telling other people they can’t get married. Same sex marriage should not take away from anyone else’s marriage if you are in love then that is all that matters in your marriage. Allowing other people to get married would not take anything away from your marriage.

  39. It hurts my brain when I try to comprehend why people are against same-sex marriage. Despite our country’s claims about the separation between church and state, the Christian faith still heavily dictates the laws this country makes. It really frustrates me to know that some people can push their religion onto complete strangers’ lives without any shame or guilt. Luckily, thanks to the accepting and open-minded generation of today, we’re slowly making progress at making these rights available for everyone. Socialization of ideas are being spread through media and word of friends is really the clear key player in our march towards a better future.

  40. I have to say that some churches do allow homosexuals to attend services. I attend Calvery church on Route 59, and not once have I seen or heard of anyone denying homosexuals to enter the building. I do wish all religions were accepting, but thats just something the Courts cannot control. However, I am very happy now that all states must accept same sex marriages. I have a lot of family members that are homosexuals and it puts ease on their lives, because they are no longer restricted to one area in order to be consider married.

  41. I totally agree with Bonniejean’s words. I am all in favor for people having the right to marry who they choose. There should be no one telling you that you cannot do this or that. I too would be devastated if I was told I wasn’t allowed to marry the person I loved. Think about how others feel. America claims to be a free nation, so let us be free! If I found someone that makes me happy then let me be happy with that person. History is changing but some principles and morals still haven’t. As the world evolves so should our way of thinking. People are so quick to judge something they don’t understand but are not yet open to new changes.

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