Social Evolution Reborn

Welcome to this exploration of social evolution, an attempt at true social change!

This page is designed to be an open and free discussion regarding the social evolution of our society, especially as it relates to social justice.  Other areas of life are included as it might be important to the evolution of society as a whole.  Feel free to examine all the articles through the archives either by topic category or month published (drop down menus on the lower left).  The first entry, titled “The Butterfly Effect”, provides some background into the origins of the blog.

The blog has evolved itself in style and article content.  It will likely continue to evolve as the needs of the blog and its writers shift.  By its very nature, that is exactly what it is supposed to do – evolve with the society we are examining.

All main entries are written by Bonniejean Alford (educator, activist, world citizen) unless otherwise specified as being a guest post, for which there are many amazing guest writers.  If interested in submitting a guest post, please e-mail your idea/article to  All articles/ideas will be considered so long as they are respectful of fellow world citizens and are working toward the understanding of the evolution of our society.

Anyone can submit a comment, and for the most part comments will not be edited, so long as they are not derogatory, attacking, or just disruptive to the flow of discussion.  In fact, most edits will likely be only minor grammatical corrections.

Please be considerate and respectful of other world citizens as you make comments, as I don’t want to edit or censure anyone.  Fact is, each person has the right to a different opinion, as long as they respect one another.

Thank you for viewing this blog and may life continue to evolve as it should.